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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shani Dev tells Hanuman that he is protecting Chandra Dev. How will you protect his helpers? You will see me destroying them with your own eyes! Chandra Dev requests him not to do so but Shani Dev attacks at Chandra Dev’s helping planets (Vritt & RItt). Hanuman flies to save them. Shani Dev laughs. Where did your speed go now? Chnadra Dev will not be able to rise in the sky now. Hanuman does not let the pieces of planet Vritt fall apart. He joins them together. He flies towards planet Ritt and does the same thing. Shani Dev attacks planet Vritt again. This time, Hanuman moves the planet aside in time. As a result, many meteors blast. Shani Dev is angry. I will see how you save anyone now! He closes his eyes. Chandra Dev thinks Shani Dev has gone blind in his anger. He calls out

after Hanuman. Shani Dev is bringing all his energies together. it will be impossible to save anyone from it! Shani Dev attacks on planet RItt. Hanuman flies to ward it off. Chandr Dev tells him against it as it is extremely powerful. Indra Dev is worried for Hanuman. Hope he falls in no problem. Hanuman succeeds in saving

Devguru remarks that Shani Dev has become Kal-Dut by his acts. Hope no hindrance comes in Kal-Dev’s way.

Chitragupta ji greets Kaal-Dev. Kal Dev notices him looking worried. Chitragupta tells him about the fight between Shani Dev and Chandra Dev. The effects are forming the Kaal-koopa. If they join together and turn into an untimely circle then the world will be destroyed.

Shani Dev decides to test Hanuman’s speed.

Nani and Marjarika are worried for ANjana. Kesari says nothing will happen to her. I brought Chandra Jal. He gives it to Matang Rishi. MAtang Rishi says it will give strength to Anjana till tonight only. If the moon does not rise tonight then it will be difficult for her to survive. Only the completion of the fast can save her life. It is very important for her to see Chandra Dev. Kesari has faith in Hanuman. He must be trying hard.

Wings appear behind Shani Dev. The weather takes a turn for the extreme as Shani Dev does something. Many bats appear out of him. The Kaal-koopa is also right next. Hanuman and Chandra Dev look on worriedly. The wings disappear. Shani Dev orders his Kaal-Sena to attack on Hanuman. They surround Hanuman.

Narad ji is worried. In his anger, Shani Dev cannot even see that he has made the Kaal-Koopa at the wrong time.

Kaal-Dev appears there. He looks at the Kaal-Chakra. Chitragupta ji was right. This open Kaal-Chakra will start to eat up the entire world soon. Narad ji is also concerned about the same. Chandra Dev notices the Kaal-Koopa. He points it out to Hanuman too. This is a very big danger for the world. If the Kaal-Koopa comes together then the Kaal-Chakra will be active. The meteors around are attracted to it. slowly, the entire world will go inside it. SHani Dev remarks that such thigns happen when you support something wrong. This is how justice happens. Now everyone will know how Shani Dev does justice!

Hanuman heads towards the Kaal-Chakra. Chandra Dev warns him against it. You will fall in a big problem. Shani Dev laughs thinking this vanar kid has lost his mind. He does not even know what he is heading into! Hanuman looks determined. Shani Dev’s army of bats are following Hanuman. Shani Dev is shocked to realise them all going in the Kaal-Koopa. Hanuman takes a turn well before time. Shani Dev is angry. I will surely punish Hanuman for his mistake! Hanuman notices how the Kaal-Koopa is slowly pulling things inside it. It is good that Shani Dev’s army went inside it. He looks at the planets / meteors. They are all drawn to the Kaal-Chakra. This way the world will be destroyed in some time. How do I save the world? I will have to do something. This is not the time to save some planets or my mother’s fast. This is the time to save the world.

Matang Rishi sprinkles Chandra Jal on Anjana while he chants some mantras. Kesari sees her not reacting to it. Matang Rishi tells him to be patient. Anjana’s body will surely gain some power through it.

Chandra Dev points out at planet Mars which is almost close to Kaal-Chakra. Hanuman is taken aback to see it going inside Kaal-Chakra. I couldn’t save it! Shani Dev stands there unaffected.

Precap: Earth is getting attracted to Kaal-Chakra. Hanuman is worried as it can destroy the earth this way. What do I do now? How do I save everyone?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Wow heard many stories about Shani Dev’s anger in mythology ..never heard this one! This is not justice 🙁 I am a little glad to know even shani dev can lose control when angry, we r mere mortals…but yes, it’s a mistake!

  2. Cutest Bajrang bali trying to save the world and his mom 🙂 :* :* These r anyway real stories that happened thousands and lakhs of years ago- atleast that’s what our mythology says! 🙂 Feel so good reading it everyday…thanks Pooja 🙂

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