Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with everyone cheering for Hanuman. Kesari holds out his hand to stop them. He remarks that today’s day will be etched in the history of Sumeru in gold letters. He gives the credit to Hanuman. He is the one who deserves everyone’s blessings. Hanuman holds his hands and bows down in front of everyone present there. They all bless him. Anjana is worried to realise that it is Purnima today. Panchfann gives his entire life to Hanuman. Panchfann’s mother is also grateful to Hanuman for showing her son the right path. The mother son duo takes leave from Hanuman. Atibal is irked. A lady offers sweets to Hanuman and his friends. Gandmadan reminds Hanuman how he ate all the laddoos once. Everyone breaks into a smile. A daasi distributes the laddoos amongst everyone. Kesari

kneels down next to Hanuman. You are the pride of all the vanar’s. They share a hug. Hanuman next goes and stands with his friends. Anjana watches everyone’s faces. They all look happy.

Atibal stops Panchfann and his mother’s way. You are cheating Ravan. Panchfann’s mother is surprised that he is still talking good about Ravan. His powers had bound us by fear whereas Hanuman’s devotion has freed us from every fear. Panchfann talks about Hanuman who is undefeatable. Atibal retorts that no one can defeat Ravan. He will make Hanuman’s life hell.

Hanuman notices hit mther. Everyone is happy but mother is still upset. He walks up to where she is standing. You are crying? She wipes her tears. Tears are strange. They appear both in the times of pain and happiness. Everyone is so happy and so am I. Hanuman thinks that they are tears of happiness. Kesari joins them. Anjana wants to talk to him but the head of the village comes to call them for dinner. Hanuman is very hungry. Kesari asks Anjana to speak up. Anjana suggests having food first. I will also join you. The head talks about the beautiful Purnima night which has brought so much happiness for Sumeru. Anjana looks at the moon. She notices a chariot coming from there. It seems like Indra Dev’s chariot is coming to take me. Wish this was a dream! I wasn’t compelled to leave everyone! Her appearance changes to that of Punjisthala. She is shocked. A daasi comes to call her when she is back in her previous attire. She looks at the sky puzzled. The chariot has disappeared. Thank you Lord that it was just an illusion. I am still here but I will have to tell Swami now. She heads inside.

Ravan has hanged Atibal above a boiling pot of gold water. I was expecting you to give me good news of Hanuman’s death but you disappointed me. Atibal shares that Panchfann cheated him. He has become a devotee of Hanuman. I was and will always be your devotee. Please let me go. Ravan cuts the rope by which Atibal is hanging. He dips his sword a little in the pot and then throws Atibal away. Atibal seeks his forgiveness. Ravan warns him to bring good news with him next time so he can reward him with gold otherwise I will dip you in gold. Keep an eye on that vanar kid till my next order. Atibal runs away. Ravan angrily hits the pot. Mandodri says gold looks good in a crown or women’s ornaments. Its utility goes away when it becomes dirt. You are on top. But you are troubled because of a little kid. It does not suit you. You will become a sinner if you try to hurt a kid. You are so strong and have so many powers. This is fear only because of which you are sending Asuras behind a kid. You should get over it so the prophecy becomes false. Ravan angrily thinks of Vishnu taking birth on Earth in human form; and of how vanar’s and humans are the only options by which he can be killed. He gets angry. I cannot become that Hari’s devotee. He is my enemy. I will make sure that prophecy never turns out to be true!

Hanuman is enjoying sweets. Nani wants to thank him for saving so many people’s lives. Hanuman points out that he is a kid. Ma says that youngsters should serve / take care of elders. I will take care of you. He lovingly feeds her laddoo. She takes it from him as it is her turn now. He runs away as he is not hungry anymore. Something passes by the window in the sky. Hanuman has sensed the movement. Was there someone? It looks so beautiful outside. Can we all go to the riverside? The kids excitedly join Hanuman. Nani is a little pensive but allows them to go. Be back soon. Hanuman is sure he sensed something outside the window. He leaves with his friends. Anjana’s mother too looks out of the window curiously.

Anjana asks about Kesari from her mother. She gets to know that Kesari is with Rajguru. Anjana breaks down and hugs her mother. I want to become a little kid and stay in your lap. I want to forget everything. Anjana’s mother is surprised to see her thus. Kesari points out that Panchfann’s instance has troubled Anjana. We have to go to Kuldevi’s temple to thank the Lord for saving them. Anjana points out that it is the time for Kuldevi to rest. Kesari says the doors of the temple will not be closed today so early. Today is Purnima. Anjana is shocked. She thinks of Urvashi’s words.

Precap: Anjana tries to tell her truth Kesari in the temple when Indra Dev appears there. He asks Anjana to come with him. It is time for you to return to Swarg. Kesari is taken aback.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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