Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Narad ji confirms Hanuman’s doubts. Patalika took you mother and the kids to Pataal Loka. She has the horses too. She plans to sacrifice the horses, Anjana and the kids to accomplish the yagya she has been doing. Ravan has asked her to do it. Hanuman turns to his Gurudev. I have to bring the kids and my mother safely back. I will bring along your horses as well. Please allow me. Surya Dev wants to go himself. Varun Dev too steps forward. I will also come along. Hanuman reasons that his mother has been abducted, so he only should go. Narad ji tells Surya Dev to let Hanuman go. He is already blessed with your and Varun Dev’s powers. Hanuman says please let me go. My mother has called me. Surya Dev agrees. Come back soon. Only one day is left in your training. Narad ji says you should

hurry up. Ravan should not succeed in his mission. Hanuman agrees to come back soon. He seeks everyone’s blessings. Narad ji guides him on the way till Pataal Loka. You have to be very careful. The path is very dangerous and mayavi.

Patalika greets Ravan. He can see her happy face. You have some good news. She nods. I brought all the kids of Sumeru along with ANjana. He is very happy to hear it. Yogini will be present during the yagya. Make sure you complete it anyhow. Make the sacrifices as soon as Yogini hints. She agrees. It will be done that ways only. I have the horses, kids and Anjana. You should head back to Lanka. You will get the best results (highest position) while you sit on your throne. Ravan leaves. Patalika thinks of Hanuman. He defeated my sons! I will see how he saves his mother and takes her from here.

Hanuman is on his way to Pataal Loka. He hears his mother’s voice. Come soon, Hanuman.

Patalika tells her sons to make preps for the sacrifice. The yagya is about to complete. The mahurat is due soon. Yogini asks her to do it asap. We cannot wait for the right time. Hanuman can reach here anytime! We have to do it before he comes here. We wont be successful otherwise! Patalika is angry. He wont return if he comes here. Yogini reasons that it can create a problem in the yagya though. Complete the chants of mantras. Get everyone ready for the sacrifice. Patalika asks her sons to bring the kids, Anjana and horses here. They leave to bring them. Patalika chants a mantra.

The kids ask Anjana if they will all be sacrificed. She assures them her son will come. He can be anywhere but he will hear his mother’s voice from any corner. Don’t be scared.

Narad ji thinks Patalika is going to make a sacrifice before the due time. There is not one but many problems in Hanuman’s way. The way is full of mayavi obstacles. The sun couldn’t rise because of which the evil powers have become too strong. Hurry up Hanuman. Any delay can result in drastic consequences.

Hanuman notices a mountain. This is the same mountain about which Narad ji told me. On the other hand, Patalika’s son brings Anjana and the kids to the place where Patalika is doing the yagya. Patalika’s son tells the kids not to be scared. Your fear will end soon for forever. They request him to let them go. Please free us. He agrees to free them all one by one, from life itself. ANjana says not they but the world will gain freedom from your tortures! Patalika continues her yagya. Yogini chants the mantra while Patalika gives aahuti of ghee.

The weather changes. There is lightning in the sky. Ravan laughs seeing the changes in the nature. This is the tej of the yagya. My time to gain the ultimate position is coming near. Patalika will give the sacrifice soon. Kaikasi asks a servant to bring puja thaal. Ravan is happy that Patalika’s actions are clearly reflected in nature.

Hanuman digs his way down the mountain. The kids wait for Hanuman.

Kaikasi tells Hanuman this is the moment she has been waiting for. You will soon become undefeatable. He nods. Only a few minutes are left now!

Yogini and Patalika continue with the yagya. Patalika’s sons enjoy troubling the horses as they neigh. The kids continue crying in the background. These Asuras will kill the horses and us. The Asura repeats the same. The kids cry in fear. We wont survive now. Anjana tells them not to be scared. A mother’s trust can never be wrong. I can sense that my son is nearby. Hanuman continues to dig his way down the mountain. The Asuras remark that the yagya is about to complete. The sacrifice will be made soon. Anjana calls out for Hanuman. Come soon, son. Get us out of this problem.

Patalika announces that it is time to make the sacrifice. Anjana loudly calls Hanuman. He hears her voice. The Asuras notice the mountain breaking. A stone falls in the yagya only. The fire is almost doused because of the same. The Asuras look up in shock. Yogini says this is what I feared! She disappears.

The lights go out. Ravan is angry. What happened suddenly? Kaikasi too is clueless. How did the tej of yagya disappear suddenly? He wonders if some problem came in the yagya.

Hanuman reaches Pataal Loka. Anjana can feel his presence. All the kids are relieved. ANjana says my son came. Hanuman turns to look at her. I told you all. Now you shouldn’t worry. The kids cheer for Hanuman. Hanuman feels bad that the Asuras brought all the kids here. Patalika’s sons vow not to let Hanuman go back from here. Hanuman says Ma. Patalika tells him to stop. She asks the Raksh-Veer (Asuras) to kill Hanuman first. They surround Hanuman. Hanuman looks at them. He flies up when they try to hurt him. They all fall down because of the impact. Patalika is shocked. The horses get free. Hanuman tells them to go to Gurudev asap. The horses fly away. Patalika turns to her sons. Your mother orders you to kill this vanar kid before he can reach his mother. Hanuman steps forward but they block his way. So, they are Patalika’s sons. They should be punished.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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