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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kaal Dev raises his foot above Hanuman who tightens his fist in anger. All Gods look tensed. Kesari shouts Hanuman. Hanuman keeps his hand under Kaal Dev’s feet and lifts it high. Kaal Dev gets angry. You wont be able to save yourself now. Hanuman expands his size. Kaal Dev comes to his normal avatar and ends up standing on Hanuman’s palm. What do you think Hanuman? Will I get scared of your giant avatar? I am Kaal. You have no idea about my powers. I will kill you now using my Amogh powers. He summons his powers. Nature gets affected.

Shani dev is tensed. Kaal Dev’s act can bring dire consequences. I will have to stop him.

Chitragupta ji asks Kaal Dev to stop. You cannot use this power. Lord Shiva’s boon will be disrespected this way. Kaal Dev angrily says Hanuman.

No power of this world will be able to save you from my Amogh weapon now. Shani Dev calls out for him just then. Hanuman is Chiranjeevi. Using this on him is against the rules. Hanuman recalls Mahadev blessing him to be Chiranjeevi. Shani Dev says you (Kaal Dev) have already broken a rule by killing Kesari untimely. Don’t add up to your mistakes now. Kaal Dev says none of Hanuman’s boons will be able to save him. Both Hanuman and Kaal Dev angrily take each other’s names. Hanuman says bright light makes one blind. Your case is similar. You too think you are above everyone else. You are disrespecting Mahadev’s boon. It means disrespecting Mahadev himself. I will have to punish you now. All Gods get tensed. Hanuman turns into Rudra avatar. Kaal Dev says you can do anything but you wont be able to save yourself now. Hanuman says there is only one way to stop you now – to punish you! Hanuman opens his mouth. Kaal Dev requests him not to swallow him but in vain. Hanuman puts him inside his mouth. Shani Dev and Chitragupta ji look on. The act affects Nature.

Asuras happily add wood on the pyre. Vashkali tells them to be quick. His nephew (Vashkal Raj) says the time, we have been waiting for, has finally come. Vashkali says now your father and my brother’s soul will be at peace. We will take revenge from their behalf today. Neither Hanuman nor anyone else will be able to do anything once we set fire to the pyre. They hear the commotion of Har Har Mahadev. They see Sugriv and all the men climbing up the mountain. Vashkali tells them to go back. You wont be able to climb up easily. Anjana’s father challenges them. The Asuras throw stones at them. Anjana calls out for her father and others to be careful. One soldier fall down because of the same. Vashkali warns Kunjar that no one will be saved next time. You will also break down like the stones. Anjana looks shocked.

Kaal Dev shouts at Hanuman to free him. Indra Dev and all the Gods stand before Hanuman with folded hands asking him to stop. Shani Dev too asks him not to do so. Kaal Dev became arrogant and made a mistake. I know that Hanuman can never be arrogant. Free Kaal Dev. As per Brahma ji, his life is still left. Brahma ji tells Hanuman to calm down. Kaal Dev broke rules to satisfy his ego. He did injustice by killing Kesari before time but you are not unjust. If Kaal Dev isn’t freed then the system will be out of order. How can you be unjust to Nature? Hanuman still looks angry. Kaal Dev realises his mistake. Power and position takes away one’s patience. I was so proud of myself for always following rules but I only broke them? Brahma Dev asks Hanuman to free Kaal Dev. This only is good for the world. Don’t end Kaal. You have to become Kaal-jayi. You have been born to help Gods. Indra Dev seconds Brahma Dev. Listen to our requests. Chitragupta ji, Narad ji also ask him to think about the world. Mahadev looks at Ma Parvati.

Anjana asks Vashkali to stop his misdeed. If you hurt Hanuman’s father then he wont spare you at all. You might hide in Pataal or anywhere then but he will find you. Vashkali says he wont be able to do anything. Killing Kesari would be like killing Hanuman. He will break down after Kesari’s death. I will take my revenge then. No one wont be able to stop us then. The Asuras look at the vanar’s coming up.

The Gods request Brahma Dev to do something. Hanuman might swallow Kaal Dev completely otherwise. Brahma Dev says Rudra Hanuman has taken avatar of Kaleshwar. Now only Mahadev can make him understand. He telepathically talks to Mahadev. Hey Mahadev, you know everything. Hope nothing goes wrong. Only you can calm down Hanuman’s anger now. Mahadev appears there. All Gods greets Mahakaal avatar of Mahadev. Save Kaal Dev.

Anjana warns Vashkali again. Hanuman will definitely come. If anything goes wrong with Maharaj then Hanuman will not spare any of you. The Asuras only laugh at her. That kid?

Hanuman swallows Kaal Dev.

Precap: Mahadev says you freed Kaal Dev even after whatever he did to you. He holds the flag in his hand (kept with Kaal Dev till now). This flag cannot be with you anymore Kaal Dev. This avatar of Hanuman will be known as Mahakal Kaleshwar from now onwards.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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