Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mandodari in the Pooja ghar saying I will take revenge for this and mandodari comes walking furiously outside of lanka to the battlefield.
The storm is very fierce and sugreeva says this storm looks like its someone’s curse on us. Mandodari comes walking in the battlefield and there her father is in lanka and says mandodari’s anger will kill everyone today and not even ram, hanuman and laxman can stop.
Mandodari comes and everyone sees her. Mandodari is angry and she says ram laxman and hanuman you killed my lord ravana by cheating and attacking the arrow to his navel which is against the rules. She says I will not leave anyone and everyone will die today here from my curse. Mandodari comes furiously walking towards everyone as her anger has

no bounds. Vibhishan says mandodari is misunderstood and she doesn’t know what she is doing. Hanuman says lord ram never walked on iniquity. Mandodari says that ram also killed sugreeva’s brother bali too by iniquity. In heaven all gods are shocked.
Hanuman says lord ram did not do iniquity and tells ram that lord don’t be sad and neither of us have done iniquity and we did everything by walking the path of righteousness and now I need one arrow from you so that I can make mandodari understand that what she thinks is wrong. Lord ram gives hanuman an arrow and is looking down at the ground. Hanuman throws the arrow towards mandodari which goes flying towards her. All gods see what hanuman is doing and surya dev says why did hanuman attack the arrow on mandodari? Indra dev says this will increase her anger,
Mandodari stops and says how dare hanuman attack an arrow on me? The arrow then comes and bends its direction and stops at the ground near mandodari’s feet. Mandodari is confused and says why did the arrow bend its direction and stop? And it was aimed at me. Hanuman comes to mandodari and says see devi the arrow bent itself and stooped and lord ram did not do it and the weapons of lord ram know whom to attack and whom to not. Even the weapons of lord ram do not fall on the path of iniquity and they bow to the soft grass of the earth too. Mandodari says hanuman you and laxman killed meghnad by disturbing him in his prayers and that was iniquity too and you even took the mrityuban to kill ravana. Hanuman says devi ravana had forcefully taken the arrow of his death from yamraj and meghnad had to be stopped as he would have attained powers that would have killed the innocent and ravana even kidnapped devi sita by cheat and is that not inqiuity? And what we have done is bring the balance in this universe which is not iniquity. Mandodari doesn’t heed to what hanuman says and she still angrily walks towards lord ram to curse him. Lord ram doesn’t look up at mandodari and looks at the ground.
Hanuman walks behind and says devi mandodari lord ram has never looked at any other woman other than his wife devi sita. He has always walked the path of righteousness and he helped sugreeva get this kingdom and life back from bali which was not iniquity. But if you think it was then yes maybe the greatest soul in this universe has done iniquity by listening to his father’s order to stay on exile for 14 years, yes he has done iniquity by breaking the bow when he went to ask devi sita in marriage but when the bow broke, lord ram said he shouldn’t be marrying devi sita as he broke the bow and it was against devi sita’s father’s challenge but her father gave sita in marriage to lord ram as lord ram is the purest entity. Maybe lord ram has done iniquity because he doesn’t think of any other woman than sita, he has done iniquity because he promised vibhishan that he would give lanka back to vibhishan and crown him the king and yes maybe has done iniquity because he asked his brother laxman to gain knowledge from ravana as he is the most knowledgeable person in this world. Mandodari stops and her anger cools a bit now but says I will curse ram. Everyone in the army and sugreeva, jambhuvan and others say if lord ram is to be cursed than you have to curse all. All soldiers say yes and say you have to curse us all. Hanuman than sees lord ram is looking at the ground and even his shadow is at a distance from mandodari’s shadow. Hanuman says devi mandodari see, lord ram is the person who doesn’t allow his shadow touch any other woman’s shadow and he loves only devi sita from his heart. Mandodari looks down at the shadows and then she cries. Hanuman then says if you still want to curse him then instead curse me as I am at fault and lord ram did not know that his arrow strap had the mrityuban and I was the one who took the mrituban and placed it in lord ram’s arrow strap and then even changed the direction to ravana’s navel. So curse me and not someone else.
Mandodari is crying.

Precap: mandodari’s father says I will bring back dashanand ravana and he will come back all powerful and kill everyone this time. I will bring ravana back.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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