Sanky ki dulhania (part 5)

Sanskar came near Swara.

Sanskar: I didn’t know that you are Shekhar uncle’s daughter.

Swara: You don’t Swara the great still too..You don’t know who I am ,you didn’t did right by becoming my enemy.

Sanskar: Hey Why are you saying like this??

Swara: What award you got by telling Baba that yesterday there were no extra classes ???

Sanskar: So what I said the truth.

Swara: Even yudhishtra spoke lie once for a good reason can’t you speak it once for saving this sweet innocent girl!!! Now just wait and watch. You will regret to do this.

Swara:Take your bike!!!

Swara threw the key and Sanskar caught it. Swara show him her tongue and hold off the bike.

Sanskar hold the bike before it could fall down..

Swara too went in the garden which was outside the big mansion and stood near Ragini.

Shekhar glared her. Swara hold Ragini’s hand.

Shekhar (trying to gulp his anger) : Swara beta..Meet him, he is my childhood friend Durga Prasad.

Swara: Namaste uncle.

Dp smiled.

Dp: I heard very much about you Swara..I must say you look very innocent but your great doings are just mind-blowing hahaha..

Swara just passed a smile to him.

Swara(in mind): They were just trailer uncle. You will get to know me more better when your son will tell you his experience..!! But what I do to make him regret??

Shekhar: Swara Ragini u both go home now. I am coming in some time.

Swaragini went home.

The next morning Sanky was jogging. But someone was keeping eye on him hiding behind a tree having a helmet.

That person took out the helmet and she was Swara she smirked and rode on the bike putting her helmet again. She started following Sanky in full speed.

Sanky felt strange and he turned and Swara dashed him lightly he didn’t got hurt but lost his balance he stumbled but somehow balanced himself ,he looked towards the person who dashed him.

He then felt that something is under his feet. He looked down and got a shock like pikachu’s thunderbolt attack seeing that a dog’s tail was under his feet. That dog gritted his teeth and looked towards him with anger filled eyes.

Sanky released his tail. and gulped in fear that dog started barking loudly. Sanky started stepping backward but that dog started coming towards him gritting his teeth. Now Sanky turned and started running and that dog too followed him barking behind him.

Swara took out her helmet and started laughing.

Swara: It’s just starting because of you I got scolded yesterday again. Now just wait and see what will happen with you next ,hahahah poor fellow

She too went from there laughing.

  • This story got completed in wattpad and now I started the season two of it. You can check on my wattpad id shinchan0324

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