Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hanuman’s Preachings by Goddess Saraswati
Finally, after the manthan Varuni appeaered and the demons vouch for it,

saying that they should get it, while the demons’ captain still; watches

tensedly. Saraswati tells hanuman that merely by the scent, the demons were

tempted to get it, and in order to do so, they became eager. he asks if

suraah means alcohol. she complies, and then tells that alcohol is highly

detrimental to the person, and hence it should never be taken. while they

keep getting impatient, the demons’ leader tells them that getting it isnt

their motive, but the demons say that it shall fill their tired bodies with

energy. The lords gladly give it to them. the

demons are overjoyed. the lords

have their own conspiracy in it. Varuni gives the demons while the demons

lustily go for it. their captain is tensed, as he sees the team breaking over

this temptation. finally, he says that its enough, and asks if they wish to

die for this drink, or shall take amrit for immortality, and asks them to

stop demanding, so that when the amrit comes, they can demand for it, and the

lord shall have to give it to them. the demons ask they shall give away all

valuables to the lords. they are branded as fools, and he tells them os what

shall happen, if they amrit. they finally understand. hanuman understands the

demons’ scheme, and then wonders what if the demons got all the amrit. she

asks him not to be impatient, and wait for the interesting moves. she tells

that bali got sense into demons, and the lords got many valuables, like

Parijaat Tree, the flowers of which never fade, and are always glowing, which

Indra took to heaven, then the Kalpvriksha Tree, that fulfills all wishes,

and then beautiful Apsaras came, which tempted the demons, but still bali

gave them to the lords, who took them to heaven. the demons are disappointed.

after the apsaras, Eravat Elephant appeared, who Indira had lost due to

Durvasa’s curse. Indra is overwhelmed to have received it once again. then

Uccheshrava appeared, and by now the demons were getting impatient, and

demanded it. Lord Indra saw this and gave it to bali, and the demons smile

along with their captain. the manthan continues. Hanuman asks if all he

things were only for lords and demons. she denies saying that the next thing

was attained by the lord shiva. as the manthan continues, the weather becomes

unfavourable, and amidst it all, a highly glowing moon appears, the shine and

lustre of which blinds them all. they are all boggled to see the moon. Lords

say that the manthan is increasingly becoming difficult, due to the

gravitational force of the moon and earth colliding with each other and

causing a strain, and decide to stop it for sometime, as that could cause

havoc on the earth. but the demons dont stop the manthan, saying that they

wont, till the Amrit has been attained. the lords say that the manthan is

impossible in such a situation. but bali is adamant that they shall not stop,

and continue it. Indra tries to talk sense into him. Saraswati says that the

demons and lords didnt know what to do, and they were given a solution by the

Lord Vishnu. They hail Lord shiva, who appears finally, and all bow in

gratitude. the lords say that its noble for him to appear. he says that he

was beckoned by lord vishnu. LOrd vishnu greets him. then the lord shiva took

the moon on his forehead, due to which he came to be known as Chandrshekhar

LOrd. they all chant in unison for him. hanuman understands it all. she

complies, and says that due to this only, the manthan was possible again. she

says that what appeared next, everyone wants its blessings, be it lords,

hanuman or the mortals. as it continue, they finally find a woman appearing.

