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hi guys . this is preethi . soon i will upload the full summary of my ff with that i will place a fullstop for tellyupdates. coz my classes starts on 6 june .so. sry . now this is just a clarification . plz read.

varun kapoor is just rocking now days . he is such a good actor. really i have no words.he is capable of doing any role . even in negative he will be good. hatsoff to him.

guys if for some reason varun is quiting the show . then which actor will be good in sanskaars character.
i know there is no one can replace vk but do comment just for fun plz.
dont mistake me i am just asking this coz after seeing yesterdays episode i felt this . so i thought of sharing this with u .
now tell who will good in sanskar maheshwaris roll after varun kapoor.

i think shakti arora would be good i think so now give ur views.
guys plz its just for fun dont misunderstand this plz.

Credit to: preethi kalian

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  1. Umm… If he quit the show then probably I will stop watching swaragini but still… Harshad arora would be suitable according to me…

    But I will not watch without him… Only reason for watching swaragini… Even I tolerated that maasi track … Only cz of him ????


    1. LOL.. i am kidding. no one replace varun in sanskaar’s role. u r absolutely correct.

  3. No one would be his replacement they better close the show then replacing any of the character. Please don’t think like this. Helly and he made the so what it is today their chemistry is awesome from that seen where he curses helly for coming in between his plan and saving lakshya. at that point i knew that its him and her. No way i can’t even think about anyone except them. for me they are even better than the great Arshi. i have loved couples but never this much. please don’t say about replacing him. i have seen him since Humse hai life time and loved him but what he and helly created is just magic. for him she is a kiddo and i love them both. please i hate that sahil for hurting my sanskar i can’t see them apart 🙁

  4. Vk is the best no one can take his place..but I think karan tacker will be best..bcz after vk I love karan tacker in telly world the most..

  5. If it happens then I will never watch this show

  6. Come on guys. Even i will stop watching sr if vk quits the show . but this just for fun that’s all . now do comment

  7. It’s fake..he is not leaving the show.

    1. Oops I’m sorry I didn’t read it whole! I can’t think anyone else other than him!

  8. Please update second love

  9. No one can get his place or role or character he is just fabulous……..etc……….

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