Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana is with Hanuman. I told you against it yet you used your powers. You became a lion! Hanuman apologizes for his mistake. She points out that her mother got hurt on her feet when the glass of milk fell from her hands. It is still paining. Hanuman turns to go but Anjana stops him. He says I did it when I was alone. I had no idea Nani Ma will come just then. She reminds him of her words. With great power come great responsibilities! You cannot just use them for fun. Hanuman promises never to do it again.

Kaikasi is given a grand welcome in Lanka. She thinks of her husband’s words. Kalnemi too appears there. Kaikasi thinks of finding a solution for the problem that her husband spoke of. I will have to find the entire truth behind his words. She heads to Kumbhakaran’s

room instead of meeting Ravan. Ravan is sure she is thinking of something as she always meets him first. Vibhishan greets his brother. Both the brothers go to Kumbhakaran’s room to find out what their mother is up to.

Kaikasi asks a commander to arrange for everything to wake up Kumbhakaran. He replies that everything is done. Ravan touches his mother’s feet. She blesses him. You are the Surya of our lineage. Your name will be known till eternity. Mandodri too greets her. She blesses her dharmagya son Vibhishan. You have taken after your father completely. Always take care of your brother. Ravan asks her why she came here directly. Did you think that I forgot that it is the day when my brother will wake up? Kumbhakaran is fast asleep. He never wakes up on his own. One has to make arrangements for it. I have already done so. She is happy at his concern for his brothers. Last time you were in Himalaya when he woke up. He came running directly to the forest to me to satiate his hunger. He wanted to share something with me. He had found a big secret. He is Mahabali but I saw him all fearful for the first time. He fell asleep before he could tell me anything. I found nothing wrong here but I have been waiting for him to wake up since then. Only a mother knows how her son will wake up so I came here. Atibal appears there and greets everyone. Ravan is irked as he came so late. I sent you so long ago to find out about that vanar kid. Kaikasi is intrigued.

Anjana says I know you want to try or understand your powers but one has to be careful too as anything can go wrong. Hanuman nods.

Atibal has told everything to Ravan by now. He is the same kid who ate Surya. Ravan realises that this is why solar eclipse couldn’t happen that day. Atibal adds that whichever planet came in his way had to change their directions. Kaikasi talks about killing that vanar kid. Maybe your son pointed out at the same. Be alert on time. That kid can become a problem for us in future. We will have to end him. Ravan vows to kill him right away. Kaikasi wants him to analyse Hanuman’s strengths first so they know how they have to attack. Ravan orders Atibal to keep an eye on Hanuman. Gain info on all the powers he has gained. Atibal shares that his mother has told him against using his powers. Kaikasi says he is a small kid. They are excited to show off anything that they get. Instigate him a little and he will showcase everything.

Anjana has pinned two nails at the wall. One white neckpiece each is to be hung on one naol for every good that he does while one red one each on the other nail will be counted for anything wrong that he does. You will be a winner if there are more white neckpieces. We have to see how many you can get!

Ravan seconds his mother. Little kids cannot understand it too well. You (Atibal) can put it to use.

Anjana tells Hanuman to learn to use his powers well. Use them only when it is needed!

Ravan orders Atibal to instigate that vanar kid so they can get to know which all powers he has. I will kill him with my own hands then!

Hanuman agrees to use his powers only when it is needed. I will understand my responsibility too and do good. Am I your good son? She nods. He puts one white neckpiece in one nail. I will get more of these. She says I will be so very proud of this fact. She hugs her son.

Kaikasi is very proud of her son. These Gods can give that kid an amount of powers but you only will kill him.

Devguru Brihaspati is thinking of returning to Indra Loka now as Indra Dev has already apologized to him. Anjana and Hanuman greet Devguru. Anjana’s parents want to keep a yagya to thank Gods for their blessings. All the negativity will be wiped off by this yagya. We can also celebrate this way as we got our son back once again. Kesari and Anjana like the idea. She also wants to declare Hanuman as Yuvraj. Kesari is in thoughts. We will announce him as Yuvraj some other time. Hanuman is still a kid. It will be wrong to hand over such a big responsibility to him. Anjana’s mother says our Hanuman has been blessed with great powers. He has done bigger tasks. He deserves it. Kesari wants to keep Hanuman in check. Devguru adds that a lion becomes a normal animal if we try to hold him back. Hope it doesn’t happen with Hanuman too. Don’t keep him away from his responsibilities or it might end his confidence. Anjana nods. We should encourage him too and make him realise his responsibilities. We have to make him capable to live up to them. Kesari agrees.

Precap: Kumbhakaran is talking to Narad ji. Narad ji tells him that Vishnu Dev has taken birth on earth in human form. He will kill Ravan.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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