Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with lord Shankar smiling. Hanuman there is doing Pooja of lord shankars shivling in hell. Hanuman sings bhole har har namah shivay. Durdhubi smiles and tells mahadev let hanumsn aarti be complete and no disturbance be created. Makardwaj is smiling. There mahiravana says before hanumans prayer is complete I will go there silently and take that ram and laxman and sacrifice them. Mahiravana digs through the earth and is going from earth to the Pooja ghar. Hanuman says the prayer and lord Shankar is impressed and his shivling shines, Shankar comes in front of hanuman. Hanuman says pranama baba. Lord Shankar says hanuman I am impressed by your sweet song and I grant you the power to penetrate mahiravanas shield and save your lord and laxman. Hanuman gets the power and

says pranam.
There mahiravana comes in the Pooja ghar and he takes the water and looks at ram and laxman. There the flower amritkamal is shining. He goes and stands In front of maha maya’s statue and says great goddess I will sacrifice ram and laxman. Mahiravana says even though hanumans prayer is complete no one can stop me now and I will sacrifice ram and laxman. Mahiravana takes the water and sprinkles on mata’s statue and then takes his weapon and says I will not waste much time in killing these 2. There hanuman is running towards the temple and says I have to reach there in time. Mahiravana there says that I can not kill ram and laxman when they are unconscious and I have to free them from my bands and remove the shield. Mahiravana removes band and shield. Ram and laxman wake up. Hanuman is running, laxman says where are we? Mahiravana laughs and says I am the son of mahalankesh ravana and I am mahiravana and you are in hell in the midst of the temple of maha maya. Laxman says how dare you bring us here? Ram smiles and stops laxman. Mahiravana says don’t dare to show anger in the temple of goddess and it is not right. Ram looks at the statue of the goddess and the centre point of the head shines. Ram says its not a problem now as the statue of the goddess is not there. Mahiravana looks behind, statue disappears and hanuman appears. Mahiravana is shocked. Mahiravana then turns big and says you cant do anything to me. Hanuman turns big too and is shining and behind him there are many hands of gods with weapons and heads of other gods. Hanuman then comes ahead and stands. Mahiravana attacks, hanuman dodges and hanuman hits him with gadha at the back, mahiravana falls down at feet of ram and laxman. Hanuman then beats mahiravana, mahiravana says you can not kill me so easily. Hanuman looks at the amritkamal and goes towards it, mahiravana is shocked and thinks so he knows about the amritkamal. Hanuman steps on the flower and crushes it and is pressing it continuously. Mahiravana is in pain, durdhubi comes. Mahiravana says so you told him about the fower and I should have killed you before. Durdhubi says yes I told hanuman and in flashback, when durdhubi was tied to the pillar by mahiravanas spell, as hanuman was passing he sees her and breaks the pillar itself and durdhubi is freed. Durdhubi tells hanuman that he has to crush the aamritkamal so that mahiravana dies as mahiravanas life is protected inside the flower. Mahiravana says I will not leave you. Hanuman crushes the flower and then puts his leg on mahiravana and is pressing on mahiravana, mahiravanas face becomes red and he bursts and dies. There in ravanas palace mahiravanas diyas fire vanishes. In ravanas palace the ceiling breaks, ravana and his wife get up. Wife says what is this? And has our son mahiravana died too? Ravana shouts that’s impossible, he goes to see the diya.
In hell hanuman goes back small by saying jai shree ram. Hanuman goes at feet of ram and laxman and says pranam lord ram and brother laxman. Durdhubi smiles. Hanuman says that mata may you can come back to your position. Maha maya comes and hanuman says pranam mata and says thank you for your blessings and without you I could not defeat mahiravana. Mata maya says no hanuman I tahnk you as you defeated that devil and I was saved from giving him another power which could make him equal to lord brahma and you saved ram and laxman from being sacrificed. Lord ram and laxman say pranam mata. Mata gives blessings and turns into statue again. Hanuman says sorry to lord ram and says I could not stop mahiravana from taking you to hell. Lord ram says don’t say sorry and mahiravana was cunning. Hanuman gets up.
There ravana and mandodari see the diya and mandodari says because of you my last son is dead too and everyone has died because of you only because you wanted sita. Ravana says shut up mandodari and I am still alive and nothing will happen and I have been given power by lord brahma and lord Shankar and no one can defeat me.

Precap: ravana tells his advisor that I will pray to the devi kali and take blessings and then see no one will be able to kill me. Hanuman is bring ram and laxman back.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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