the demons ogle at her beauty and say that they shall have her. The lords

however bow down in gratitude, as they recognise her as Goddess Lakshmi. they

pray to her, while she blesses them, and returns them their grandeur and

luxury. they are overwhelmingly thankful. the demons are jealous and say that

they should have it, as they havent demanded for it. Bali again asks them not

to be blinded by money, but the demons go against it. they produec leering

ideas. the lords ask them to control, as she is Goddess LAkshmi, wife of lord

vishnu, and they expect respectful behaviour towards her. the demons say that

she is the result of their hard work, and they shall get it. The lords say

that they shall not let it happen at all. They tussle amongst themselves,

while Lakshmi stands tensedly. Hanuman asks how could the demones think like

that of a goddess. she says that this is what demonic personality does, as

those who are tainted, are selfish, and dont understand the woman and how to

respect them, and are ruined themselves. he says that had the demons too seen

her as a mother, they would have got her blessings too. she complies and says

that he is right. but the demons express their perverted nature, and

committed a sin, which Raavan shall do in the future, which shall lead to his

ruins. he says that this name seems heard of. she say that his memory has

weakened but asks him not to worry, at the right time, he shall remember

everything, but for now, the unrestricted demons had to be put to control. he

says that had he been there, he would have punished them, without bothering

to think for a minute, that he is a mere innocent child, against those

powerful demonic powers. she smiles at him, and says that she understands his

feelings, but as fate has it, that sin is always punished, but the lords

always punish people, when their sins were supreme. lakshmi silently bears it

all, waiting for Vishnu. the demons and the lords continue fighting over

Laskshmi, as the demons start realising their rights too. finally, lakshmi

asks them to be quiet, a s girl isnt an object that everyone starts giving

possessions too, and that right lies with the girl, who she likes. she tells

the demons that they wish her, but this is known to everyone, that she is

Lord vishnu’s wife, and she has come here only for him. the demons ask where

is he, if she is here for him, and hence it would be wonderful, if she

chooses one of the demons. The lords ask how can they question Lakshmi like

this. they continue presenting leering options, while the lords are

mortified. she says that she has belief, that Lord Vishnu is somewhere near.

she starts walking searching around, but in vain. the demons continue

leering, and point that its a mere tortoise that everyone thinks is only a

re-incarnation. she bows to the tortoise, and says that the lords are right.

the demons ask if she would leave them all, and then marry a tortoise, and


From the heaven, parvati talks to shiva, saying that the demons are rude and

impolite to Lakshmi. the demons ask her not to waste time, and demand for one

demon instead. finally, lakshmi starts getting tensed, wondering why is he

making her wait, as the wait is intolerable now.

In heaven, lord vishnu, finds parvati appearing before her, and talking about

Lakshmi’s dilemma, and asks why is he making her wait. he says that she too

made him wait for a long time. she asks how can he be so naughty. he is

amused. she asks if he remembers how he performed all the rituals of a

brother in her marriage. reciprocating, she says that as a sister, she can

take him, to Goddess Lakshmi, and then asks if he would go. he smiles and

says that he shall, as the truth is, he was waiting for her only, as without

the sister, the brother cant go. they both disappear.

On the earth, Lakshmi is highly tensed, wondering why is VIshnu taking so

long. the demons continue chiding her, while the lords are embarassed.

finally, lord vishnu appears with Parvati, while Lakshmi is humbled and

overwhelmed. the demons are disappointed, while the lords bow down in

gratitude. the demons ask how can vishnu take her away, when they did all the

hard work. bali silences them all. Parvati asks Lakshmi where is she lost, as

her husband stands in front of her. they both have their Jaimalas, and

progress towaerds each other. Lords are overwhelmed to witness such a

spectacle, while the demons are frustrated. the entire world rejoices in such

a happy hour. Hanuman is highly excited at the mere imagination of such a

spectale, and wonders how lucky the witnesses must have been, to have seen

Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi’s unison. she complies, and says that its true, and

smiles thinking, that he himself, shall be a witness to such a unsion, when

he makes them meet in the future. he asks what happened next. she says that

with the blessings of Lakshmi, the lords became prosperous again, and went on

with renewed energy. the manthan continues. she says that finally, what the

lords and demons had been waiting for so long, surfaced out from the waters

of the ocean. the dhanuankari dev appears, with ayurveda and amrit. THe

screen freezes on the lord’s face.


Precap: Hanuman comments to saraswati that the deons must have become very

impatient to acquire the amrit. she informs him that before anyone could

realise anything, two demons snatched the amrit from the LORd, and ran

towards the Pataal Lok. the lords feel cheated and berayed and are taken


Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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