Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vali enters Shambsadan forest. He talks to Vrikshasur. Mahantam Vali has lived by his word. It is your turn now. You should not miss out on your prey now. Vrikshasur assures him that he will fulfil his promise. Vali hangs the anga-vastra on a tree which is on the other side of the cave.

Nal advises Maruti to be a little careful. Maruti nods. The other two kids wonder if Maruti and Neel will be fine after the competition as well. It is a little tough.

Shri Krishna shares that Vali had thought a lot over this plot. Innocent little Maruti could not understand his cunningness.

Vali returns to the other side of the forest. The kids cheer for both Maruti and Neel. Vali stops them. It is time to start the competition. Maruti says I am ready. The kids aren’t too sure about

either of the candidates as the cave is real big. Maruti and Neel take their place. The competition starts. Neel picks up a big stone and then throws it high in the air. The kids are amazed. That was nice. It is Maruti’s turn next. His stone flies really high in the sky. Everyone looks on awestruck. Nal and another kid jump with joy. Neel picks up a heavy boulder this time. Gandhmadan cheers for him. Kids are happy to see the stone flying. Maruti looks at the stone. He gets an idea. He decides to pick a heavier one instead. The first boulder was little light. I dint enjoy throwing it. Can I pick this one? Vali doesn’t mind. Maruti picks up the bigger one and pushes it up. The boulder disappears in the sky. Everyone looks on in amazement / shock. Nal jokes that if he had any idea that the stone will go so high then he would have sat on it and went to see the world. The kids laugh. Vali is tensed and keeps looking at the sky. He tells the kids to continue removing the stones / boulders. Maruti gets into action. He starts picking and throwing all the stones towards the sky. They all eventually disappear. The others look on open mouthed. Neel too stands back and watch. The ground is clean now. Maruti heads towards the stone outside the cave. He runs there with all the other kids following him.

Vrikshasur says come to me fast. Remove that stone and become my prey.

Nal stops Maruti. Neel will try first. Vrikshasur is getting impatient. Do it fast. I cannot wait anymore. Neel tries to move that big boulder.

Anjana looks down towards the school but it’s all quiet. Kesari joins her. She shares that there is no one in the garden. Why is it so quiet if Maruti and his friends were supposed to be there? He can understand her concern for Maruti. The palace becomes so quiet when he isn’t home. Let us go to competition and cheer for our son. Anjana gladly accepts it.

Maruti wants to help Neel but Nal stops him. No one can help their opponent in a competition. It is against the rules of the competition. Maruti wants to seek Vali’s permission to help his friend. Nal stops him. The other kid too tells him against it. You have already helped Neel by removing all the boulders. Vali thinks that only this Mayavi Markat can move this boulder other than him. Once he does so, he will become Vrikhsasur’s meal!

Anjana and Kesari come to the school / garden area. They meet Guru ji who tells them that today is an off in the school because of Amavasya. The couple is shocked. Which competition was Maruti talking about then? And where is it? Anjana calls out for Maruti but she cannot see him anywhere. Kesari and Guru ji start looking for the kids.

Vali cannot waste time in letting Neel continue to try like this. It will get late to send Maruti to the other side then. He encourages Neel to try a little harder. You can do it. Show your friends that you are the strongest. Vali is banging his hand on the earth. Neel lets go of the stone and it falls almost on Vali’s hand. Vali kind of screams out in pain.

Precap: Anjana is tensed as Maruti dint even put Anjan today. I ignored the sign (of the glass breaking). Kesari gets ready to go to the forest. Nal yet again stops Maruti from helping Mahantam Vali. He wont like it. Vali looks at them. Anjana and Kesari hear Vrikshasur shouting in the forest. Maruti is near the anga-vastra.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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