Sanky ki dulhania (part 13)

The sky turned dark now, as it was Diwali the crackers were exploding scattering their bright and beautiful colours in the dark Sky.
Swara was dressed in a beautiful blue and white long gown looking just like a royal Princess.! She was lightning the whole place with earthen lamps and candels. Maheswari family was also present there in Shekhar’s diwali party but in this all work she was looking Sanskar  continuously who was standing at some distance and talking with Shekhar. Sanskar was also dressed in a blue coloured Sherwani.

Shekhar went then as his one friend called him and everyone was busy in this party. No one was near  swasan at that time.

Swara went near Sanskar and hugged him tightly.

Swara: Sanskar I love u..please marry me, leave that Miss show off..I really love u..!! Will u marry me please..

Sanskar opened her mouth to answer her but dhamm!!
(Any one guessed what happened? )
The most common thing Swara fall down from the bed and all her confession was her dream which broke like her back.

Swara then realized that it was her dream and whatever happened in morning. She looked out the window and saw that it got evening  now. She remembered how she cried and then came to her bed and slept hugging the pillow.

Swara(holding her back):yarr…bhagwan kam se kam sapno me to do pyaar ki batye kar lene diya karo

Just then someone knocked the door and Swara stood up from the floor, she washed her face with water so that no one can found the marks of tears on her face.

She opened the door and found Ragini standing there.

Ragini: Why u took so time to open the u were taking dreams of Sanskar right?

Swara: No..not at all…

Ragini: Ok ok now if u took rest, get ready everyone is waiting for u in Baba’s party Dadi ma also came from Jaipur ..

Swara nodded and Ragini went from there.

Swara came downstairs now getting ready in the same dress which she was wearing in her dream she looked towards Sanskar who was at some distance and was talking with Shumi and Shekhar.

Sanskar too looked towards her smiled, Swara passed a fake smile to him pretending that she is happy.

 Just then Swaragini’s dadi i.e. Parvati  Gadodiya came to Swara.

Swara took her blessings and greeted her happy Diwali. Dadi hugged Swara and said ” Swara your choice is nice..I found Sanskar a perfect boy for u.”

Swara just smiled hearing it she was looking towards Sanskar only..

just then Ragini  came towards them.

Ragini: Swara those children spoiled my rangoli which is in entrance..please do one thing u make the portion again..Ma is calling me urgently please Swara.

Swara: Ok di I will make it.

She went from there she started making the portion again which got spoiled by a child who kept his foot on it.

Just then Sanskar came there and sat near Swara, he hold Swara’s hand by which she was making Rangoli.

Swara looked towards their hands and then she looked towards Sanskar.

Sanskar: Swara u r making it wrong..

 Swara jerked his hand and said ” I am making it right.”

Sanskar: No..give the colour to me I will tell u how to make Rangoli.

Swara: Oh so u know how to make it

Sanskar: Yes I want to teach u how to make it perfectly now only because maye we won’t meet again..maybe this diwali is my first and last diwali with u.

Swara’s eyes brimmd up with tears hearing it but she didn’t let her tears came out as she didn’t wanted Sanskar to know that she is crying.

Sanskar took the colours and make that portion of Rangoli again perfectly.

Swara(pretending to e happy):  Wowww u made it perfectly.

” I know I am genius” he said and rubbed his hands which had colours on Swara’s cheeks.

” Sanskar it’s not holi it’s Diwali..hahaha” said Shumi and Swasan looked towards the direction from where this sound came. Shumi and AP were standing there.

AP: You both really look very cute together always be together like this.

Swasan looked each other,

“I have some work I am just coming.”Saying this Swara ran upstairs  from there and closed her eyes tightly Sanskar’s words were echoing in her mind that they won’t meet again.

Tujo nazro ke samne kal hoga nhi

Tujko deakhe bina mai marna jaun kahin

She stopped near a pillar and took it’s support to stand where now one can see her but she can see whole hall clearly from there, She was looking  Sanskar from there only. She didn’t went near him as she now she won’t able to control her feelings more if she will speak to him but she wasn’t be able to live without seeing him, She can’t forget him never ever. The only thing which she had in her mind was that she won’t be able to see him again after tomorrow.)

Tujko bhool jaun kaise 

Maane na, manau kaise tu bta

She wanted to capture his photograph permanently in her eyes and heart forever. She wanted to look him as much as she can because it was the last time.

Roke na ruke naina teri aur hai inhe to rahna 

Roke na ruke naina

Just then she got a message from Sanskar which says ” Swara I told our plan to Kavita and we will elope tomorrow in morning before our engagement.”

 A single long tear fall from Swara’s eye  seeing the message.

She wiped her tear and replied “Sanskar at 5:00 AM the train to Mumbai comes..I already bought your tickets and gave them to Kavita,  I am happy for u Sanky.  “

She came downstairs but didn’t talked to anyone. She was standing near Ragini who was asking her why she is looking sad but Swara just said she have headache.

Ragini: Swara if u aren’t comfortable here in noise go to your room.

Now what else Swara wants, She was searching for this opportunity only so that she can make her heart lighter by crying in her room. She went to her bed and started crying hugging her pillow.

She tried hard to sleep  but sleep was far from the reach of her eyes and it was common also, how she could be able to sleep when she knows she is destroying her love story by her own hands, she knows she won’t be able to see her love again as she is gifting her love to someone else.

After lots of struggle sleep embrace her and she slept.

“Durgaprasad ji I treated u not only like my friend, I treated u as my brother..and what your son did to my daughter !!He eloped with his lover betraying my innocent daughter..!! ” some shouts by Shekhar fall in Swara’s ears who was sleeping in her room.

Swara first ignored it then she suddenly understood what’s happening downstairs. She understood that Kav–San eloped till now. She hurriedly stood up from her bed  as she knows her angry Dad must got furious by this act of Sanskar. She went downstairs and saw Shekhar was shouting on DP and DP was not saying anything just anger was boiling in her eyes because of his son’s act.

Ragini,Shumi, Dadi and Ap were also there who were standing there silently.

Swara went near Ragini who hugged her tightly.

Shekhar looked towards Swara and came to her.

Shekhar: Swara no need to cry for that stupid who didn’t valued my daughter..!!

Swara also looked towards him like she doesn’t know anything.(Sara kra dhara eska hi to hai)

Swara: What happened??

Shekhar: U are not going to marry Sanskar..!!That Sanskar eloped with someone leaving u..!! Now see I will do your marriage with a person more better than him..!!

Swara got shocked by this statement of Shekhar.

Precap: Swara’s engagement with Mr.———-(who it will be..think think..)

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