Sanky ki dulhania (part 3)

Swaragini finally escaped from their dad. They went to their friend, Purvi’s home

Purvi opened the door.

She found Ragini there only with a smile as Swara was parking there scooty.

Purvi: Oh Ragini..hi.. How’s Swara?

Ragini: Why ?? What can happen to her? She’s alright you should ask how’s the persons who lives with her.

Purvi: Hahaha yeah you are right. Well I am asking because today Sir complaint about her to uncle..

Just then Swara came after parking their scooty.

Swara: Hello…!! I am awesome as usual Purvi and about Baba sooo…I finally escaped from his long lectures due to Ragu di..!

(She told the whole story to her)

Purvi: Oh..My God!! Swara!! Ok you both come in and you did right that you came here..I need Ragini’s help.

Ragini: How can I help you??

Purvi: Can you help me in this question.

Purvi said forwarding here maths book.

Swara: Maths..!! Take this b-book away!!!

Swara started acting of breathing heavily.

Swara: Water..!! Water..!! fainting..!! Please took this book away!! Mummy!!

Purvi and Ragini : Swara!! Shut up yaar!!

Swara: I don’t afraid from anything except books in this whole world.

Ragini: Yeah Purvi do you know whenever Swara irritated ma. Ma used to say her in childhood that she will lock her in store room but Swara used to say “I am not afraid of darkness” but when ma said her that she will lock you in study room. Swara started sweating heavily.

Swara: Don’t irritate me or else you both know me very well.

Ragini and Purvi looked each other.

Swara: Firstly go and keep this book far away..!!

Purvi: Hahahaha..!! Ok okk..

A notification came on Swara’s phone.

Swara:Stupids!! Today is Anisha’s birthday!! Oh god!! We forgot about it..shit!!! In my problems and stupidity I forgot her birthday.

Ragini: Yeah..she invited us.!! She is our best friend.

Swara: You both go there. I will come after buying a gift.

They all went from there.

Now after buying gift Swara also reached to Anisha’s party venue.

Loud music was playing in the speakers. People were dancing on the dancefloor.

Swara: Where they all are??

Just then Anisha came there.

Anisha: So here you are!! You forgot my birthday!! Stupid girl.!!

Swara: Sorry sorry sorry!! A very very happy birthday to you!!

She hugged her.

Anisha: I got to know that you fai–

Swara: Please now don’t start to praise my great works it’s common for me..I am used to do such great works thank you thank you.

Just then Ragini came running towards them.

Ragini: Swara!! Baba is here!!

Swara: What???

Anisha: Yes Dad invited uncle.

Ragini: We have to go immediately from here!!

Swara: Yes!! He didn’t allowed us to came here when we asked and we said we are in our extra classes!! Anisha bye bye.. really sorry we have to go now.

Swara said this handovering the gift she bought to Anisha.

Swaragini ran from there without getting noticed by Shekhar.

Outside Anisha’s house

Swaragini were standing near their scooty.

Swara: Shit the key of this Scooty lost!!

Ragini: Now what?? We are already late!

Just then Swara noticed that a boy who was in black helmet and in a black shirt and jeans stepped down from a bike.

He locked his bike and put the key in his pocket and he was walking towards the entrance of the hotel in which party was arranged but the key slides down from his pocket and fall on the ground that boy didn’t noticed it.

Swara: Oh god tusi great ho!!( Oh god you are great!!)

She ran and picked that key and started the bike.

Ragini: Swara what are you doing?? It’s not right

Swara: If it’s not right then listen properly from your both left and right ears that I am going!! You stay here and enjoy the party and then enjoy Baba’s scoldings..

Ragini: Nooo I am coming.

She also sat behind Swara.

That boy whose bike this was, was talking with his friend standing at the entrance of the hotel.

His back was at Swaragini’s side.

Just then his friend shouted “Sanskar!! Your bike!!!”

That boy i.e. Sanskar turned immediately but at that time Swaragini left from there. He took out his helmet and got shocked.

Precap: Swasan’s encounter.

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  • Thanks for reading it.
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