Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Hanuman gets stuck underneath Kumbhkaran’s giant hand. but he chants lord rama’s name, and starts raising his hand to free himself. the servants wonder who spoke, and are petrified, to see the hand raising. they rush from there, thinking that kumbhkaran might just vent his ire on them, on his untimely wake up, while hanuman stands amused. he places the hand back on the bed, and rushes off, and finally lands in another room, where suddenly armed weaponry appear from noweher, dangling shiningly in mid air. he takes a good look around. then he understands that its the weapons’ room, onto which he stumbled accidentally. something catches his eyes, and he rushes to one corner, and then thinks that he has to tell rama about

this exquisite collection, and his eyes are drawn to a particular weapon thats glittering with blinding light. he remembers that its the Pushpak Viman, in which raavan kidnapped sita. he gets inside, and is overwhelmed to see its grandeur, and where sita must have been sitting. he thinks that he needs a direction to start fulfillment of lord rama’s work. he then kneels down, in humble gratitude. he touches where sita must have placed her feet and feels them, to seek blessings, while rama too in interative resonance, with hanuman, feels them and gets emotional. hanuman says that he is fervently wishing to see her, so that he can give her lord rama’s message to her, and assure her that her husband shall soon come to salvage her from her captivity. his eyes fill up with tears, at having sought sita’s blessings in this form. he says that he has the fullest belief, that he wont take long, to find out about sita. he finds a shadow lurking in the diatnce and wonders who is it, and whether its sita, captive in that room. he takes a flight and rushes there. he finds a wonderful smell emanating and thinks that this must be the most important room, by its fragrance and hopes that sita is here. he surfs through the room, and finds ladies totally drunk and inebriated. he thinks that this cant be sita. he finds someone asleep on the bed in the inside room, surrounded by ladies, and decides to find out. when he eyes the bed, from atop, he finds that its raavan. he remembers sita’s screams for help earlier, and gets enraged. Hanuman eyes raavan, and thinks that he is the person responsible for kidnapping sita, and that he couldnt save sita once from being kidnapped but today he wont spare such a torturous person at all. he says that the person who has made sita and ram, restless and sleepless, he doesnt deserve to sleep peacefully. he emerges in his grand form and lifts his gada to land a fatal blow. but then rama’s voice, tells him that its unethical to land a blow on an unarmed and sleeping enemy. he thinks that this would be an insult to the teachings of his gurus. rama asks him, telepathically to focus on finding sita, and give her his message and that he needs to find out the secret, of raavan’s strength and his army. hanuman complies. he eyes raavan. hanuman says that lord rama shall himself punish him for his sins, and decides to focus on finding sita, for which he should be concentrated and in dire efforts. he leaves from there, tensedly, and finds alady sleeping away fropm the main bed, and wonders who is it, as the upatta covers her face. he wonders if its sita, and is happy at the prospect of having found her. he rushes to her, but gets tensed finding her asleep, and thinks that this cant be, as sita cant be adorned with jewellery like this, or be sleeping so peacefully being away from rama. he reminds himself that he couldnt find sita yet. he wonders who is she though, as he feels that he saw her earlier, and remembers that its Mandodari. he is frustrated with his foolishness, o assume that sita could be present in raavan’s bed room at all. he thinks that he should leave from there and complies.

Outside in the garden, hanuman appears in grand form, and is still frustrated with thinking what he assumed, and wonders how could he let such a heinous thought arrives in his mind, that sita could be in raavan’s bedroom. he apologises profusely, and that the entire night went on, but he couldnt find sita. he gets disappointed, and prays to the lord, that he is getting lost, and begs for a sign or his help, so that he can see the right path. as he wipes his tears, he suddenly gets tensed. He hears Lord rama’s name being chanted, and is attracted towards those closed doors. he wonders if its a hallucination, or actually someone is chanting lord rama’s name, in raavan’s lanks, and wonders whether its a signal, or else who shall have the guts to do this, such early morning. he finds tulsi plant too and is plesantly surprised. he folds his hands in gratitude at the plant, and touches the roots. then he eyes the bow and arrow too, that belongs to rama, and bows down to it. Inside, vibhishan is chanting rama’s name, but finds that he isnt able to concentrate, and instinctively feels someone secret presence around him, and wonders whether its raavan’s spy. he then tries to concentrate yet again. hanuman outside, thinks that he shouldnt act foolish yet again, and shouldnt act hasty as maybe its a trap set by a demon, to lure him through the hallucination. he disguises in the shape of a monk, and is allured towards the door, behind which rama’s name is being chanted. but suddenly, he finds the bow disappearing, a shape of a lion taking place, and all pious signs of lord rama’s worship disappearing. he is tensed and taken aback, and deduces that someone is trying to allure him. the screen freezes on his tensed face.


Precap: Hanuman continues to lure around in the gardens, and then finally, finds sita sitting under a tree, tensed and restless. he is overwhelmed as he eyes the lord’s ring and then sita sitting, peaceful, calm and composed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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