Sansakar : Swara said hey look he is my sanskar only mine (OS)


Hello frnds this is my first os hope u all like it

A girl of age 17 walking on road she saw a person was in wheelchair . He struked un pit so he struggling to.get out of but all in vain so girl ran towards him she started pushing chair she tried as much as possible but no use she turned around one boy of age 19 passing them he was busy in checking paper
Girl : hey u come here
Boy: look at her me???
Girl : yes u plz help me
Boy comes there both boy and girl starts pushing chair while pushing he continuously staring at her. Her big eyes chubby cheeks and her hair falling on her face in simple she looks so cute after lot of effort they succeed
Old man : tq so much beta
Girl: no uncle u should thank him he only helped me
Girl: tq so much
Boy smiles and leaves from there
An elder person came there swara beta come it’s getting late ur dad will scold us
Swara: ji dadu she holds his hand and leaves

After 5years
A girl is laughing shouting loudly running her frnds running behind her
Frnds: swara plz stop
Swara: catch me if you can
Swara increased speed then she saw a chota bheem she runs towards him takes selfee from her mobile in a mean time her frnds reached there they all were busy in taking selfiees suddenly a boy came there stand infront if swara holding rose
swara is hell shocked to see that person
Swara is jumping in happy wow the great sanskar maheshwari proposing me sanskar is happy not only sanskar. His frnds raglak also happy but not long

Swara’s pov
I was cloud nine that one of the best business man of ahemedabad propsed me
I: I hope it was not any kind of game. I know ppl like u means big business tycoon love girl like me I’m really happy to meet u I respect a lot
Swara beta a voice comes from back side i turned back I saw person immediately runs to him
I: papa wt r u doing here is everything ok
Shekar: ha beta every thing is fine I bought good news for u
I : good news for me.wt papa I was so excited
Sheker: I bought alliance for u
I was shocked becoz I not ready to get marriage along with me another person also shocked that is sanskar and raklak were shocked another person came behind my dad now I’m shocked
Sanskar: papa u here
Dp: I said I bought alliance for u she is the one she not only me our whole family also came he shows a direction all turns towards that direction all maheswaries coming towards them
I: sry uncle i’m not ready for this marriage I don’t want to marry becoz i’m so scared that wt if that person leaves me after marriage I’m not saying that a girl can’t leave without support of her husband after marriage but pyaar tho hota hai na I don’t want that separation sry aunty ji
I looked at ap ji she looks sad
Shekar : wt r.u saying shona they. Came here for u
I : dad it’s my life matter I have to take decision plz dad
I turned to ap ji aunty plz don’t feel sad i’m feeling guilty plz…..and I know sanskar ji will never want to get married girl like me we r middle-class
Finally I looked at sanskar and I left

At night
Papa my room
She : wt is this swara wt u did wt’s the mean to not getting marriage
I : papa I don’t want to marry becoz whomever I love.they left me in middle first mom how selfish she was she left u and me for her happiness and then dadu.he died he is my best friend he left me dad I cried hugging him
She: swara plz don’t cry I.don’t force u do.wt ever u want.plz don’t leave ur papa but listen everyone are not same beta. No one knows beta when love happens
I : we even don’t know dad when that love leave us I.slept in his lap I don’t know how these two years passed my dad.transferred to Gujarat I started wedding design

After two years
I’m so.scared to enter the house becoz its is maheshwaries I don’t know wt I’m thinking I bumped to a person
Person swara beta u hear
I : namste aunty ji I’m wedding planner
Ap: how r u beta
I :fine aunty u
Ap : fine.beta
I looked towards upstairs person descending steps he was same as I saw before two years he wore peach colour blazer he looking stunning unknowingly my eyes filled with tears sanskar came towards our direction he saw me all.kind of expressions on his face happy sad excitement everything ap ji leaves sanskar(shocked):swara u here
I : haa sanskar i’m wedding planner I don’t need to come here but I.Don’t know this is ur wedding if I know befor sighing I won’t come here I don’t make u all un comfortable i’m sorry I don’t want to be spoil spot on.ur wedding
Sanskar: wt swara spoil spot
I : I have to go I have some worl
Sanskar: arey swara listen to me I ignored his words

(Third person pov
(He followed swara but he finds swara hugs a person continuously laughing talking to sanskar fuming in jealous he goes to that person
Sanskar: hey wt’s ur name
Person: abhimanyu
Sankskar: she is ur frnd
Abhi: no we r in relationship
Sanskar is hell shocked
Sanskar, : to himself) she said so much that day now she is relationship with this monkey face huh! He thoughts disturbed by someone
Person :bhai wt r u doing here have u seen HER she came here
Sanskar: relax lucky I saw her and she is in love with that monkey pointing to sahil u know she thinking that its my marriage
Lucky : wt
Sanky : don’t say her its ur wedding
Laksh : but bhai
Sanky: shshsh she is coming here keep quiet

