Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 11th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara crying and hugging Lily. She says everything is ruined. Lily says its a new start, the Lord will give you that happiness which you never dreamt of. She says forget what happened, listen to what I m saying, be positive. She asks Dhara to promise her and have faith in Lord. Dhara promises her and smiles. Jai looks on with everyone. Dilip says Jai don’t worry, everything will be fine. Dipika talks to her dad jiten and says she burnt Dhara’s room. Ketki hears this and is shocked. She slaps Dipika and Dipika is shocked. Ketki gets angry on Dipika. Ketki says now I know why were you smiling, what happened to you, I asked you not to do any such thing, how dare you burn Jai’s room. Dipiak loses her temper and holds Ketki’s neck.


says leave me, what are you doing. Ketki gets suffocated. Ketki says what happened to you. Dipika says I m sorry, I don’t know what I did. I felt insecure because of Dhara. Ketki says I will forgive you as I m your sister, but my family won’t forgive you. Ketki says now I will not support you else I won’t be able to stay in this house. Dipika says I don’t have anyone except you. She says I did a mistake, please support me. Dhara smiles thinking about her and Jai. Nanku and Aarvi comes to her and asks for food. Dhara is lost in thoughts. Aarvi sees milk in a vessel and Dhara says what are you doing here. She says its for Abhishek. Aarvi apologizes. They ask for food.

Dhara says I will give you food. Dipika hears this and says I see, if the milk falls, its a bad sign, I promise that it will happen. Avni pleads Hitesh not to do anything wrong today. He says why should I think about you. Avni says I will talk to Karsan on my own, but you don’t be adamant. She says we won’t have non veg at home. He says I don’t have money. She gives him money and says you keep it. He says thanks and goes shamelessly. The puja starts. Everyone smile. Ansubaa asks Ketki where is Jai and Dhara. Ketki says they will be coming. They come together and everyone are happy seeing them. Dhara and Jai takes Ansubaa’s blessings. They sit for the puja.

Dipika sees them and is angry. Dhara and jai look at each other. They follow the rituals and do the puja. Dipika sees Ansubaa doing the Abhishek. Aarvi spoils the rangoli and Dhara goes there. Dipika brings a pot and now I will see how does your puja complete. jai says Dhara went to correct the rangoli. Ansubaa says call her, you have to do the puja. Dhara falls and jai holds her. Music plays……………
Dipika throws the milk on the floor and it falls on Dhara and Jai. Everyone are shocked seeing it. Ansubaa smiles. Dipika is shocked to see them. Ketki says how made the milk fall. Ansubaa says I think the Lord wanted to do abhishek of our Shiv and Parvati. Dipika says but its a bad sign. Ansubaa says no, its like a prasad, it fell on Dhara and jai. Everyone smile. Ansubaa asks them to change clothes and come. jai asks Dhara for a towel. She gives him. He hides behind the door. He holds her hand and Sajna ve…………plays………….She looks at him in the mirror and her hair tangles. He says shall I help you. He combs her hair. Dipika comes and sees them so close. She says jai, what are you doing here, come fast. She tries to show care towards jai. jai says its fine. Dhara feels bad and leaves.

Dhara and jai come back. Lily asks Avni where is Hitesh. Avni lies and says he went to mandir. Dipika gets jealous seeing jai and Dhara doing the abhishek together as husband and wife. They sit in the havan. jai thinks he has made the relation with Dipika which should have been with Dhara. Dhara thinks she would have stopped that night as jai was not in his senses. jai thinks Dhara is my wife. He feels guilty and says forgive me Dhara. Dhara also feels guilty.

Dipika asks jai to kill her. jai says whats this madness. He slaps her. Dipika cries.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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