Sanky ki dulhania (Part 10)

Swara went home from Kavita’s home. She was feeling light by teaching Kavita a lesson so her mood was quite good.
She directly went to Ragini’s room.
Ragini was working on her laptop. As Swara again came back to form she thought to do some fun, Swara near her quietly and said “bhoooo” Ragini got shocked by this sudden sound and the laptop fall on the floor.

Swara bit her tongue and Ragini looked towards her angrily.

Ragini(controlling her anger) what u did Swara?? See my Laptop.(she picked the laptop which broke) it got broken now…

Swara: Sorry dii.. sorry sorry..

Ragini: Your sorry won’t repair my laptop..u have to repair it now.

Swara: I will repair it but di..(she blinked innocently)

Ragini rolled her eyes.
Ragini: Ok what this Cyclone named Swara came here? What u want?

Swara(pouting cutely): Don’t call me Cyclone.

Ragini: Ok so hurricane..?? Or tornado?
Swara: Di I didn’t came here to learn synonyms of cyclone.

Ragini(laughing): So tell me why you came??

Swara: Please convince Dad to let us go for Diwali shopping..!! He strictly forbidden me to go anywhere.. please u convince him.

Ragini: Okk okkk but u will also repair my laptop.

Swara: Ok deal.

They then went downstairs and somehow managed to make Shekhar agree.

Then in evening Swaragini, Purvi and Anisha went to mall.
They were doing shopping and just then they saw Sanskar there

Swara: Hello Sanskar.
Sanskar: Hii..Swara..hii everyone.
All greeted him and they started talking randomly.

Ragini felt something strange in Swara’s behaviour when Sanskar came there.

Just then a small girl came there.
Girl to Sanky: Ur name is Sanskar?

Girl: There Kavita di is calling u outside the mall.

And as we know Swara became Sad again hearing Kavita’s name.

Sanskar: Excuse me.
He went from there.

Anisha: Who is Kavita.

Swara: I..I am just coming.
She also went from there.

Purvi: What happened to her??
Ragini just looked her going.

Swara went outside the mall and saw Kavita was kissing Sanskar’s cheek.

Now Swara’s heart winched in pain seeing it.
And her eyes brimmed up with tears.
She went from there without informing anyone.

In Mall
Purvi: Where this Swara went now??
Anisha: Yeah it got half an hour she didn’t returned yet.

Ragini: I know where she goes when she fell sad. You both go to the place where I am saying, I am also coming there after sometime.

Ragini paid the bill and went to a place it was like a playground.
Swara was sitting on a swing and Purvi and Anisha were sitting in grass in from of her.

Ragini sat on the other swing beside her.

Ragini: Swara..

Swara looked towards her.

Ragini placed her hand on her shoulder.
Ragini: Shh..Swara what happened??

Swara hugged her tightly.

She told the whole thing to them.

Anisha: For that boy why u r torturing yourself?

Purvi: Swara we want our old crazy, bubbly Swara back. Why u r torturing yourself by thinking about him.

Swara(sobbing): stop thinking about him..I can’t control my mind and heart to think and feel about him..I feel like I am dying whenever I see him with Kavita..Dii..I love him..yes I love him really.. very very very much.

Ragini: Then why u r hurting yourself by uniting them. They will unite if they are made for each other. Don’t give pain to yourself Swara..

Swara: Di when we love someone ee think about their happiness. Our happiness is nothing in front of their happiness. I am uniting them to see Sanskar happy.

Anisha: But Swara…

Swara stood up from there and left the ground.

Ragini: Anisha, Purvi you both go home I will make her understand.

All went from there.
Swara went to her room directly and closed the room.
Ragini also thought to give her some time so she didn’t bothered her and went to her room.

The next day it was Diwali and Kavita was going out from her home in early morning for jogging.

She just reached to the main gate and suddenly bhom bhom bhom blast!!

Kavita started jumping being afraid as someone kept lots of crackers at the threshold of her house they were blasting and making Kavita jump.

Kavita(jumping): ahhh..ahhh..!!

Kavita: What kind of prank is this?? It hurt me on my arm!!

She didn’t found anyone there and she went inside stamping her feet angrily.

Now that ‘someone’ got reveled who was hiding behind a tree and looking the whole sequence.
It was Swara!! (I know some of u already guessed this crazy creature ?)

Swara started laughing loudly.
Swara: I will unite u both for Sanskar’s happiness but I will torture u.. and there’s no doubt in it.

Just then she got a phone call it was of Sanskar.

Swara(pretending to be happy): Hello Sanky! Good morning Happy Diwali.

Sanskar: Yeah good morning may this Diwali fill ur life with happiness.

Swara(in mind): How my life will be filled with happiness when u will not live in it.

Sanskar: Swara my mom dad fixed my marriage!!!

Swara: With whom???

Again her phone got switched off she was playing games u know.

Sanskar: Hello..swara..!!
He then checked the phone and it shows that the call disconnected.

Sanskar: Shit!! She must be playing games..

Swara then reached her home hurriedly as she knows that if she got she has to face her hitler dad.

But when she reached there she got shocked to see the scene.

AP and DP were sitting in the hall and were talking with Shumi and Shekhar.
Ragini was also there.

Swara went near them.
Swara: Namaste uncle aunty Happy Diwali.

AP: Namaste beta Happy Diwali.

Swara whispered to Ragini: Why they came at this much early morning.

Shekhar: I called them here for talking about your and Sanskar’s marriage..!

Now Swara got 440 volts shock.!

Swara: Wh-what??? Mine.. and Sanskar’s marriage!!!

The screen freeze there.

  •  You can read this story on my wattpad id Shinchan0324, it got completed there in wattpad. 
  • I am sorry I think I won’t post more parts here.
  • I have started its season two please tell your view about that one there too.
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