Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 10th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Dilip asking Karsan kaka to sign on cheques, Karsan says next time when you go to bank get authority transfer forms. Everyone gets happy. He asks Dilip and Kishan to sit beside him. He asks Dilip to choose a chair for the position of MD. Hasmukh asks him to choose the chair cleverly. Dilip asks Karsan to do the decision himself. Karsan praises his simplicity and then asks Kishan to choose the chair. Kishan says his answer is not different from Dilip bhai. Karsan says then who will select the design of the chair. Ankit comes forward but Karsan doesn’t pay heed to him. Bharti looks on. Ansubaa says this chair is not an ordinary chair, it is inbuilt with responsibility, trust etc. She tells Karsan to decide about the selection of MD carefully.

Bharti eyes on Ankit.

Bhoomi is in deep thoughts about something. Kishan comes and asks her to select the design. Bhoomi says she is recollecting the words said by the Maha rishi and trying to find its meaning. Kishan says no need. bhoomi says she is unable to forget his sayings, as it is coming true. She makes him remember the recent incidents. Kishan asks her to relax and asks her not to blindfolded believe his words. He says it is just an accident. She says I dont want to ignore it and she will understand his words. She says Nans can help her, but Kishan says dont trouble her. Kishan tells her about the holy thread which Maha rishi gave them and says it will help them unite their family. Bhoomi says what if this thread unable to protect the bangles.

Bharti comes to Ansubaa’s room and says I brought oil and turmeric for you. Bhoomi also comes with the same. Bharti says she forgot that Bhoomi is her favourite. Bharti asks her to do massage the oil first. Ansubaa says as Bharti saved your life today, so she will do my seva today. Bharti says she wanted to gain their trust to break tomorrow. She says your decision is good. ketki comes and asks what to cook for the meal. Ansubaa says she will eat food prepared by Bharti today. Ketki says but her hands are wounded. Bharti says she will be relieved if she prepares food for all. She asks Bhoomi to prepare palwal ki sabzi for mota sait. She says she will teach Bhoomi. Ketki is angry at their bonding. Ansubaa asks ketki to prepare the poori as nobody can make poori like her.

Ansubaa praises Ketki’s cooking skills and she gets happy and is on cloud nine. Bharti asks Bhoomi to wash the palwal( bittergourd) and she will be right back. She goes to Ankit and offers to give him piggy bank. Ankit is annoyed. She again asks him to meet him. Ankit says what if he tells this to Ansubaa, Bharti says nobody will believe him. Ankit throws the piggy bank and asks her to stay away from him. Bhoomi prepares the sabzi with Bharti’s direction. Ketki gives irritated looks.

At the dining table, Kishan is happy to see Palwal ki sabzi. He says it must be prepared by Bharti. Bharti says you are wrong as it is prepared by my dear friend. Kishan praises Bhoomi and says it is like by Ankit too. Bhoomi says she prepared for Ankit too. Ramila says he will be back soon. Bharti says she forgot that it is Ankit’s favourite veggie. Parul says Kishan never praises her when she prepared the sabzi for Kishan. Ramila says if Ankit’s eats this, then he will asks you to prepare daily. Bhartigoes to the kitchen on the pretext of getting the water. Bharti throws the sabzi in the wash basin and flush it. She keeps the empty vessel back.Meanwhile Ketki is on the way to the kitchen.

After she comes to the kitchen, finds bharti smiling. Ketki asks what are you doing here? bharti says she came to get water. Ketki asks why you left open the tap of the sink. Bharti tries to flush the sabzi. Ketki gets some spices for kakaji. Bharti puts some vessels on the sink inorder to cover up the sabzi in the sink. Ketki asks her to give achaar to kakaji.

Ankit comes back, Ramila says your favourite sabzi was prepared. Ankit asks her to serve the food fast. Bhoomi leaves to get the veggie, when she opens the vessel finds it empty. She wonders how it is finished. The episode ends on her shocked face.

Bhoomi tells Ankit that she has prepared the sabzi for him but it is finished. Ankit gets angry and gets up from his seat. Ansubaa asks her to have food but he says he dont have food in his plate.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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