Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman gets excited thinking about new clothes and food that he will get in this fest.

All the preps have been made to wake up Kumbhakaran. The family members looks on from a distance when Kaikasi orders the servants to start the process of waking up Kumbhakaran! The servants bring forward ladders so they can climb over the bed to reach Kumbhakaran. A few of them poke at his feet while the others play all kind of instruments near his ears. Kaikasi tells the commander another way to wake up her son. Mandodri and Vibhishan feel bad to see the servants in pain. Kumbhakaran is huge. No one can be a match for him. Ravan has a solution. He tells something to the commander in mute. The servants tie Kumbhakaran’s hands and try to pull him up. Another servant climbs over his stomach

with a tray full of food. Kaikasi orders the servant to take the food closer to Kumbhakaran’s nose. He will wake up as soon as he starts feeling hungry. The plan works. The fragrance of food reaches Kumbhakaran’s nostrils. He turns in his sleep and his face falls in a big pot full of water that is kept on the bed. All the servants run for a cover. Kaikasi and Ravan are glad to see him awake. He attacks on the food. Kaikasi eagerly waits for him to satiate his hunger after which they will find out what Kumbhakaran was trying to tell her last time. Kumbhakaran notices his family members standing there. He asks his mother what will happen to his brother (Ravan). Kaikasi and Ravan are surprised to see him scared. Tell us what is troubling you. He replies that it is a thing to worry. How should I not worry if anything happens to the brother who has raised me up like a father! Ravan says I am perfectly fine. He shakes his head. I will tell you what happened 6 months ago when I had woken up last time.

Flashback is shown. Kumbhakaran is in the jungle. He is thirsty so he drinks water from a fountain. Narad ji watches him drinking all the water leaving the fountain dry. Narad ji says Narayan, Narayan. Kumbhakaran hears Narad ji’s voice. He greets him. I thought that it will be only you. I couldn’t see you. Narad ji suggests him to bend down a little at times. Kumbhakaran tells him to speak clearly. Narad ji points out that Ravan thinks highly of himself. He thinks that he is above everyone.

Narad ji tells him that Vishnu Dev has taken birth on earth in human form to kill Ravan. Kumbhakaran asks about the place where Lord Vishnu has taken birth but Narad ji disappears without giving him any answer. Flashback ends.

Ravan is angry to know that Vishnu has taken birth on earth in human form. Kumbhakaran points out that lot of Asuras have died because of Vishnu only in the past. Kaikasi thinks of the conncetion Vishnu taking human avatar and of that vanar kid. Nar and Vanar are the only two things that are dangerous of my son!

Hanuman is playing along with his friends.

Kumbhakaran is worried about his brother, them and of Lanka. Kaikasi assures Kumbhakaran that the Gods can take as many avatars as they want to but they cannot harm my son! Mandodri says Narad ji himself has told about Vishnu ji’s birth. We must mend our ways before it is too late. Kaikasi refuses to trust on Narad’s words as he keeps wandering and saying just about anything. Ravan says it’s been 6 months that that Vishnu too birth on earth and I have no idea!

All the friends sit down tired. Neel calls Hanuman Maruti but then corrects it. Hanuman tells his friends that they can call him by either of his names – Maruti or Hanuman. We will be friends after all in any case. They all happily nod.

Ravan starts laughing. Vibhishan is confused at his brother’s reactiong. Ravan is laughing as he finds this idea ridiculous that someone can kill me! I am Ravan. No one can harm me at all. Kaikasi points out that his arrogance will one day take him down. It is not right to be careless even if you are strong. I did so much for the betterment of Asura kul. I could have married anyone and lived easily in a palace but I married a rishi! I wanted my son to be blessed by Brahma. I wanted him to be extremely knowledgeable and powerful. I am not sure if my sons will be able to fulfil this dream of mine or not!

Precap: Hanuman picks up a piece of mountain and walks towards the volcano. He puts the piece of mountain in it and there is a big blast.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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