Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Pishachs call Hanuman a vanar, a fool. He himself wants to be our food. Your Raksha-Sutra is actually an ordinary thread. They disappear. Hanuman wonders if they will go back to disturb his Prabhu once again. He hears their laughter and notices them hiding at a distance. Whenever he tries to attack a Pishach, they disappear. They are trying to create illusion using maya. I wont spare them though! The Pishachs divide themselves in two groups. One group stays back to tackle Hanuman will the rest head to Ayodhya to take care of Ram.

The pishachs attack Hanuman from behind. He thinks of something and finds them with Sakha’s help. He decides to stop the Pishachs who are heading towards Ayodhya. I wont let them trouble Prabhu.

Ram is sleeping peacefully. Hanuman flies

up and stands before the window of Ram’s room. The Pishachs are surprised to see him there. They disappear as they near him. Hanuman thinks to use this against them only. He flies up following him. Continue doing this, I wont let any of you go there. The PIshachs yet again try to reach Ram but Hanuman is faster. He ties the Pishachs with Sakha’s help and sits on top of them. Ram opens his eyes. Hanuman folds his eyes and begins to sing Ram Bhajan. Ram asks him if he isn’t sleepy. Two more PIshachs come there just then. Ram understands the reason behind Hanuman not being able to sleep. You are again protecting me? Hanuman nods. the PIshachs says no one will be able to save you from us. We will go back with you only. Hanuman ties all the 4 Pishachs with Sakha’s help. Hanuman remarks that they could free themselves when they were smoke. Now they cannot free themselves in this avatar. They challenge him but Hanuman is sure they cannot touch his Prabhu when he is here. I will send you so far that you will never be able to come back. He flies high up in the space with the PIshachs still tied to Sakha. Sakha frees them at a point. The Pishachs are hurled up in galaxy. One Pishach stops the others from getting lost. They decide to show the vanar kid what all they are capable of! Before that, we have to take care of Ram.

Ram thanks Hanuman for saving him. Hanuman is sad that his sleep broke. Ram says we can sleep again, but the PIshachs are too stubborn. Hanuman has a solution. He excuses himself for a minute. Ram smiles. I know you have solution to every problem.

The Pishachs notice Ram all alone in his room. This is the perfect time to kidnap him.

Hanuman comes to the place where the yagya is going on. He picks up a holy thread from there. He notices the fire of yagya and its smell. He realises something. Hanuman comes out with the yagya’s smoke towards Pishachs. The Pishachs stop in their track angrily. We wont leave you!

The soldiers notice smoke coming from Ram’s room. They get concerned and run up to check on Ram. Devi Kaushalya is walking in the corridor when she too witnesses the smoke coming from the wrong direction. She hears the soldiers shouting. She runs towards Ram’s room.

Ram appreciates Hanuman’s act. How did you think of it? Hanuman shares that his mother told him how powerful the smoke of yagya and mantras are. They end everything evil around. He ties the Raksha-Sutra on Ram’s hand. Ram remarks that no one can harm the person who you will take care of. I will also tie the Raksha-Sutra on your hand now. Hanuman gladly extends his hand.

Manthra wakes up Yuddhajeet. She is excited thinking the Pishachs might have taken Ram with them by now. Everyone must be crying for Ram now.

Everyone is gathered in Ram’s room. They are relieved to see Ram perfectly alright but are curious about the smoke. Why are you both tying Raksha-Sutra on each other’s hands? Ram says Hanuman brought it here. He tells them everything.

YUddhajeet is glad to know that Manthra did her job. Manthra nods. I removed that vanar from there as well. Kaushalya must be in tears by now. Dashrath will be highly worried.

Raja Dashrath thinks Pishachs were right then. Hanuman actually saved Ram. Ram agrees. He not just saved me but also tied this Raksha-Sutra on my hand. Raja Dashrath is thankful to Hanuman for saving his son. Devi Kaushalya wonders what happened to the Raksha-Sutra that was tied on Ram’s hand. Ram has no clue. I was sound aslpee. Raja Dashrath is sure someone from the inside is involved in it.

Precap: Ravan tells the Pishachs to attack on Hanuman’s weakness – Sumeru! Hanuman begins to tell Raja Dashrath what happened. The Pishachs get ready to attack on Anjana and Sumeru.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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