Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 10th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone praising Dhara. Dipika hears the praise and gets angry. Dilip teases Ketki. Dipika asks Ketki to come with her. Ketki goes to talk to her. Dipika asks Ketki what did Dhara do that everyone are praising her. Ketki says if jai wants to sit with Dhara in puja, why should we stop her. Dipika says jai has to marry me. Ketki says yes, but it did not happen till now, Dhara has the right. Ketki asks Dipika not to take any step against Dhara and keep smiling. Dipika taunts Ketki. Ketki asks Dipika to make the prasad with Dhara. Dipika is angry and hears everyone praising Dhara again. Lily says Ansuba went with Dhara. Hasmukh laughs. Hitesh sees Dipika hearing the talk. Dipika thinks all of them are sending jai and Dhara alone by any reason.


says Dhara is very nice. Dipika leaves in anger. Hitesh looks on and says too much anger. He says I need to know about her, as she is the one who will support me. Dipika comes to jai’s room and says all this is mine, I m the owner of this room. She says I won’t let Dhara take this. She sees jai’s and Dhara’s photo. She says I will ruin all this. She sees the photo album and tears the photos. She burns the photos and says Dhara its still time. She says I will burn you, I won’t leave you. She smiles.

jai and Dhara are doing the Anushthaan by walking bare footed. jai says enough, I can’t walk. She says I have this habit since childhood, we did not had money even to get the slipper stitch, I think that time will come again. She says we are getting late, come on. She inspires him and asks him to start walking again. jai looks at her. She asks him to close his eyes and walk trusting her. He closes his eyes and says now I m not feeling pain. He says with you all problems fade away. They have an eyelock. Sajna ve……….. plays……………….

Hitesh comes to talk with Avni and says you know me very well. He says I want to know about Dipika. She says what? He says I want to know from where she came and why. Avni tells him that she is Ketki’s cousin. He says I will find out from others. She stops him and says Dipika is about to marry jai, but Dhara married him. She tells him everything. Hitesh smiles. She says now the seven months are completing. he says interesting, I m looking for someone who is like me, who can do anything to fulfill their aim. He says I can see Dipika is the one. Avni gets angry and asks what do you mean. He does not tell her anything and says just wait and watch.

Dipika comes to Ketki and smiles. Ketki asks what happened now. Dipika says nothing. Hitesh keeps an eye on Dipika. Hasmukh tells Dilip that jai is coming home. Lily says Dhara has to make the prasad. Avni comes running and says jai’s room caught fire. Everyone are shocked. They run to see and blow off the fire.

jai and Dhara have a talk on the way. She says Parul is very happy with your decision to visit the temple. jai asks why did you say your hard life will be back. She says as I have to give you back to Dipika. He says can you give your Lord to someone else. He says this house and the family, will you able to leave us. He says from last six months, we are in same room. He says can you leave without us. She says I know, its very tough for me, but I have to do it. She says I have our marriage photos, I will be happy seeing that. She smiles. Everyone see the photos burnt. Hasmukh says how did it catch fire. Hitesh understands.

He comes to Dipika and says don’t go to jai’s room. He says I know you did this. I have seen the anger in your eyes. Dipika says you mean I did this. He says I can’t blame you without any proof, I want to be your friend. He says no one values us, if we become friends, we can get what we want. Dipika says I don’t want to be friends with anyone. She leaves. Hitesh says I now know what I wanted to.

jai and Dhara come home and look out for everyone. Ketki tells them everyone about the fire in their room. Dhara and jai run to see their room and are shocked. Dhara sees the marriage photos burnt and cries holding it.

Dipika tells her dad about burning Dhara’s room. Ketki hears that and is shocked. Ketki slaps Dipika.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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