Sanky ki dulhania (part 15)


So as we know Swara got shocked completely by seeing that the person with whom her engagement happened is Sanskar.

She wanted to know how he reached here ?and what happened exactly?What’s about that miss show off?

Just then she saw Kavita entering the house though the main door. She came and hugged Swara which makes Swara shocked to the core. Kavita broke the hug and passed a smile to Swara, Swara looked her with her eyes dilated. Swara then turned to Sanskar,

Swara: Sanskar how u came here and why u and this Miss..sho..I mean Kavita came back?

Sanskar: Your Miss show off is my sister Kavita Maheswari…

Swara: What???

Sanskar: Yes…Swara I got to know your little innocent brain will take time in understanding love as u take time in understanding a question in  studies. So I thought left your brain and let me use my brain to evoke the sleeping feelings of love in your heart.

Kavita: God Swara really such a crazy+sweet girl you are..sweet as you were secrificing your love and about crazy so.. the glass of juice u dropped on my dress, those crackers prank and your anger and jealous filled words…Sanskar Bhaiya you can’t find a girl like this anywhere. Bhabhi please don’t do such pranks with my innocent Bhai after marriage.

Swara: Sanskar is your br-brother ? You were doing acting??

Shekhar: Not even she,we all were doing acting only Swara.

Swara: From starting only it all was drama  ??

Sanskar: Yes madam it was acting. I fall for you when I saw you first time I understood u r the one whose thoughts will spend my days  , the one whose dreams will spend my nights , the one with whom I will share my happiness and sorrow ..that innocence of your eyes, that craziness in your devil mind, that cheerful smile of yours. Everything  stole my heart at that time only.
I want to live with this mini cyclone for my whole life.. I love you Swara..I love you!!!!

She came to him and hugged Sanskar tightly.

All smiled seeing them.

Ap: Ok Shumi ji- Shekhar ji now we have to go..have to go in a  marriage function of our friend’s son and we have to start Swasan’s marriage preparations also

Then Maheswari’s went from there.

Ragini hugged Swara tightly and Shumi caressed Swara’s hairs. Dadi and Shekhar smiled seeing them.

Just then Shekhar received a call.
Shekhar: Hello yeah Mr. Verma how r u?…oh ok we will come there.. yeah sure.

He cut the call and said ” we have to go in the marriage of Mr. Verma’s son we will return tomorrow so u all get ready fast.”

Dadi: Shekhar I can’t come with you all..I am not feeling well now.

Shumi: Then I will also live here with Ma.

Shekhar: But Mrs. Verma invited you and Ragini especially.

Swara(mumbled): Everyone live in my fear that I will do some craziness that’s y no one invite me specially huh..

Shekhar: Swara you live here with Ma..we will come in tomorrow Morning.

Swara nodded her head in yes.

After some time They went to the function and Dadi went in her room for taking rest. Now Swara too went in her room.

She started looking outside the window towards the moon while touching her ring which wasn’t glowing more than her face which had a warm glow oh happiness, her rose petal like lips stretched forming a wide smile remembering how her life changed totally today.

She then took her phone and dialed Sanskar’s number.

Here Sanskar picked up the call.

Swara: Hello Sanky

Sanskar: Hi Swara…Why u didn’t came here in the marriage function of Verma uncle’s  with ur family? Even I also came here..

Swara: You are also there?Baba didn’t took me with him because Dadi ma is here only as she is not feeling well.

Sanskar; Oh..ok Swara Dad is calling me..I will talk to you later. Bye

Swara(sadly): Bye

She cut the call.

” I also wanted to go there as Sanky is also there but they didn’t took me there..huhh…”she said cutely and made a cute pout.

Swara; Now what I do??

After sometime Swara ke dimag ki batti jali and her face glowed up.

Swara : Yes I will do this only!! yay!

Here in the hotel building,

Shumi, Ragini and Mrs. Verma were standing together  , those two ladies were doing their gossips and Ragini was getting bored between  them. Sanskar,Shekhar,Dp and Mr.Verma and some other men were talking about their business matters and teaching Sanskar too how to handle these such deals but his mind was wandering somewhere else. He was thinking about Swara only.

