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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jitantak begins to fall down because of the monster’s echo. He shouts for help. Hanuman is in a fix. He keeps looking at the basket of eggs in his hand and at Jitantak. Asura says you will try to save this Garud from me. You challenge me? Save yourself now. He shouts again. Its echo reaches out in air and out to Hanuman and all the Garud’s. Hanuman notices the eggs coming in its contact. He holds the eggs. The Asura says you cannot save yourself from the waves of my shout. You can jump around and save yourself. I will start my lunch with this Garud kid. Jitantak screams for help. Hanuman says I wont let you hurt Jitantak. You gave your intro. Now let me give my intro too. The Asura eagerly waits for Jitantak to fall in his lap. Hanuman extends Sakha which holds Jitantak in time. The

Asura is disappointed. Jitantak thanks Hanuman. Hanuman tells Sakha to put Jitantak down to a safe place. Sakha happily does so. Hanuman thinks of Acharya’s words. You must find the particular flower before sunset or Meghasur’s poison will completely affect the eggs/ The Asura is angry. You tried to snatch food from me? Garud’s attack him just then. This irks the Asura. Get ready to bear the consequences now. He shouts again. Both the Garud’s sway. Hanuman thinks to find a solution to stop the Asura. We are only wasting time this way.

Sugriv feels helpless. I am so helpless that I have to announce war against my dear friend Hanuman and his family. How do I face Mata Anjana in Hanuman and Kesari Kaka’s absence? She has treated me like her son always. A commander tells him not to wait and waste time. We must follow Maharaj Vali’s orders. We don’t have enough time. Sugriv recalls Vali’s warning. It should happen in a day’s time or I can even kill you. He moves ahead.

Vali thinks of Ravan’s words. If you learn to fly then you can even fly using a small portion of this wing only. Vali says he told me that I will find that particular mountain out of all the flying mountains when I come here. How do I figure it out? He notices one exceptional mountain. It seems like this mountain is in the sky. This is the most extraordinary mountain where the Acharya who can teach me flying lives. It is about sunset. I will have to reach that mountain asap or the portion of the special wing that they have will finish.

Hanuman notices that the sun is about to set. I will have to find Karni Pushpa asap. The eggs are in a bad condition already because of the poison. If there is any more delay then it will be really difficult to save them. Hanuman gives Vajra Swaroop to his body. The echo hits back the Asura which leaves him shocked. I should hide back inside the earth to save myself. Hanuman tells the eggs they are all safe now. Jitantak smiles.

Hanuman, Maharaj jatayu and CHitraketu land at one place. Maharaj Jatayu appreciates Hanuman’s act. You handled that Asura so cleverly. Hanuman says we got free from the Asura but our main work is still left. It is about sunset. We have to find Karni flower asap. They nod. Jitantak joins them. Where to look for them? Hanuman asks them to follow him. Earth begins to shake.

Vali finds Acharya Kumbhaj lost in mediation. He touches his feet and greets him. I am Kishkindha’s maharaj Vali. He shows him the portion of the special wing. I have come here with this to learn flying from you. Acharya says you only have a small part. even I don’t know if you will be able to fly with its help or not. Vali expresses his wish to fly in sky like birds. I can do any tapasya if you want me to; I can even pay you. Just teach me how to fly. Acharya says it is my duty to help anyone learn how to fly who comes here to look for me. I have to first make sure this portion of the wing does not lose its power. I have to do something before the sun sets. Vali thinks I will see how that Markat saves himself from me once I figure out how to fly.

Hanuman tells Garud’s not to worry. Just follow me. They agree. They hear the Asura laughing just then. Hanuman makes the Garud’s step back asap but their feet are tied in a branch. Jitantak shares that they are unable to move now. How do we save ourselves now? Asura says you can try as much but you wont be able to move without my wish now. Hanuman thinks to free Garud’s before this Asura eats them up. Asura says I will eat Garud’s peacefully once I kill this vanar kid. Hanuman smiles. Asura shoots another branch. Hanuman jumps aside.

Precap: Anjana is shocked to see Kishkindha’s army coming towards Sumeru. Are they going to attack us now? Hanuman tells Asura he wont stop him if he touches them. Asura gets excited. I can do anything to eat eggs.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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