Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman saying devi I am at fault and curse me. Mandodari starts crying and looks at ground and she does pranam to lord ram and says hanuman was true and my emotion of revenge made me see nothing and I came to curse the path of righteousness and I am sorry shree ram. Mandodari says everyone has to pay for their sins and ravana had to. Mandodari says hanuman opened my eyes at the right time, mandodari says sorry to hanuman and lord ram. Mandodari’s father is shocked to see this. He says even though mandodari forgave them, I will take revenge from them.
Mandodari then looks at ravana’s body and cries and then she goes and falls at his body. Mandodari says my lord you are dead today and the person from whom even lord indra was scared and the universe

was scared and the great knowledgeable ravana, is dead. Everyone is sad to see mandodari’s state. Vibhishan says I am guilty that I couldn’t bring brother ravana to the right path and he died. Lord ram says vibhishan the whole universe was knew about the knowledgeable ravana and his great intelligence so making yourself guilty like this is not good for what he is known, so don’t feel guilty and what had to happen was for the good of everyone. I even understand the sorrow devi mandodari is going through but you have to come up from your sorrow and now lead lanka to the right path. Lord ram says I promised vibhishan that I would make him the king of lanka but your decision will be above everything devi. Vibhishan says lanka belongs to devi mandodari and she will be the decision maker always.
There mandodaris father says I will take revenge for the death of ravana and a more greater warrior will take the revenge, it is ajay shadanand ravana who will take the revenge. I will bring him to earth.
Devi sita is in ashok vatika and she says I am eager to meet my lord and when will he come to take me? There lord ram is looking at the wall of lanka and sees golden shine coming out. Lord ram says I know sita this is the shine coming from you. hanuman comes and says lord ram, everyone including me is waiting for you to take sita from lanka and when will you go? Lord ram says now is still not the time for this hanuman. Hanuman says why lord? And now even ravana has been defeated. Suddenly lord Vishnu appears and only lord ram can see him, he says ram your wish to take your wife sita is good but you have to do some pending tasks too as you will be the king of ayodhya when you return to ayodhya. Lord Vishnu goes. Lord ram then says hanuman I have some pending tasks like making vibhishan king and some work that I have to do. Hanuman says then I will start the process to make vibhishan the king of lanka so that you take devi sita soon. Hanuman goes. Lord ram looks at the wall in remembering devi sita and he smiles.
There ravana’s body if brought to the funeral pyre and everyone comes from behind. Everyone is sad. The body is kept on the pyre. Vibhishan takes the burning wood and he puts the effigy on fire. Mandodari screams loudly no!! and falls to the ground and cries as ravana’s body is burnt.
There lord ram is standing at the rock and remembering devi sita. Devi sita has tears in her eyes.
In lanka everyone is ready and vibhishan is crowned the king by lord ram as may rishi’s perform the ritual and say mantras. Hanuman then does pranam to vibhishan on being the new king of lanka. Vibhishan promises that he will lead lanka to the right path and not iniquity.

Precap: mandodari’s father says dasahanand ravana come down and you have to take the revenge for ravana’s death. Dashanand ravana is awaken and fiery heads and dashanand ravana comes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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