Here somone parked the scooty in front of a big hotel building and took out the helmet. Of course as we know she is Swara , she went inside and asked the receptionist  about where the function is  is happening and where  is Sanky’s room.

Receptionist  : Madam they booked some rooms at  10th floor for today and the function is at roof  but the lift isn’t working from half hour. Sanskar Maheswari’s room is told to be 156.

Swara(in mind): Oonchi hai building lift teri band hai kaise mai aau dil razamand hai.

Here at party Sanskar took excuse saying “I am just coming after taking my phone back. I left it in the room by mistake.”

He went to the  room given to him and  picked his phone from the table and he was about to go but  his eyes fall on the door of the almirah which was slightly open.

Sanskar:   Why this almirah is open..

He went near it and closed it. He was about to go but stopped hearing a familiar voice “Sanskar..Sanky”

Sanskar: Swara??? Nah how she can be here I know she can’t come here..What magic u did Swara I keep lost in your thoughts whole day even your voice is echoing in my ears.

He went from there smiling.

After sometime Ragini came to that room as AP asked her to bring the gift she brought for MR. Verma’s son from there.

Then Anisha’s call came on her phone and she started talking with her while going out of the room but she stopped hearing some sounds”di…dii..r u there??”

Ragini looked around but she didn’t became able to find from where this sound came.

That voice called her again “di..”

She found that the sounds were coming from the almirah she went near it and asked” it u??”

“Yes di it’s me!!!!!!your Swara..!! I am in Almirah!! Please open the door I am feeling dizzy here!!” said Swara sobbing.

Ragini: But I don’t have the key.

As Ragini took time to go back all came there to see what happened.

AP: Ragini what happened why u took so much time to come back

“Please open me” said Swara crying.

Sanskar: Swara…where are u?

Swara: Sanskar please open me.. I am felling dizzy here..please open the door..I am not doing any prank and drama this time I am going to faint in real..!!

All became shocked before but then started giggling hearing Swara’s cute pleadings but Sanskar stopped giggling as the most important question popped in his mind.

Sanskar: But Swara how you get locked in this almirah??

Swara: Don’t become innocent only locked me here I will tell the whole story afterwards but before it unlock me.

Shekhar: Sanskar the key maybe with u open her please…once let her come out I will teach her a lesson then.

Just then Sanskar bring the key and opened the door of the almirah.

Swara; Water..please somebody give me water.

Ragini brought a glass of water from the table for her.

Shekhar:Swara I thought finally you will become serious now but u r just u reached here?when I asked u to live with Ma..

Swara: Actually I got to know Sanskar also came here so without being noticed by Dadi ma..I jumped of the window and took my scooty and came here..but the lift wasn’t working I have to climb up the stairs and reach here..I thought someone will notice me so I hid in almirah but this Sanskar locked me here.

AP and DP were shocked to know their will be Daughter in law’s talents.

Shekhar : Swara!! be serious now u r going to get married soon

DP: Now if she came here after so struggles let her talk with Sanskar for sometime .

All started giggling and Swara started staring the floor in embarrassment.. They all came out leavng swasan alone for sometime.

Swara : U don’t  know how I came here after climbing so many stairs just to meet u.

Sanskar : So did I invited u?

Swara: Haww how can u say like this it’s not good.

Sanskar: So what u want for doing such a great job?

Swara: Chocolate

Sanskar: haww for chocolate only u did so much..Swara don’t u think u should be serious sometimes.

Swara: I became serious once in love not again.

Sanskar(pulling her cheeks): You are so cute

Swara; I know but I won’t melt by this, u have to give me chocolate

Sanskar: Ok..okk

Swara: Promise me

Sanskar: Yeah promise

Swara: Do pinky promise

Sanskar: Ha..meri ma Pinky promise now happy?

Swara: Super happy

She hugged Sanskar and kissed his cheek.

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