Sanky ki Dulhania (part 1)

I posted this story on wattpad before some months but my friends want me to post it I am posting it here. After reading it tell me whether you too want it here?? If no then you are most welcome to wattpad.. you can reas there. It is completed there.

  • This is the story of a completely crazy and fun loving girl Swara..who became somewhat mature after falling in love with a boy Sanskar but how Sanskar will handle this tufaan?? For this you have to read this story.

The story starts in a big college.

All students seems to gossiping about the most popular girl who is well known for creating troubles

In the corridor two girls were walking while discussing something with full interest.

“You know what Swara was the one who did that” said a girl to her friend.

“Really??” replied the other one.

Screen shifts to canteen two different girls were sitting there and talking about the most interesting thing recently happened in their college.

Girl 1: I already knew it was Swara only who can do such things.

2nd girl: God knows when she will become mature.

Now a girl was sitting in the garden of the college campus, she was reading a book peacefully but one girl came and snatched that book from her

“Ragini!!! Principal is calling you, teri honhar bahen ne fir koi kand kar diya!!( Your brilliant sis again did something)

Ragini slapped her forehead and shouted “Swara!!!!! What you did now!!”

The screen now shifted to principal office.

Ragini is standing bending her head.

Principal: Miss Ragini.. your sister is just a tornado I can’t handle her more.

Rag: W-why sir?? What she did??

Principal: What she did?? Hahaha you don’t know?? This topic is the going on in the college and don’t you know??

Ragini just nodded in no.

Principal: You know na She failed this year!! She always keep doing fun and pranks on everyone. When I called your mom that she failed, she scolded her or not??

Rag: Yeah she scolded her.

Principal: And for taking revenge of that scolding she called my wife from a private number, she introduced herself as my so called girlfriend ? and created misunderstandings between us ?? This fake story spread in college like fire in forest.. Just because Of that Devil(He said the last sentence with full anger)

Rag: What????????? But how you know that was Swara only??

Principal: I..

But before he could say further a sound of breaking of glass came. Ragini and principal looked in that direction and found that a ball was lying on the floor and the glass window was broken.

Principal immediately stood up and rushed to the window. He picked up the ball and looked outside the window.

A girl was playing cricket game with children.

“Six!!!!!!” shouted that girl.

“Swara!!!” Shouted the principal in anger.

Swara turned and beautiful angelic face got reveled.

She had dark black eyes and long beautiful eyelashes.

Swara blinked her eyes and it seems like a butterfly is fluttering her Wings.

Ragini took a deep breath as she know what is going to happen next.

Swara closed her eyes and all children ran away.

Principal: Swara!! I want Mr. Shekhar to come and meet me tomorrow.. understood!! I can’t handle his devil daughter now!!!

Saying this he went from there angrily.

Swara opened her one eye to check whether he went or not then she opened another one finding herself safe.

She took a sigh of relief.

Ragini twisted her ear.

Swa: Ahhh!! Ahhh!! Ragu diii leave me!!

Rag: I will leave you but dad won’t leave you after knowing your great works.

Swara: Abh meri itni bhi tarif mat karo Nanako didi.(in shinchan style).

Ragini glared her but Swara smiled widely. Ragini playfully hit her on his shoulder and both laughed.

Precap: Shekhar will take Swara’s class

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