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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman is taken aback to see Mars going inside Kaal-Chakra. I couldn’t do anything! Shani Dev stands there unaffected while Chandra Dev is very much tensed. Earth is getting attracted to Kaal-Chakra. Hanuman is worried Earth will be destroyed this way. What do I do now? How do I save everyone?

People are having a tough time saving themselves on earth. Matang Rishi wonders what happened suddenly. The wind is going in a completely opposite direction. Kesari feels as if someone is pulling everything towards some focal point. He looks out of the window.

Hanuman is sure the earth will soon disappear in Kaal-Chakra like this.

Nani, Kesari find it odd. Matang Rishi is sure something very wrong is about to happen. Kesari prays for Hanuman’s well being.


is a massive storm on earth. The earth shakes. People fly in the air as a result and things fall down.

Earth is very close to Kaal-Chakra. Hanuman cannot think of a solution. How do I save everyone? What if my mother also? He shouts Ma as he notices earth inching closer to Kaal-Chakra.

Anjana wakes up as his voice reaches her heart somehow. Kesari sits beside her. Are you alright? She says Hanuman. On the other hand, Hanuman can hear his mother’s voice too. She is calling out to me. He remembers her advice. You have to take care of the world before your parents, if any such problem arises. Earth is like our mother. You have to save earth first. Hanuman decides to save the world like his mother had taught him to. He closes his eyes to concentrate. Hanuman flies up towards the Kaal-Chakra. Kaal-Dev and Chandra Dev worry for Hanuman. Shani Dev remarks whoever supports the wrong will have to be eaten up by the Kaal-Chakra. Same thing happened with Hanuman.

Hanuman stands before the Kaal-Chakra. He increases his size. He thinks to use his entire powers to not let the Kaal-Chakra attract him. He sees earth coming towards it. I will have to expand my size and cover the face of this Kaal-Chakra. The world will be saved then only. Indra Dev wonders how Hanuman will be able to close the door of this Kaal-Chakra. Hanuman expands his size. Kaal-Chakra can try as much as it tries to but it wont fail me.

Vayu Dev feels bad for Hanuman. Always remember, the one who tries never loses.

Shani Dev is irked to see Hanuman misusing his boons. He warns Hanuman not to do so. Hanuman stands focused on what he wants to do. Earth goes back as Hanuman succeeds in doing what he had planned.

Life on earth is back to normal. Kesari says things are chaning for good. Hanuman will return soon after setting everything right.

Kaal Dev asks Hanuman to move aside now. Hanuman knows of the consequences of doing so. He refuses to move. Kaal Dev calls it the nature of Kaal-Chakra. You wont be able to stop it. Hanuman wants to follow his mother’s words. The situation can be worse but I wont back off. Kaal Dev explains that no one can cover the mouth of the Kaal-Chakra, not even him. Forgive me son.

Shani Dev is shocked to see planet Saturn getting attracted towards the Kaal Chakra. Hanuman sticks to his plan. He expands his size again. Shani Dev decides to save his planet. Kaal Dev tells him not to go before his planet. The power of Kaal Chakra can anytime pull Hanuman inside it and you too. It is in the zone where it is highly attracted by Kaal-Chakra. You wont be able to save it. Shani Dev replies that he is capable enough to save his planet and himself. I don’t need anyone’s help for the same. I will protect my planet on my own just now. He pulls all his energies together.

The Kaal Chakra is increasing. Hanuman wants to do something. Kaal Dev again asks him to move aside. You will go inside the Kaal Chakra this way. He tells the same to his brother Shani Dev. Hanuman is finally being pulled inside the Kaal Chakra. Everyone is shocked to see this. Kaal Dev tells his brother to move aside. Shani Dev flies up towards his planet so as to save it but in vain. They both end up being pulled inside the Kaal Chakra. Chandra Dev looks sad. Kaal Dev remarks that they both will have to bear the consequences of not listening to me now.

Shani Dev cannot believe that the Kaal Koopa’s, which were made by his eye sight, is eating up him only. I cannot handle myself. Hanuman assesses the power of the Kaal Chakra. Kaal Dev disappears. Chandra Dev is shocked to see the Kaal Chakra turning more powerful. It will bring an untimely destruction on the world.

Narad ji remarks that Shani Dev must realise what happened because of his arrogance. The Kaal Chakra made by your anger took you down only. Those who try to make others lose, end up losing. Vayu Dev says only Kaal Dev can stop this now. We should immediately go and request him to save the world, Hanuman and Shani Dev.

Shani Dev tells Hanuman that neither he nor anyone will be able to save the world from this Kaal Chakra now.

Precap: The Gods request Kaal Dev to do something. Kaal Dev says it is happening because of Hanuman. Hanuman keeps thinking how to save the world.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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