Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: LANKA
LAxman tries in vain to stop the demon with the chemical warfare while he continues to surge ahead. they decide that they have to stop him anyhow before its too late. rama finally takes an aim with the bow and arrow, and strikes it fatally. MEanwhile yagyakoop rushes out of the cave too, desperately finding hanuman. he starts unveiling his wrath yet again on the monkey arm. meanwhile, agranta surges ahead. Agranta too appears, while meghnad claims that now his use of this demon shall be successful, when agranta shall cause an explosion, and destroy everyone. MEanwhile, hanuman picks a monument top and then places it on yagyakoop, from a greater height than the demons. he encloses the demon within it,

saying that now he shall die by his own sound. it ultimately happens, when he starts chanting lord rama’s name. meanwhile, agranta starts blowing and flaring up, ready to explode. hanuman thinks that this demon seems like a mobile volcano, who will explode any minute, if its even touched or attacked at, and shall spoil all lives, in contact. all are shocked and petrified. hanuman tensedly eyes it. he decides to stop it by some other way. he engulfs the entire demon in one big breath inside him, that unsettles him, while they are all tensed. they wonder what shall happen when it explodes. but hanuman easily digests it down. meghnad is tensed as his demons fall short in front of hanuman and his army. he thinks that this monkey is weird, and magical too. meghnad now gets enraged, while sugriva and others are ecstatic. he decides to deal with them himself, and first decides to attack surgiva. the army leaders decide to cover sugriva up. meghand continues to kill the monkeys one by one. angad finally takes a high leap, and tries to hit him with the gada, while meghnad has his arrow aimed at him. angad manages to dismantle him from his golden rath, while meghnad comes back crushing on the ground. but unfazed he tries yet again to hit an arrow, but angad moves his gada and his bow and arrow falls off. meghnad gets another magical weapon. but angad fights him off, and overpowers him. meghnad falls on the ground. hanuman comes and asks why is he lying here and he should fall in lord rama’s feet, to apologise, as he shall easily be forgiven. meghnad gets up somehow, while all wait in anticipation for his next move. meghnad decides to duck and run away, as his best option. but before he can run away, angad stops him and says that he wont allow him to leave. but hanuman stops him, that his escape indicates his defeat and there is no bravery in challenging a lost warrior. he asks angad to let him go, and meghnad rushes away. they get their first victory on day one, as lanka gates close back yet again. the army moves ahead with renewed confidence and vigour. all bow down in front of rama for his blessings. th lords smile from aove. one of them comments, that this is the start of a new era, where truth wins over sins, through the medium of his favourtie devotee, Hanuman.

Scene 2:
Location: Palace
Raavan taunts him severely lashing at him for his victory, as Meghnad comes disappointed and dejected back in raavan’s court, who is himself enraged. meghnad stops him saying that maybe he couldnt win today, but tomorrow he shall win. raavan asks why couldnt he win at the war today for his bravery. meghnad hears with his head hung low. he says thats because he made the major mistake of not worshipping Maata Nikumbhala Devi, and tomorrow he shall do that and enter the battle field with her blessings and then victory is assuredly his.

Meghnad gets to worshipping for his godmother devotedly. The goddess finally arrives. meghand apologises profusely, and narrates what all he he went through for disrespecting him. he seeks her blessings. she blesses him with a power bow and arrow. he is happy. she says that she also gives him a rath, that shall start and stop at his discretion. he asks for another weapon that might finish off the monkey army together, and also seek the fulfillment of the boon that he was given by lord brahma. she remembers and complies, by handing him a magical ball, and blesses him, that tomorrow, there wont be any risk to his life at all. she then disappears. he praises and chants for her, and says that now he shall go alone and destroy the entire army.

Scene 3:
Location: Lanka
Meanwhile, rama addresses the army, and congratulates them all and thanks them for the bravery, determination and firm will that they showed today. surgiva says that hanuman emboldened the path for success by fighting every single demon. he then praises angad too for his combat with meghnad. they all chant in unison. Hanuman tells rama and others that its a demonic character trait, that they dont acceopt defeat easily and shall fight off yet again with renewed energy and powers, to get his win at any cost. vibhishan complies that its absolutely true. rama also complies, and thinks that meghnad shall come back emboldened and empowered, and they have to act far more alert. the screen freezes on them


Precap: Hanuman challenges meghnad that not just him, he can easily defeat off lakhs of warriors like him, and protect his army. Meghnad guffaws and asks if he actually means it. meghnad says that if he so wishes, then so shall be his command. meghnad erupts into thousands more of his form. they are all shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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