Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Recap: Hanuman is successful in reviving his father.

Devguru Brihaspati tells Hanuman that he has to meet someone. Time will tell. Kesari is incomplete without his state. He renounced his position to do Lokantaran. He will become a king once again after doing a yagya.

The yagya happens. Everyone cheers for Maharaj Kesari. Hanuman gives the crown to his father. Devguru calls it wrong. The one who is supposed to do something should only be doing it. ANjana agrees with him. You can do the work if the said person himself tells you to take over. Kesari wears his crown once again from Rishi’s hands. Everyone cheers for their Maharaj. Later, Devguru tells Kesari that he is a king once again. He holds the responsibility of Sumeru. Kesari is worried for Hanuman. Who will his

Guru be? Devguru reasons that parents are the first Guru of any kid. Hanuman needs guidance so he does not repeat the same mistake again. Hanuman apologizes for it. I will have to check his kundli to find out when he will start his education. Anjana goes to bring Hanuman’s kundli. Atibal thinks of informing Lankesh.

Devguru checks Hanuman’s kundli. There is something worrisome. Hanuman needs a Guru right away. There is a possibility of getting a Guru by tomorrow evening only. If it does not happen then he might never get a Guru. Anjana and Kesari get concerned. Devguru suggests them to find the suitable Guru for Hanuman. It is really difficult to find one! Devguru takes their leave. Anjana and Kesari ponder over the matter. Narad ji appears there. He suggests going to Matang Rishi. Kesari likes the suggestion. We will head towards his Ashram tomorrow morning itself. There will be no more delay in Hanuman’s education then. Narad ji leaves.

Next morning, Hanuman comes to Matang Rishi’s Ashram along with his parents. They request him to accept Hanuman as his disciple. Matang Rishi gladly accepts it. it is proud thing to have a disciple like Hanuman. Matang Rishi asks Hanuman to take a vow before becoming his disciple. Hanuman does as he is told. Hanuman is asked to put forward his hands for the same. Shree Ram’s feet get reflected in his hands. Matang Rishi is overwhelmed to see it. How can I become the Guru of God itself? He immediately gets up and greets Hanuman. He sings a mantra. Kesari and Anjana are confused to see him in tears. What happened? Matang Rishi tells them that he cannot become Hanuman’s Guru. You will have to look for another one. Pardon me, I don’t deserve it. Kesari wants to know what the problem is. Matang Rishi thinks of seeing the feet of Shree Ram in Hanuman’s hands. He does not share it with them. A guru is predecided for everyone. You will have to find that particular Guru for Hanuman only. Anjana points out that they need a Guru by today evening itself. This is bothering Kesari as well. Strong wind starts blowing. A scripture is about to fall down because of the wind. Hanuman rushes to pick it. A strong golden light appears around them as soon as Hanuman touches it. He puts it back safely. He says a mantra. Matang Rishi is amazed. Disciples spend years to remember / understand it. Hanuman learned it only after touching it. Only an extraordinary Guru can be the Guru of such an extraordinary disciple. Matang Rishi suggests Maharishi Shringi’s name. He is on a higher pedestal than me. He is best suited for Hanuman. Hanuman decides to request Maharishi Shringi. I will request him to accept me as his disciple. Where will I find him? Matang Rishi explains him where he should head to. Hanuman politely greets him before leaving from there.

Anjana is concerned. How will you find Guru alone? Narad ji appears there. Everyone greets him. Narad ji blesses them all. He advises Anjana to let Hanuman go. Disciple has to work hard to find his Guru. He reminds Hanuman that he is time bound. You have to find him before sunset. He should willingly accept you as his disciple.

Mata Parvati is worried thinking that Maharishi Shringi’s tapasya might be disturbed this way. What if he curses Hanuman?

Precap: Hanuman meets a lady. He asks her about Maharishi Shringi. She guides him as to where Maharishi is. Hanuman flies away before she could tell him about Maharishi’s tapasya. What if he curses Hanuman?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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