Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Beside the Ocean
After finishing off one, hanuman proceeds to the next one, but the demon suddenly disappears. vibhishan and sugriva are tensed. the demon appears and says that leave alone killing, he cant even come close. hanuman is tensed as he tries to get a grip on the demon of wind. hanuman somehow manages to save one leader of the army, and then decides to teach him a lesson. but he keeps evading at the speed of wind. vibhishan explains his power in his speed. hanuman thinks that he can captue his shadow, to capture him. hanuman finally grabs hold of him and hits with a gada, and once hit, vibhishan slashes his throat and kills him, causing another blow to meghnad’s warfare. rama and his team rejoice.

narad and other lords are happy. meghnad says that vibhishan wishes to become the king, and hence did this. hanuman tells his army, that they have to work as a team to thwart off every enemy. they split up to each deal with different demons. meghnad thinks that he has to alienate rama and surgiva anyhow, so that agranta can attack. vibhishan keeps informing the leaders about the various capacities of different demons, and ways to overcome it. the leaders of the army begin to overpower one by one. nikumbh’s attacks are also thwarted by nal, as he throws the same spear back at him. nikumbh and nal begin fighting one by one. hanumam catches sight of another one and decides to kill him too. rama thinks that the monkey army is safe in hanuman’s custody. meghnad too decides to take care of hanuman first. he decides to send yagyakoop, thinking that seeing his army in danger, hanuman shall rush to salvage them, and leave the grounds. he beckons the demon. As hanuman is faced with that demon, vibhishan identifies him as yagyakoop, who has the strange power to create supersonic sounds, that stop the heart beat and kills people. the army is apalled as they face his wrath. hanuman says that they shall be in grave trouble if he isnt stopped. as meghnad’s plan, hanuman is distracted. angad decides to fight him. hanuman says that he wont let them be bothered at all. angad somehow tries to fight him, but fails. hanuman thinks that first he has to get the army out of this demon’s range and grasp. with his tail, he starts placing them in units. yagyakoop thinks that hanuman shall be ruined if he comes close too. hanuman tries to understand how to defeat him. finally, hanuman gives him a blow. he is taken aback, but then again focusses on the army first. hanuman comes in range yet again, but isnt affected, and he claims that he and his devotion wont let him get ahead. he takes the demon by the feet and throws him away. he guffaws that now his powers wont touch the army at all. meanwhile, the other leaders team up, to handle the demon who has electric powers. he continues to show his wrath on the army, who are distraught. finally the leaders overpower him, by their team effort. yagyakoop again comes in contact with the army, and then tells hanuman that he may not be affected, but his army wont be apared. hanuman is apalled to see his team in pain. hanuman thinks that to render his powers effectless, he has to take this demon far away from the army. hanuman takes him by the foot, and the demon struggles but in vain. the army recovers back. hanuman meanwhile lands straight into Pataal lok with him. Yagyakoop is shocked to find himself there, but says thaty he is an idiot to bring him here, as here his powers are strengthened, but again they are ineffective on hanuman. the demon declares that he is immortal not can be held captive, while hanuman says that he deserves to be here only. the demon resonates loudly, and the walls of the mountains start crumbling and he is encaptured inside, while hanuman gets apart. the demon meanwhile says that he shall be back soon, coming out of this trap. hanuman remembers vibhishan’s advise and thinks that he has to stop this demon too.

MEanwhile, meghnad guffaws that while yagyakoop finishes off hanuman and angad, agranta shall perform the duty assigned to them properly. both the demons are in disguise in the monkey army, while rama, laxman and surgiva are oblivious to it. suddenly laxman points an arrow and catches one of them, asking him to identify who is it. the other one of them decides to stay silent lest he be caught too. When he sees the demon, Vibhishan says that he isnt a monkey but a demon. they get alert. finally the demon takes his grand avatar, while all eye him tensedly. laxman throws an arrow, deciding to end him. the demon meanwhile starts throwing out poisonous chemicals, while they are all tensed. hanuman meanwhile flies past them and straight into lanka, while all wonder why is he turning towards lanka. the demon claims that he shall end this war right now. The screen freezes on the warfront.


Precap: Agranta too appears, while meghnad claims that now his use of this demon shall be successful, when agranta shall cause an explosion, and destroy everyone., hanuman thinks that this demon seems like a mobile volcano, who will explode any minute, if its even touched or attacked at, and shall spoil all lives, in contact. he decides to stop it by some other way.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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