Sanky ki dulhaniya (part 4) (swasan)

Swara was sitting  tied up in a chair, her head was bleeding. She
was gazing  the ground and her eye’s were brimmed up with tears.

Swara’s pov you can come in that  officer’s talks because of him now you are in this condition Swara… but…(a tear fall from her eyes) at least he thought about me. He said all that for my own good. Till now No one thought about me except my Aayush. My painful story started from the day I born. (She smiled painfully) The person whom I call my Baba picked me from a roadside dustbin. My parents threw me there maybe considering myself a burden on them.

Then someone hit my abdomen with a iron rode.
I coughed out blood and opened my eyes to look who hit me. With blur vision I saw the person whom I call my Baba was standing in front of me having an iron rode in his hand.

He said being furious “What you thought miss Swara, you will make me fool , don’t forget Swara I am Naveen Sharma the best robber of Kolkata. I picked up you from that garbage because I thought you would help me in doing robbery, Today I gave you this big robbery mission and you!!!”( He again beat me with iron rode)
I screamed in pain and coughed out blood from my mouth then I heard someone’s laughing sounds.
I raised my eyes and found My so called ma. I mean my Thief Baba’s wife.

She said giving a stern look to me ” Why the hell this girl is here , kill this useless garbage and throw her in the place from where you brought her 20 years ago.”
I got shocked by her statement.
“P- Please forgive me, I-I will never do it again” I pleaded
But My head buzzed and I screamed in paid”ahhhh!!!” They both ruthless persons hit me on my head.
I closed my eyes and I heard their conversation , that evil lady said ” let me check she died or not”
She came near me and checked my breaths, I disguised to be dead and she said “RIP swara” and both of them laughed.
They put me in a black plastic bag and then threw me in a garbage field.
My head was paining very much but somehow I managed myself. I cut the bag with a knife which was in my pocket and I came out from that bag.
There was darkness everywhere. I stumbled , my vision was getting blur. I saw a black figure approaching near me, I started feeling dizzy and I was about to fell down but that person hold me. Who was he I don’t know.
Swara’s pov ended

Swara was lying on hospital’s bed. Her head was covered with bandage. A person was seeing her from the glass window.

Then doctor called him”Mr.Sanskar you can meet her now”
“How’s she now??” I inquired.
“She lost very much blood and she is very weak now. Please don’t stress the patient by asking questions now inspector.” Said the doctor.
Sanskar Went in the room and sat near Swara on the stool.

Sanskar’s POV
I was sleeping peacefully at home at that time my phone rang and I saw it was my brother Laksh’s call.
He said”Bhai I followed that girl whom you asked me to follow, she went in a house, after that her screaming sounds were coming but I didn’t took any action as you forbidden me to do anything,I waited there for half an hour and after that one man and woman came out from that house with a big black plastic bag. I think there was that girl in that bag.”
I got shocked listening him, I felt that it would be better if I myself followed her instead of sending Laksh there.
I rushed to the place where they took Swara.
I saw her there, I don’t know why but seeing her my heart winched. Blood was flowing down on her face, wounds were all over her body, she was coughing out blood and trying hard to walk by taking the support of wall.  She was about to fall but I Rushed towards her and hold her, she fainted and I took her in hospital.

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    Ouch…:|:|Swara ko pain hua…Bure log Shanky tumhe nahi jane dega aise.
    Emotional chappy.
    Where the hell that lil devil aayush went ?:@:@:)):))
    can’t wait fir the next.

  4. What will happen next!!!!!!?

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    The part was awesome dear

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    Awesome. Waiting for next epi .

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    Awesome dear..
    They almost killed Swara because she refused to rob ??? cruel people

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    awesome part yaar… feeling bad for swara… lets see how their love story blossoms

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