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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman brings Gandmadan home safely. Gandmadan’s mother hugs him and cries. Are you fine? He nods. His mother thanks Sankat Mochan Hanuman for saving his son’s life. I will always be indebted to you. Hanuman holds her hands. He is my friend. It is my duty to take care of his problems. There is no favour here. His other friends say Hanuman has strength as well as a big heart. You do bigger tasks yet say you did nothing. You have to play another game with us. Commander comes running inside looking scared. Kesari asks him what happened. Is it a hint of some problem? His commander shares that Rishi Durvasa is headed towards the palace along with his group of disciples.

Rishi Durvasa and his disciples are on their way to Sumeru palace.

Hanuman says it is a good thing to

know that a Rishi is coming over. Why do you look tensed? Kesari says we are happy to welcome Rishi Durvasa but we fear his anger. If he gets angry because of our mistake then he will curse us badly. Anjana feels restless. What could be his motive of coming here? We have to make preps to welcome him or it will be a problem.

Kesari asks his commander to alert all the soldiers. Make preps to welcome Rishi Durvasa. Thre should be no reason to make him angry. The commander nods. Hanuman asks his father if Rishi Durvasa gets angry this much. What is the reason behind it? Kesari says he is Maha Tapasvi. He is a perfectionist. He cannot bear any slight mistake. Human beings, and even Devraj Indra has borne his anger once.

A flashback is shown. Rishi Durvasa reaches Swarg where he is welcomed heartily by Devraj Indra. It makes Rishi Durvasa happy. I am happy by your behaviour so I have come to bless you personally. He gives a garland to Devraj Indra. Devraj Indra keeps it at the trunk of Airavat instead of wearing it around his neck. It makes Rishi Durvasa angry. How dare you! Swarg’s luxuries have made you so arrogant that you disrespected the (lotus) flowers that are loved by Lord Vishnu. You will be punished for it. Lakshmi wont stay where Lord Vishnu is disrespected. I curse you. You will lose all your strength, your pride and everything that you are proud of. Flashback ends.

Kesari says because of the same curse Swarg and all Gods were deprived by everything (power, pride, everything that is good). Anjana adds that one should not let pride come in between anything. Hanuman says I have understood it. I will behave nicely. But Swarg is back to normal. How did Devraj get free from the curse? Anjana shares that it happened during Swarg Manthan. All Gods became weak because of the curse. They were beginning to lose out to Rishi Durvasa. They regained their strength because of Amrit Manthan only. Kesari says we should be ready to welcome Rishi Durvasa. He would come in any time. Anjana tells Hanuman to stay clam before Rishi Durvasa after seeking his blessings. Don’t say anything to him on your own. Answer only when he will ask you something. He asks her if he made any mistake. Why do you doubt my behaviour? She replies that she is worried about Rishi Durvasa’s anger. He loses his temper easily. I will be heartbroken if he curses you, in case you make any mistake. Hanuman agrees to be alert. I wont give any chance to Rishi Durvasa to get upset with me.

Rishi Durvasa is welcomed grandly in Sumeru. Everyone touches his feet to seek his blessings. Kesari asks commander to make arrangements for all the disciples. Nani goes to get water and food for everyone. Hanuman stands there quietly. Rishi Durvasa looks at Hanuman and smiles. Kesari says we are lucky to have you here. Rishi Durvasa sits on the throne upon Kesari’s askance. Anjana and Kesari wash his feet in milk next. Hanuman also touches Rishi Durvasa’s feet again seeing his parents do so. Rishi Durvasa looks pleased.

Kesari says we are lucky to have got a chance to serve him. Sumeru and we are lucky to have you here. Rishi Durvasa replies that I haven’t come here without any reason. I need something from you. Kesari says you should name it. Everything I have here is yours. Rishi Durvasa says I am eager to bring Kalp-Vriksh on earth for the betterment of the world. I will do tapasya while standing under it. I need someone to protect it. It can only be done by your son Hanuman. Anjana and Kesari get tensed. Rishi Durvasa shares that he has come to take Hanuman with him. Did you not hear? I am asking for my son. Kesari gets emotional. I will fulfil any other wish of yours but please forgive me. I am helpless. Take everything from me, keep me as your servant for life but please don’t ask for my beloved son from me. Rishi Durvasa gets angry. I don’t need luxuries or palace. I only need your son from you, nothing else. Kesari reasons that Hanuman is a kid at the moment. I can protect and take care of you and Kalp-Vriksh along with my entire army. Rishi Durvasa warns him that he will have to bear the consequence of backing out on your promise. You know that my curse can end everything here! It can put an end on your family lineage! Weather changes. Everyone looks around in shock.

Precap: Rishi Durvasa says I am going for evening prayers. Make preps for our lunch Hanuman. It should be pure and veg. Hanuman nods. Atibal does something to the food. Now Rishi Durvasa will get angry and end up punishing Hanuman.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Naina khachane

    They are seriously pottaying in a wrng way.. how come its possible if sage is perfectionst.. and a gr8 tapasvi and he gets angry for smal reasons. And so faster..

  2. They are stretching too much,which is making this serial boring now..
    I enjoy watching Hanuman ,recently i have stopped.. Somethings are not true.
    Please make it interesting..

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