Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 11th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 11th July 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 11th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Bhoomi finding the vessel empty, She is shocked to no end. She says there was enough sabzi in the vessel then where it went. She suspects Ketki. Ketki serves poori to Ankit, but he waits for the sabzi. Ansubaa teases him that he can’t control his hunger. Bhoomi brings leftover dal for Ankit and serves it on the dining table. She serves him dal, but Ankit asks for the palwal ki sabzi. She says sabzi is over, I have prepared enough but now it is not there. Ankit says how can it be possible. Bharti pretends to support Bhoomi. Ketki says she didn’t think of Ankit before serving to Kishan. Ankit asks her to get the sabzi. Everyone gets tensed. Kishan says he accepts Bhoomi’s mistake. he offers him to eat from his plate.

Ankit says

he don’t want to eat from anyone’s plate. He taunts Bhoomi. Bhoomi stands with her head low. Ketki asks her, when she prepared the dal, Bhoomi replies that it is leftover dal of yesterday. Ketki gets happy and so is Bharti. Ankit says now I get the leftover food. Hasmukh asks him to be quiet and says here it happens like that with youngsters. Kishan says why he is making an issue. Ramila gets tears in her eyes.

Ankit gets up from the dinning table. Ansubaa asks him to eat but he says he don’t have any food in his plate. Ramila tells Bhoomi that she should be careful while keeping the food for Ankit.

Bhoomi says to Ketki that you was here when I came to take the sabzi so….., Ketki says what do you mean, did I eat that or thrown it. Ketki gets angry and says whenever she prepared food for everyone, it never finished.
She yells at her for suspecting her and says if she takes her name then no one is bad than her. She says she has learnt cooking skills from her parents house. Bhoomi is in tears. Ketki says if she can’t do, then she will do the cooking. Bhoomi leaves, while Ketki smirks.

Bhoomi comes to her room and cries. Kishan consoles her and says no need to feel guilty. Parul comes there, Kishan nods her to console Bhoomi. Parul says Kishan is right and many of us do mistakes in kitchen work. Bhoomi says Ankit bhai was hungry because of her. Parul says may be we eat much, so it got finished. Kishan says Ankit was not speaking well. Bhoomi says he was right to do so as he was hungry. she asks Kishan to talk to Ankit. Bhoomi says Ramila kaki was hurt because of me.

Ketki tells Ramila to not listen to Bhoomi and do as she says. Ramila gets worried for Ankit and tells Ketki to take care of Ankit when she dies. Ketki says what are you talking about.

Bharti adds fuel to the fire and says Bhoomi didn’t do it intentionally. Ketki says Bhoomi lied. Bharti says if you have prepared the food then this would not have happen. She says she will prepare something for Ankit. Ramila blesses her for her thinking and says she will cook food for Ankit. She asks Bharti to call Ankit.

Kishan comes to Ankit’s room and finds him no where. he wonders where he might have gone. Bharti comes to Ankit and taunts him for his bad luck. She says she can help him if he wants. She says you are valued nothing but I can change your value to crores and for that you have to come in my room. After she leaves, Ankit thinks he have to know what she wants…. The episode ends on his face.

Bharti shouts, breaks the things in her room and acts as if Ankit is taking advantage of her. Everyone gathers and opens the door to find Ankit and Bharti together.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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