Sanky ki dulhania (part 14)


Dadi: Swara mahareko  to lga  ki wo chora accha hoga, sidha sadha hoga par wo nalayak to tujhe chod ke pta nhi kis chipkali ke sath bhaag gya!!(I thought that boy would be good and innocent but don’t know with which lizard that useless fellow ran away)

Swara: Dadii….please say whatever u want to Sanskar but don’t compare that girl with lizzie

Dadi: Areey bevkuf ladki wo chora teri sagai se pahle bhaag gya aur tu lizzie lizzie rat rhi hai..tu us se pyaar karti thi ya teri lizzie se…Shekhar jaa tu wo iski lizzie hi dhundhke la us se hi sadi karde iski…(Oh idiot girl that boy eloped with someone before the engagement and u r chanting lizzie lizzie here..U loves that boy or lizzie..! Shekhar today u take that lizzie here after searching it  and do her marriage with it only)

Ragini cluthed Swara’s hand tightly to make her mouth shut.

Swara frowned Ragini.

Shekhar: Now I will do my Swara’s marriage with a perfect boy durgaprasad ji..and Swara u forget him he don’t deserve such an innocent and sweet girl…Your engagement will happen and that to today..

Dadi: Shekhar I searched  a perfect boy for her already but when Ragini told us she love Sanskar so for Swara’s happiness we all agreed but now Swara your marriage will happen to that boy only with our rituals …I am calling them to our home..! Ragini – Sharmistha you both make Swara ready..!!!

Shekhar: Yes ma everything will happen according to u now..

Swara: I don’t want to marry anyone now..!!

Shekhar: Not this time Swara..!! I will not hear any thing now..!! Ragini take her to her room and make her ready for the engagement..

Swara: Baba please..

Ragini came to Swara and placed her hand on her shoulder and signs her to keep quite now through eyes.

Swara closed her eyes and curled her fingers forming a tight fist  and she ran upstairs.

Shumi and Ragini went behind her, now Dadi called someone and said ” Beta come here your engagement will happen with Swara today only, maybe she don’t like this all in first but she will really be happy with u”

Here in Swara’s room Swara was sitting on bed staring the floor..she was making patterns on the floor by her leg .

Shumi and Ragini came to her and sat beside her.

Shumi: Swara..I know u love Sanskar but Swara he went away leaving u..if he had loved u he hadn’t went like this..will u spoil ur life for him.?? Swara now marry the guy whom ur Baba and Dadi is choosing.

Swara: But ma how baba knows that Sanskar elope with Kavita..??

Ragini:  Swara..why I am feeling like u know about all this..

Shumi: Who is Kavita??

Ragini: Sanskar loves Kavita and Swara was trying to unite them but when I told u all that she loves Sanskar and u fixed their marriage Sanskar too agreed and I thought everything is going well but now I understood Swara knows everything about their eloping  and she only helped them. I thought u r half mental Swara by the things u used to do before but the thing u did yesterday proved that u r completely mad.

Swara: Yes I am mad…!! I am mad as I spoiled my life…!! I helped Sanska and Kavita to run away from here..!! I knew everything about this!! So what? Why I will tie Sanskar in a relation is which he will be not happy u know what di everything happened because of u!! U only created this problem..!!! Just go away from here..!

Ragini’s eyes brimmed up with tears and became glassy hearing Swara’s words but she didn’t felt bad as she know her sister loves her very much just she is tensed now..she went outside silently.

Shumi: Swara!! is this the way to talk your sister! what wrong she was also quietly agree for this marriage u want Sanskar’s happiness so he will be happy knowing that u got a good life partner, if u will marry the person whom ur dadi chose it will be easier for u too to forget Sanskar..!!

Swara closed her eyes and took a deep breath, she opened her eyes after a while and went outside her room, there were stairs at some distance on which Ragini was sitting with a sad face.

Swara tapped her shoulder and Ragini turned and looked upwards where Swara was standing.

Swara: Won’t u will make me ready for the engagement? I know I have to agree for this engagement to forget Sanskar…but in all this I shouted on u uselessly..Di I am really very sorry..

Swara hugged Ragini and started crying. Ragini also hugged her and after breaking the hug she  wiped Swara’s  tears and said ” You won’t look good in the engagement if u will cry”. Swara smiled and Ragini took Swara with her to Swara’s room.

Swara: Ma I am ready for this marriage.

Shumi smiled and hugged Swara.

Then they made Swara ready beautifully. Swara was dressed in a pink lahenga  just looking like a rose of god’s garden situated in heaven.

Shumi: beautiful u r looking Swara..!!

“Just one thing is missing” said Dadi who was standing in the entrance of the room.

She came to Swara and put down Swara’s  veil and said ” The family is cultural and traditional type..Swara don’t lift this veil up. “

Swara nodded her head in yes,now  Ragini and Shumi were taking  her downstairs at one stair Swara’s stumbled.

Swara: This much big veil I am not able to see anything from it..

Ragini: Swara u have to live like this for sometime..or else u know Dadi..! She will become angry.

Swara: Ok but how I will see whom I am going to marry if I will stay in this veil.

Ragini: See him afterwards he is going to live with you whole life then see him as much as you want.

Swara: but…

Shumi: shhhh..

Now they reached in hall. Shekhar came to Swara and placed his hand on Swara’s head.

Shekhar: you both finish this ritual fast in mahurat.

 Swara took some steps forward she came at the middle of hall Swara wasn’t able to see anything and her leg hit the sofa, She stumbled but someone hold her hand. Swara felt the warmth of that person’s hands and her heart started beating fast feeling his touch.

Swara was about to take her hand back but Shekhar said “Beta now slide this ring in her finger”

Swara stand up properly and in the next moment a ring slides down in her finger.

Dadi: Now Swara you also make him wear this ring.

Swara: Dadi I am not able to see where is his finger.

Dadi: Ok then lift your veil now..

Swara lift up her veil and looked towards the person who was standing in front of her with a wide bright smile we can say again swara got pikach’s thunderbolt attack seeing that person..!!

Swara: Sanskar!!!!!!!! What are you doing here????????

Sanskar hold Swara’s hand in which there was the ring which she has to make him wear, He make her slide that ring in his finger immediately and Swara widened her eyes in shock.

So here Swara’s engagement happened with Mr. Sanskar Maheswari. ( suku di ye hi tha aapka ghoonchu hahaha)


  • Swara: oonchi hai building areey lift teri band hai  kaise mai aau dil razamand hai 
  • You can read this story and the next season on my wattpad id Shinchan0324.
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