Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The kids enjoy together as they sing a chirpy song. They play near the river and in the mud. They get inside and splash muddy water. Neel talks about defeating Maruti in the competition. Maruti replies that he can accept defeat from his friends (in the song only). Vrikashsur laughs hearing them. Vali waits for the kids atop a tree. The kids reach a crossroad. Which is the right path? Neel too has no idea about the route from here. Vali joins them. I will guide you.

Vali wasn’t scared of anyone, Gods, devils or anyone yet he was scared of our innocent little Maruti. Shri Krishna nods. Vali was feeling bad whenever Maruti used to show affection to him. He decided to keep distance from Maruti.

Vali and the kids are on their way to the place where the competition is to be

held. They finally reach a very beautiful place inside the Shambsadan forest. The kids love the huge ground. All the kids jump happily. Now we will start the competition. Maruti asks Vali if he too will take part in the competition. Vali denies. I only compete with those who are equal to me. Maruti nods. You aren’t equal to me till now. The kids laugh at Vali. Maurti says we will take part in the competition and enjoy it as well. I am wearing the anga-vastra made by my Ma. Vali takes it from him. Maruti eyes it sadly. Vali agrees to give it after the competition. Maruti wants to wear it and then participate. Vali holds it high so it is out of reach for Maruti. Vali repeats his words. We will hold the competition first. Maruti demands the anga-vastra. Vali asks him if he doesn’t trust himself or maybe you are scared of losing. Maruti smiles. My father told me to give my best in the competition. Maruti will wear the anga-vastra made by my Ma only and participate. Vali stays put. I won’t give it! He holds it higher in his hand. Sakha takes Maruti’s anga-vastra right from Vali’s hand and gives it to Maruti. The kids applaud Sakha. Maruti too thanks Sakha. Vali is certainly angry to see this. The kids laugh at Vali. Vali grabs the anga-vastra again. You will get it afterwards only. Win first and then this is yours! The kids start cheering for Maruti.

Vali shares the rules of the competition. They move to a corner.

Vrikshasur is anxiously waiting to make Maruti jis prey.

Vali guides the kids that they will have to move all the smaller boulders (they are outside the same cave from where Sugriv and he had escaped). He mistakenly addresses Maruti as the Markat. He corrects himself. Maruti and Neel have to remove the boulders. Maruti keeps on interrupting Vali. He next shares that they will have to move the bigger boulder from outside the cave. Maruti keeps on asking him questions which irk Vali continuously.

Vrikshasur mutters to himself that Maruti will not be able to do anything after removing the bigger boulder. You will become my prey.

Vali tells that they will get inside a cave after removing that boulder. You will have to go to the other side and bring this anga-vastra. Whoever brings this anga-vastra back first will be the winner! Maruti can do anything to get the anga-vastra made by his Ma back. This is such an easy competition. The kids laugh at Vali again. Vali is losing cool but tries to stay calm. Get it first and then we will see if it’s easy or not. The kids cheer for Maruti.

Precap: Vali puts the anga-vastra. They both talk about fulfilling their promise. Anjana is tensed as Maruti dint even put Anjan today. I ignored the sign (of the glass breaking). Kesari gets ready to go to the forest. Maruti is near the anga-vastra.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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