Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 10th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 10th February 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 10th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dipika asking Jai to be with her and spend his evening with her. She says lets have dinner. Jai says fine, we will go with Dhara, as no one will let us go alone without Dhara. Dipika says no need for Dhara, I won’t talk about our marriage, we are going out for two hours, please I promise I won’t let anything happen to you. Jai agrees and says ok, only me and you. She gets happy and thanks him smiling. Dhara comes to Jai with Rabri asking him to taste it. He says I m going for dinner with Dipika as its her birthday today. Dhara asks where. He says Red orchid. She says I will get ready soon.

He says I m no taking you, I m going alone. She says how can you go alone, if anything happens. He says nothing will happen, only for

two hours. She says if Parul comes to know. He says I m not telling her. He says its Dipika’s birthday, I did not want to hurt her. Dhara says please take me with you. He says Dipika does not want you to come, trust me, nothing will happen. Dhara gets worried and stops him asking him to wait for two mins. She is about to do his tilak but he stops her holding her hand. He asks whats this, you know I don’t believe in this. She says I know, but do this for me please. She says I will let you go alone if you make me do this. She requests him. He agrees. She does his tilak. Jai looks at her.

He leaves. Dhara wishes he stays safe. She says I m feeling tensed thinking you might be in big problem. Dipika gets dressed in a red gown and asks the manager to book her room and dining table. She gives him a liquid bottle and asks him to mix it in Jai’s cold drink. She gives him money o do his work. She thinks today all problems will be solved for always. Dipika sees the room fully decorated with candles and smiles. She says once you come in this room, I promise I will make you forget the entire world.

Parul talks to Lily in the kitchen. Parul comes to know by Dhara that Jai is not at home. She asks where did he go. Dhara says he went out with Dipika. Parul is shocked. Parul asks why did you not go with them. Dhara says he did not take me. Parul says you should have told me, I would have stopped him. She says do you know where he went. Dhara says yes. Parul says you go there, take some money and my phone, call me upon seeing Jai. Lily says go fast. Parul gets worried.

Avni and Hitesh are in their room. Hitesh looks around the house which looks rich. He asks why did we get such a small room. Avni says no, this room was mine before marriage, so we got this room. He says you are lying, covering up for your family. He taunts Avni. Avni says you wanted to talk to Jai, lets go to his room. Hitesh is annoyed. She says I will call him here. He says no need, we will go. Avni says my brothers really work hard in the Mill. They have an argument. He looks at Jai’s photo and smiles thinking he got rich well, let me share something from you.

Jai meets Dipika at the hotel. He asks her to cut the cake. She says thanks a lot for coming without Dhara. Dhara reaches the hotel too and sees Jai with Dipika. Dipika calls the waiter. Dhara hides. Dipika asks the waiter to bring the cold drinks. Dhara thinks of calling Parul. She calls Parul and tells her that Jai is fine. Parul is relieved. Dhara ends the call. Jai drinks the cold drink. Dipika smiles. He starts feeling drowsy. Dhara sees Jai is feeling unwell. Jai says I m not feeling well. Dipika says lets go from here. Jai says where. Dipika says come with me and takes him to the room.

Dhara thinks what happened to Jai and where is Dipika taking him. Dhara follows them. Jai asks where are we going, lets go home. Dipika says rest for some time here, then we will go home. Dhara thinks what to do as she does not know the room.

Karsan asks Parul why is she awake, what happened, is there any tension. She says jai went for dinner with Dipika. He says I know its her birthday today. Parul says why did you not tell me, Dipika would have understood this. Karsan says Dipika does not believe all this. Parul says Dhara has saved jai for the past six months, Dipika has to accept this. Karsan says explain it to Dipika when they come. Parul says she won’t understand, she wants to marry jai but does not care about him. Look at Dhara, she has accepted jai by heart as her husband, she is better than Bhoomi. Dhara is jai’s life protector. Dipika makes jai lie to the bed and removes his coat. jai rests. She removes his shoes and gets closer to him. Dhara is looking out for jai.

Avni comes to know Hitesh took Rs 12 lakh loan. Hitesh asks her to ask Jai for money. She refuses..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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