Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 10th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 10th May 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 10th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ketki telling Parul that bhoomi is making some other sweet. Parul is relieved. All the family members are standing infront of fayibaa and she tells she will leave now. Kishan engages her in his talks and says how can you change your plan of eating baasundi. How can you go without eating. He says bus can wait for you. She asks Avni to get some water. Ansubaa says if you goes like this angrily then she will feel bad.

Moti behen says you or your bahu think about it. Ansubaa says she is not my bahu and says she is new here, she dont know how to make baasundi. Ansubaa says if you would have told me or parul, we would have prepared it. Fayibaa decides to go, but Kishan again engages her in his talks. Avni sees bhoomi preparing in kitchen. Bhoomi

is still preparing the sweets. Fayibaa starts telling kishan about Ansubaa when she came home newly after marriage and starts taunting Ansubaa.

She says she will tell her 100 times angrezi ki aurangzeb. They talk that their english is better. Fayibaa says to decide who is better and if she wins she will never say her angrezi ki aurangzeb. They starts the competition of translating gujrati to english. Kishan thinks i bought the time for bhoomi and prays bhoomi shall win. Avni becomes the judge. she asks ansubaa to translate kem cho in english. Ansubaa replies wrong and fayibaa laughs and answers kem cho means how are you. Kishan smiles and thinks bhoomi must have prepared by now. next fayibaa ask shochaley. Kishan tries to help. Ansubaa is in thoughts. Kishan suggests to do the other way round and asks ansubaa to asks gujrati questions to fayibaa.

kaki moves silently from there to check on bhoomi. kaki asks what you have prepared. Bhoomi asks kaki to check the taste. she tastes and doesn’t reply. Game is playing between ansubaa and fayibaa.

Fayibaa says she will go now and gets up. she asks Ansubaa to make bhoomi do the household chores fast. Ansubaa thinks fayibaa have to go without eating sweets. bhoomi stops her. Fayibaa asks did you prepared baasundi. She says she didn’t prepared baasundi. Ketki is happy and says everyone cant become ketki. bhoomi says she cant prepare baasundi but prepared this for you. Fayibaa says she do not wish to eat that. Kishan asks her to eat it as it is prepared by her bahu. He ask her to try new sweet. Ansubaa says what she might have prepared. Bhoomi request her to taste once.

Fayibaa says she will taste it but if she doesn’t like then its finish. Fayibaa tastes it, bhoomi is waiting for her answer. Ketki ask fayibaa not to eat as it is made up of curdled milk. Fayibaa praises bhoomi’s dish and says very good. Bhoomi and kishan happy. Fayibaa ask you made such a good sweet then why didnt you prepared baasundi. Bhoomi says i prepared this out of the curdled milk. I took it as a challenge so that do not lose your faith. Hasmukh also says why you make sweet out of the curdled milk. Fayibaa still praises bhoomi for her wits. She tells Ansubaa that bhoomi is annapurna and even laxmi. Episode ends on their happiness.

Bhoomi and kishan tells about the competition sanskaar apnon se and tells about watching the show on 13th May.

Kishan and Ansubaa giving away the prize to the winners of Sanskaar competition. No Precap for the show.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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