Swara’s pov
Ap ji gave sherwani to me and said to give bridegroom I went to sanskar and handover him(guy’s swara don’t know that laksh also.maheshwari) and I left
i’m busy with my work
Whole mf is very nice especially ap ji adharsh bhai I just love him how cool he was it’s been two days finally wedding day after this I won’t meet this family again I don’t wt happen to me i’m feeling very sad that sankar getting marriage with some other girl pandit asked to bring bride so bring it was ragini as i’m desending steps I saw sankar receiving guest’s and I.looked at mandap.laksh is there mt heart is dancing I don’t know y i’m feeling like that but I was happy after some rituals marriage completed .it’s time to leave I bid bye to everyone and took blessings from ap ji and dp ji u searched for him.he is not there suddenly I remember that I forgot my wallet in.ragini room as I went to her I heard some talks
Lucky: bhai.stop her she is going
Sanky: no lucky she is relationship and I saw her no love towards others
Lucky: I can’t see by bhai in pain tan thak wait karoongi unkeliye
Sanky: she is my life I can’t give her place some other girl I love her while sanskar coming out of room I hided behind door
I went home I’m thinking about sanskar fad aked so many times wt happen to me simply I left without answering him I lised on bed I’m heard my dad talking to dadu photo after I rejected sanskar 2 years back

Shekar: dad i’m still not getting swara completely sanskar is very nice guy he don’t know hindi as he is from Gujarat he learned hundi for swara he said he loving swara from years I know after sumi left me she is not ready to get marriage I want my daughter’s happiness

Dad cried he came to my room after sometime I slept in his lap now I’m not understanding wt to do he still loves me I’m so confused I will talk to dad
I.went to.Dad’s room
Shekar:swara u here
I hugged him I burst out he became worry i’m so stupid swara always makes worried I cursed my self dad i’m so confused
She: abt wt
I: abt sanskar i love him dad but I’m so confused wt if he leaves me as mom did
She: so beta he is very nice guy
Swara: dad I want sanskar I will meet him tomorrow morning
She: okay but now don’t cry

I wore pink Salwar all matching I checked myself thousand times in mirror and took blessings from dad I started car and drove yo sanskar’s house as I entered mm whole mm is decorated I’m so confused what’s going on here and went apji wished her
I asked abt sanskar where he was
Ap ji said in his room getting ready
I : ready for what
Ragini: today his engagement

I was shocked they both left me alone tears flowing I saw a girl sitting on sofa she was blusing I shocked face turned anger I went toward her
I : hey girl stand up hw dare to marry my sanskar HEY LOOK HE IS MY SANSKAR ONLY MINE sankar also comes there
Sanky: wow swars u here I so glamd that I tought u miss my engagement
I : i’m fuming in anger I took jadu in my hand
I : u want another girl to marry huh! Wait I will kill u today I chased him whole mansion beating him all around . All were laughing seeing us I stoped for a while sanskar make a puppy face I heard a voice swaea beta I turned back
Swara: papa
Shekar: wt is this swara u spoiling ur engagement
Swara: wt
she: yes yesterday only I called dp ji we abt u and he also accepted
Raglak : and we made all arrangements
Laksh: but teasing u is bhai’s plan only
I looked at sanskar angrily he was smiling

I went to sanskar room.first it was fully decorated yes to day is our first night
After sometime sanskar came to my room he closed the door
He walked towards me
Sanky: swara u loking so beautiful I fallen gor u whrn I saw u gor the first u asked me for help for that old man whose wheelchair is strucked (I’m so excited wt ur that person wow sankar is yhat u wow i staring him lovingly) yes me I lost in u a that time I.followed u wherever u go I tried my level best to take ur attention but all in vain swara I love u
I : I love you too sanskar


A dairy is closed
A 50 years age person closed dairy this is all abt my love story o don’t habit to write dairy but my wife she won’t sleep without writing dairy yhe great SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI _(yes that person is sankar he was reading swara dairy)
Sankar : ( imagine that sankar is talking to u only u means here readers)this is love boring love story story may be bore but my love is endless
Someone shouting sanskar
Sanskar : oh no I think she is coming if she get to know I read her personal dairy and u all heard she will
Kill me I have to hide this he kept dairy same place where swara kept
A 48 years age lady came there
Sanskar: swara u came yes that lady is swara
They hugged each other




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