Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The person, Sumantra, (who has brought the news about Shri Rama’s birth) is surprised. You said your son was born a few days ago. This kid looks a lot older than that. Kesari explains that their son is blessed by Lord Shiva. He is quite different. Hanuman comes and stands before Sumantra ji. He utters Ram.

Rukmini says Rama is another name for our Swami. It is very much alive in all the living / non-living things in this world. Shri Krishna smiles. Gurudev Vashisht has done the best thing by giving me this name. Bhole Baba has called this name Tarak Mantra. This name is the best and the easiest way to get me, especially in Kalyug. Hanuman lost himself in this name while Vali got busy in thinking about the Markat all the time.

Vali is doing exercise. He is thinking of

Hanuman’s extra powers. How did he get it? Sugriv talks about how easily that kid (Hanuman) was throwing one heavy Gada in the air. He changes his statement a little when his brother glares at him. Sugriv suggests his brother to make another plan. You are Kishkindha’s Prince. It is my responsibility to keep any sort of danger away from you. Vali is irked that he is thinking that his great brother’s life is in risk because of that Markat. Vali makes it clear to him that he is better than him in every sense. I know that I should never consider anyone less. We will have to analyze that Markat’s capabilities and then only can we attack him. Sugriv is pleased that in the end, his brother did what he was actually trying to tell him to. You too will be smitten by his smile when we get to know Kanchnaad (Hanuman) more. your heart too will melt down.

At night, Anjana sings a lullaby to put Hanuman to sleep. Kesari stands by the window all this while. Anjana joins him. he is tensed thinking about their son. should I call him different or strange? Anjana too is amazed that their son is merely a few days old but he is around 5 year old now. She asks him about Maharaj Dashrath’s kids. What were their names? Kesari thinks and then starts from the youngest kid. Hanuman shifts in his bed as he hears Ram. A big smile spreads appears on his face. Anjana loves all the names. She finds Rama very peaceful. Kesari agrees with her. They too decide to keep a similar name for their son. Kesari shares that as per their family’s tradition the son chooses his name on its own. Hanuman chants Rama in his sleep. Anjana and Kesari can hear someone chanting Rama. They look around and finally realise that it is coming from their room only, from their son Hanuman. Anjana leans closer. It is actually coming from inside him (his heartbeats). His lips are not moving. Anjana and Kesari look on.

Next morning, Kesari is sitting beside Hanuman as he sleeps. He knows that their son is extra blessed by Lord Shiva. What’s the connection with this Rama Naam? Hanuman once again smiles hearing Rama. Kesari points out at the same. Anjana too smiles seeing their smiling. I too am surprised by his new antics daily. His birth has happened certainly for some bigger reason. only God can understand their own plans. Kesari agrees. The couple goes to do puja.

Anjana and Kesari do puja. Anjana sings a bhajan for Lord Shiva. Hanuman wakes up. He is happily going somewhere when Dai Ma stops him. he runs faster. He comes to where Anjana is praying. Dai Ma stops him from interrupting in the puja. Anjana finishes her puja. She doesn’t even turn back and tells Dai Ma to let her son come to her. Dai Ma is surprised. Anjana reasons that a mother knows everything. Hanuman watches Anjana offering jal to Shivlinga. He too tries to do so but she says one must take bath before doing puja. We should be properly clean, wear fresh clothes and have a pure heart to pray to the Lord. Hanuman eyes the pot in his hand sadly. Kesari vouches for him to life his mood. A kid’s heart is always pure. Anjana resumes her puja. Hanuman thinks of an idea. He pours that water over himself. He announces that he had a bath. His parents look at him in surprise. Hanuman takes the pot back from his mother so he can do Jal-Abhishek.Hanuman does Shivlinga’s Jal-Abhishek. The water pours from over Lord Shiva’s head in Kailash. He sits there with a smile on his face.

Precap: Ma Parvati comes once again to the palace in disguise with her Gauri’s cow. Anjana asks her about her son’s connection with Rama. Ma Parvati shares that her son has taken birth to help Vishnu’s Avatar Rama. The entire world will be amazed and besotted by his acts.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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