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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman says you both came to Surya Loka to trouble a Ma only. You are going to make the same mistake today. You are troubling my Ma. I wont spare you both today. They say this is Pataal’s mayavi Loka. No one can hurt us here. We can only be defeated by out mayavi weapons. Hanuman’s friends tell him to be careful. The Asuras threaten to hurt Hanuman’s friends and mother. Hanuman thinks to use a weapon of Pataal LOka only, to defeat them. He asks his mother to pass the mace to him which is lying before her. She wonders how to tell him she has lost her vision. Patalika asks her sons to finish Hanuman. Hanuman yet again requests his mother to pass the mace to him. His friend tells him about Anjana keeping Animesh fast for him. She lost her eyesight. Hanuman is hurt. My mother lost

her vision because of me. A tear falls down. He screams Ma. His scream echoes around all the Lokas. The earth shakes as Hanuman continues to scream Ma. Hanuman starts beating the Asuras.

The horses arrive in Varun Loka. Narad ji and Varun Dev tell him to get on his chariot asap. Surya Dev points out that as soon as he steps on the chariot, it will be morning. It will be the last day of Hanuman’s training. I should leave for Surya Loka right away.

Patalika attacks Hanuman but he moves aside. All her attempts to hurt him fail. He thinks Narad ji was right. This Loka is very mayavi. Patalika decides to attack on Anjana instead. This vanar will die if anything happens to her. She challenges Hanuman. I will see how you save your mother now! She attacks Anjana but Hanuman steps in between. No one can attack my mother till I am here. Every attack will have to hit me. He stands rooted to his ground as Patalika continues to hurt him. Anjana tells Hanuman to move aside. These are very powerful attacks. Lightning strikes. The world is disturbed. Hanuman notices the mace lying near him. Patalika shoots powerful energies towards Hanuman. He immediately picks up the mace to ward it off. The energies head back towards her because of which she dies! The kids happily cheer for Hanuman.

Anjana and Hanuman walk towards each other. She happily hugs him. He says why you lost your eyesight for me. She says a mother’s eyes are her kids. You are perfectly alright. I don’t want anything. Don’t worry about me. Go back and resume your education. Only one day is left for it.

In the Surya Loka, Surya Dev steps on his chariot. The world resumes to normal. Ravan cannot believe it! He angrily throws the plate his mother was holding.

Hanuman says I will not go anywhere leaving you. All my education, my knowledge is useless without you. I cannot leave you in this condition. Varun Dev appears there. Everyone greets him. Varun Dev shares that the sun has risen because of his hard work. You should head back to resume your education. You only have today left. Anjana too says the same. Hanuman refuses to leave her alone. My Puth-dharma is above everything. I will not go anywhere till you get your vision back. Varun Dev reasons that Guru and mother are treated equally. They are treated just like God. Similarly, doing anything for your Guru is equivalent to doing it for God. Hanuman cannot leave his mother alone. Anjana says it is important for the welfare of the world. What if I cannot see! You were and you still are my eyes. Varun Dev has a solution. You can help your mother get her eyesight back, but only if you hurry up. Only Suryakaant Mani can return the eyesight that one loses because of ANimesh vrat. Your mother’s vision will return then. Hanuman thanks him for the idea. Where can I find it? I will go and get it. Varun Dev reminds him he will have to be really quick. It is very difficult to get it. You can only find it on Tri-Vikram Mountain. Hanuman bids them goodbye.

Anjana says I will not forgive myself if Hanuamn’s education remains incomplete because of me. Varun Dev knows Hanuman wont return o Surya Loka without bringing her eyesight back. Pray that he succeeds and is back to Surya Loka on time.

Hanuman can see Tri-Vikram Mountain. I will have to go fast and get that Mani. He hears someone asking him to stop. He looks around but cannot see anyone. A mountain steps before him. I am Tri Vikram Mountain. If you try to venture ahead then my other flying mountains will break you. Hanuman politely greets him after giving his intro. I request you to allow me to go there to get the Suryakant Mani. I have to give my mother her eyesight back. I have very less time. He says the touch of that Mani can even burn you. Hanuman does not mind it. The mountain asks him how he will take it even if he gets it. Hanuman says I will keep it in my fist. The mountain says you have to keep it carefully in your palm. It will fall or disappear if you aren’t focused enough. Hanuman assures him he will take it carefully. The mountain agrees to guide him. if you succeed in crossing the moving mountains then I wont stop you. Hanuman accepts his challenge. He flies ahead.

Precap: Hanuman realises that the Mani’s heat is too high. It is very difficult to pick it up. Hanuman tries to pick one.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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