Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 11th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dipika getting a call from jiten. He wishes her happy birthday and says I m in the same hotel, where are you. She is shocked and asks how did you come here. He says its my surprise. She says it means you are watching me. He says I worry for you, you know why. He says where are you, come to meet me. She says I m in washroom. He says I came to wish you, I won’t go without meeting you, come soon in the restaurant, I m waiting. Dipika looks at jai. jai asks whose call was it. She says my friend’s call. Dhara hears Dipika and jai talking. Dipika asks jai to rest till she comes back. Dhara hides. Dipika leaves from the room.

jai tries to get up but falls. Dhara walks in the room. She sees jai on the ground and is shocked. She runs

to him and makes him stand. Dhara cares for him. Sajna Ve………. plays as they have an eyelock. Dhara gets closer to him. Dhara makes him drink water. Jai by mistakes throws the water on himself and Dhara. She makes him dry. He wipes her face saying you will catch cold. He is unable to see her face and says Dipika………. why are you looking like Dhara. Dhara says it means he has much headache. jai says lets go home. jai is unable to walk and falls. Dhara says lets go home. jai touches her face and moves her hair.

Dhara thinks she should go now, if Dipika sees her, she will be mistaken. Dhara says I will go down and wait for jai. jai stops her holding her saree end. Sajna Ve…………. plays…………… Dhara says let me go. He says you won’t go anywhere. He pulls her and she falls on him. He says Dhara….. and gets closer to her. He kissed her on her forehead while she closes her eyes. In Lamhon ke Daman me……………….. plays……………..He brings the saree between them. They have a lovely eyelock. Dhara gives herself to him. He removes her kamarbandh. He hugs her. She cries. They sleep together.

jiten wishes Dipika happy birthday and makes her eat the cake. She says thanks dad. He says this is your birthday gift. He asks her to open it and see. Dipika says I will check tomorrow. He says I want to see your reaction. She opens the gift and is happy seeing a diamond necklace. She likes it and thanks him. The manager thinks of mixing the tablet in jiten’s juice. Dipika tells jiten that she came here with jai. jiten says we will wait for jai. The waiter brings a drink for jiten. Dipika is tensed and says dad its not for you. She asks him not to drink. She throws the drink and scolds the waiter.

jiten says relax Dipika. She gets angry. Dhara and jai are shown lying on the bed together. Dhara looks at jai and smiles hugging him. jiten says I think you are not well, lets go home. Dipika says I m fine, I can’t go home. jiten says if jai sees you like this then, lets go. Dipika thinks she has to go to her room soon. She says I can’t go home, you can leave. jiten asks why is Dipika asking him to leave, it means she is not ok. jiten says I won’t leave you here alone. Dipika thinks what to do. Her plan flopped. jiten says lets go. She says don’t call jai now. She asks him to leave.

She says nothing will happen to me, you can go. jiten leaves. Dipika rushes back to the room. Dhara stares at jai smiling. She thinks about Dipika’s words that jai is hers and she has to return jai to her. Dhara talks to herself in the mirror. She thinks jai is Dipika’s and he will be marrying Dipika after seven months. She says even I m human, I love jai, I have suppressed my love in my heart all this days which we could not control today. She feels guilty for breaking Dipika’s trust and promise. she says I have given myself to the person who I regard my life.

Dhara says I did a big sin by taking someone’s love. Dipika knocks the door asking Jai to open the door. Dhara hears her and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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