Sanky ki dulhaniya (Prologue)

Hello friends
I am here with another prologue of a new story.
I posted a prologue of another swasan story too. I will also continue that.
But I hope you guys will like this one more.
I hope you will enjoy this story.

Soooo let’s start.???
In heaven a assembly was arranged.
In the assembly all angels were roaming in tension as god ordered them to come there immediately.

Just then the door of the room opened and the all mighty God arrived having his golden shiny crown on his head.
All Angeles bowed

God went to his throne where a clear crystal like lake was flowing by.

God:- Angeles I am starting a mission in which we have to unite them who are meant to be one, who are made for each other.

He chanted some spells and a boy’s image occurred in that crystal like lake.

God:- his name is sanskar maheswari firstly we have to unite him to his beloved.
We have to find SANKY KI DULHANIYA.!!!!!


So friends I hope you liked it.
It will be an interesting story from my point of view the rest is your wish whether to read or not.

Thanks for reading
Love you all???

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  1. Mahavir

    hahaaa mickey dear continue soon will be waiting for SANKY KI DULHANIA..!! :-*

  2. Kakali

    Mickeyyyyyyyyyy, Urghhh it’s you..!! Waaaa love it dear..!! Continue soon..!! huh if you need any type of help finding Sanky Ki Dulhaniyaaaa, then just make a call to me I will be ready to help you.!! :3 Thnk u.. ;-*

  3. Nagamanasa

    Woww interesting dear…waiting to read further parts

  4. nyc continue

  5. Interesting dear……continue soon
    Eagerly waiting for ‘Sanky ki Dulhania’

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you vanu diiii..
      Love you ????

  6. SNY

    Awesome dr……
    Next one soon….

  7. Manasvi


  8. Phoniex

    Hahaha it’s amazing would love to see god as match maker

  9. Maki

    Interesting…continue soon

  10. Bharu

    hey dear….again a new ff….hurray…jolly..swasan…our heavenly couple…waiting for it baby…take care..

    1. Yashu24

      Bharu diii where r u??! I m missing you sooo much??
      Please come back!!
      Take care
      Love you sooo much ??

    1. Yashu24

      Thanks ??

  11. Mahisha

    continue soon
    love u

    1. Yashu24

      Thank u soo much dear
      Love you toooo!!!??????

  12. amazing…

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you ???

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you ???

  13. Seebu_s

    interesting…continue soon

  14. interesting

  15. nice dear

  16. Aarushi_99

    Loveed the prologue.. hehe.. god as match maker..? Would love to see that..!!
    Continue soon!!

  17. yehh sanky ki dulhania
    interesting continue soon

  18. Simi

    Interesting ?

  19. Shrinjal

    Interesting di..superb update.. waiting for next part..

    Take care!
    Love u!!!

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you soooo much srinju????
      Love you more!!?????

  20. Ishanvi

    You and your ideas are just amazing Di! I just want to know from where you get these ideas. BTW, This FF seems different and interesting.

    1. Yashu24

      Hahahaha…thank u ishi????
      Love you sweetie ??

  21. Sreenandana.suresh

    superb didi….i just now came 2 know that it’s ur ff…..

    1. Yashu24

      Thank u sreee..
      Love you ????

  22. Fenil

    La jawab

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you bhai???

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