Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rishi Durvasa gets angry. You know that my curse can end everything here! It can put an end on your family lineage! Weather changes. Everyone looks around in shock. He pours water in his hand to curse them when ANjana apologizes to him from Kesari’s behalf. I will make him understand that it is important to agree with you for the betterment of everyone. Anjana talks to Kesari alone. He does not wish to leave Hanuman with Rishi Durvasa as he can curse Hanuman in anger. I wont be able to see him in pain. Hanuman assures him that he will try so hard so that no harm can come to him. Anjana says even I was hesitant about it but his curses have always done well for the world. He talks about the Swarg incident but she speaks of Amrit Manthan which happened right after Rishi Durvasa’s

curse. Gods became immortal. Dharma was stabilised all the more. Hanuman says I will assist Rishi Durvasa in his work. Anjana has faith in Hanuman. He wont give any chance to Rishi Durvasa to curse him. Kesari has a doubt but Anjana points out that he will be cursed if he wont do as Rishi Durvasa has asked him to. Your son will also be affected by it. Hanuman asks his father to bless him. I will succeed in this situation as well. Kesari tells Rishi Durvasa he got distracted because of his love for his son. My son will serve you. Hanuman says the same. Atibal peeks from far. Rishi Durvasa says I and my disciples will stay here for some time. You have to look after our every need. Make sure you make no mistake. Hanuman agrees. Rishi Durvasa says I am going for evening prayers. Make preps for our lunch Hanuman. It should be pure and veg. Hanuman nods.

Anjana looks after the preps. Kesari says Hanuman is doing everything at the utmost speed. Hanuman grinds wheat. His friends help him lift the big plate till the kitchen.

Rishi Durvasa is praying.

Hanuman and his friends are busy cutting veggies and making food. Every single person is helping them. Hanuman kneads the flour too.

Rishi Durvasa and his disciples do puja.

Anjana keeps Prasad for Mahadev in a separate plate and covers it. Daasi says Rishi Durvasa is headed back towards the palace now. Hanuman comes as well to tell them that everything is ready. Anjana smiles in relief. He shows them the preps. A servant informs that Rishi Durvasa is here along with his disciples. Kesari asks Hanuman and Anjana to come. Hanuman wants to make place for Rishi Durvasa first. His friends accompany him. The ladies go to do something as well. Atibal appears there. He is about to taste the food when someone slaps him. He looks around in shock but then recalls that it is the same slap from Vali which was meant to remind him always not to make any mistake even by mistake. I should do my work asap. Maharaj Vali wont spare me otherwise.

Hanuman, his friends and Kesari greet Rishi Durvasa and his disciples at the door. Hanuman politely asks Rishi Durvasa to have a seat. I will just bring food. Rishi Durvasa asks him why isn’t seating arrangement made for his disciples. Why so much delay? Hanuman says I will prepare everything right away. He runs in speed to do the same.

Atibal mixes something in food.

Hanuman arranges for mats for everyone in lightning speed and gives food to everyone. Rishi Durvasa is surprised by his speed and energy. He is different!

Atibal’s work is done. Now Rishi Durvasa will get angry and end up punishing Hanuman. Maharaj Vali will get happy with me.

Nani shouts in disbelief. How is it possible! Everything is ruined. Anjana and Marjarika join her. They are shocked to see the food all polluted. Anjana is shocked. How will I save my son from Rishi Durvasa now? Rishi Durvasa will curse Hanuman if he wont get food.

Hanuman apologizes to Rishi Durvasa for the delay. Sit down with all your disciples now. Rishi Durvasa says we do all the work as per time. It is getting late. Bring food. Hanuman goes to kitchen to bring food for everyone. He is also shocked seeing the food all dirty and polluted.

Rishi Durvasa is getting impatient. I warned Hanuman earlier itself that I don’t wait for food. Tell him to hurry up. Kesari signals his commander who goes inside to inform Hanuman.

Hanuman says how it can be. What will I do now!

Gods look tensed as well. Narad ji remarks that this food cannot be served to Rishi Durvasa. Plus he also wont wait anymore for food. Rishi Durvasa might get angry and curse Hanuman. What will happen now?

Commander informs Hanuman that Rishi Durvasa is losing his cool. He is also shocked seeing the food. What will we give to Rishi Durvasa and his disciples? His anger will take shape of a curse if he does not get food right away. Anjana prays to God to protect her son from Rishi Durvasa’s anger. Hanuman says why are so you tensed. You only have taught me that God helps those who calm even in extreme situation. I am sure He will listen to us. He prays to Bhole Baba and Mata Parvati to show him some way to manage this situation.

Mahadev says it is a good deed to make someone eat food. If someone wishes to do it with a pure heart then Devi Annapurna surely blesses that person. He looks at Mata Parvati.

In Sumeru, everyone stands there with closed eyes and folded hands. Devi Annapurna appears there. Hanuman opens his eyes just in time to see her. She smiles at him. He is mesmerised seeing her and recognizes her to be Devi Annapurna.

Precap: Devi Annapurna changes form. I have got to know that Rishi Durvasa and his disciples will have food here. Anjana laments that they have nothing to give to them. Hanumam shares that everything is polluted.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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