Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Hanuman enters lanka and wonders where to start from. then he spots trees, remembering jaamvant’s words, that she would be a plain woman, sitting under a tree. but he doesnt get any progress. he decides to be at a place where he can see loads of trees.

Meanwhile, mandodari again tries to warn raavan, but h gets frustrated and says that to put her at ease, he shall have the sacrifice of 1000 white horses, so that the omens can be averted. she is tensed still though.

In kailash, chamunda arrives and meets back into Parvati. shiva eyes her smilingly. Just then Nandi comes and folds his hands in gratitude at them both. he talks about raavan’s sacrifice. she says that raavan is a fool, who doesnt know that sacrifice

of innocent animals, never impressed the lords, and the gods are impressed when the man strips off his materialistic desires and temptations. shiva talks about how raavan may have achieved knowledge and all sorts of information, but he couold never enter his heart with his devout devotion, as it was always with a selfish motive. he says that not everyone is like hanuman, who didnt ask for anything, for his devotion to lord rama. she too comments on how he is thirsty and hungry, but dedicated to fulfilling lord rama’s work. they eye hanuman soaring through the gardens. he continues to search for sita, but finds noone sitting under a tree. he spots some women’s noises from elsewhere too, and proceeds. there he finds demons soaked in alcohol and infidelity. he thinks that he has to be saved from everyone’s eyes, and stealthily search for sita. he keeps being in miniature size, and one of the demons spots him, and places a surahi on him. hanuman struggles to get free. they notice the surahi moving, and all are boggled. hanuman is amused as they eye in amazement when he picks it up in his hand. hanuman totally enjoys their inebriated state. Hanuman eyes the royal palace, and finds the demons fighting over food and other stuff like cats and dogs. Raavan hollers at them and ask if they have gone mad. they all bow down to him. hanuman eyes raavan tensedly, while he is enraged. raavan asks who started this. a lady points to one of the demons, who is totally drunk. hanuman understands that this is Raavan. the demon points to the surahi, in front of which hanuman is standing. the person holding the surahi is petrified, as raavan is asked to put him in the jail. meanwhile hanuman flies away and sits on a pillar. raavan grants him capital punishment. but hanuman is adamant that he wont let the innocent person be killed. raavan meanwhile asks the demons to continue their celebration. they are overjoyed and ecstatic as raavan leaves. Meanwhile, hanuman finds tyhe person being taken away and wonders whether sita has been kept captive there too. hanuman follows the man, to the jail to watch out for himself. hanuman thinks that if raavan has kept sita in such a jail, then noone shall be more heinous in crimes than he himself. the person is dumped in the jail, and hanuman comes there too. he finds many women captive, and quite possibly, sita being one of them. he decides to go and check out. he eyes the ladies, crying out loud and is apalled to see them like this. he says that no one’s eyes contain excitement or hope of lord rama’s arrival, and hence none can be Sita from this lot, which means she isnt here. he is grived to hear their torturous screams of pain. he comes out of the jail, and finds more tales of torture of raavan, on humankind. he decides to come back and free them, after having searched for sita first. he chants lord rama’s name and soars out. he decides to look for all the royal luxurious rooms, behind one of which might be sita, but not to attract attention, he decides to use the secret passage. he roams through the entire lanka. he fails in every room, but doesnt leave hope and continues to search on furthermore. As he soars ahead, and passes one of the rooms of the royal palace, he finds himself being pulled by a sharp wind, that deviates his pathway while he tries to desperately stop the effect. Hanuman wonders what kind of winds are distracting him from his path. he finds that its Kumbhkaran’s breath thats doing so. he wonders how to stop himself from being attracted to his mouth, and then decides to enlarge himself anyhow. the servants talk amongst themselves that they should finish their work, and not disturb kumbhkaran’s sleep at all. hanuman continues getting into his mouth. The screen freezes on his tensed face.


Precap: Hanuman eyes raavan, and thinks that he is the person responsible for kidnapping sita, and that he couldnt save sita once from being kidnapped but today he wont spare such a torturous person at all. he lifts his gada to land a fatal blow.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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