Sanky ki dulhania (part 4)

The next day Swaragini entered in college she was continuously blabbering something holding someone’s hand.

Swara: We escaped last night or else our dangerous dad huh…!!! But.. Why they always keep scolding me…!!!! I am sooo sweet cute and cute I am. My dad want to take this chweet chmall girl’s life. They shouldn’t shout on me like this. Don’t you think this di..

Then someone tapped her shoulder.

Swara turned. She saw she was holding a boy’s hand.

Swara: Who are you mister??

Just then Ragini and Purvi came towards her from backward.

Boy: From last 15 minutes you continuously blabbering and you don’t even know with whom you are talking!! Am the owner of the thing which you had stolen.

Just then Purvi came there.

Purvi: Swara!! He is saying indirectly that you stole his heart!! Omg!! How romantic..

Swara widen her eyes

Sanskar: Oh madam shut up!! Am The owner of the bike which you had stolen.

Swara: B-bike!! Was it yours??

Actually am really sorry..I was in a hurry Oh yeah..My di was not well so I have to rush to hospital urgently.. that’s why…

Sanskar: it’s ok now where is my bike??

Swara: Am sorry Your bike is continuing it’s last breath in a garage.

Sanskar: What?????

Swara: Yes.. actually yesterday we met with an accident. We are fully fine but your bike got damaged.

Sanskar: Oh God!! My bikeee!!

Swara: Am sorry!! Your bike will be repaired soon!! I will personally come and return it back to you!

Sanskar: Thank you so much but I don’t want to trouble you.

Purvi: No it’s ok!! She won’t get troubled she is the one who makes other troubles for others you got to know it till now.

Swara: Shut up Purvi!! N-Noo it’s ok..!! Give me your address I will come and give your bike back to you.

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Sanskar gave her his address on a paper slip hesitatingly.

Ragini: Swara you go to your class we are going to ours!! We are going late!!

Swara went from there hurriedly.

Sanskar: What a strange girl she is!!

In the break time Swara was sitting in canteen and at that time Ragini,Purvi and Anisha came there.

Ragini: Swara we are going to a party at Baba’s home today. We have to leave now.!!

Swara: Which friend??

Ragini: I don’t know his name. Now come with me.!!

Swara: I got mechanic’s call and he said that the bike got repaired. I will come after giving that boy’s bike back to him I will talk to Baba you go.

Ragini: Ok.

They left from there.

Swara went to garage and Ragini and her family went to the home of Shekhar’s friend.

Swara called Ragini to ask her to know the way to the home of Shekhar’s friend.

Ragini: Hello Swara..!! A problem happened here!! The son of Baba’s friend told Baba that we didn’t had any classes yesterday.

Swara: What???

Ragini: Yes!!

Swara: Ok I am first going to give that boy his bike and then I will come to you.

Ragini: But address??

Swara cut the call till now.

Swara reached Sanskar’s home.

She blew the horn and she saw Sanskar was standing in garden with Shekhar, Ragini and one another man.

Swara got shocked.

Precap: Swara to Sanskar “You don’t know didn’t did right by inviting hostility ”

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