Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Lanka
by sita’s blessings and gauri mata’s boon, hanuman sees through the magical shield thats hiding sushen’s castle. the magical trap vanishes and he finds sushen’s castle, and is overjoyed. he says that he needs to assure that sushen isnt hurt whilest being taken out. he gets into mini form and enters the room, and finds demons surrounding his door, as then they know trouble in his way is expected. inside, sushen says that even though the implications havent started yet, but its certain that there shall be catastrophic implications. hanuman comes out and finds meghnad, and thinks that now he cant ask sushen to come along. he also adds that rama must be eagerly waiting. he decides

that he shall have to take sushen anyhow. he gets into a grand avatar and picks up the castle, leading sushen to think that the brahmastra is working. but he finds hanuman who narartes it all as to why he is doing this. MEanwhile, meghnad fires a weapon, but it doesnt affect hanuman and he rushes and leavs with sushen.

Raavan reprimands them both and is enraged that they arent able to do antyhing as long as hanuman is with rama. he decides to have him taken care of anyhow.

Meanwhile, rama is apalled, that if anything happens to laxman it will be a taint on brotherhood. jaamvant and vibhishan together assure him and ask him not to think, as hanuman shall come in time, and noone can stop him at all. In his grand avatar, hanuman picks over the entire magical castle, and is about to take it away, when meghnad warns him, that if he tries to escape his magical circle, he shall turn into small pieces. but hanuman is unfazed and soars through. they finally reach and ramaz ais overhwlmed to know sita is alive. he hopes laxman shall get better now too. sushen says that he shall treat laxman. he tells them that the treatment isnt here though. they are tensed. he informs of a mountain, and its indication, and asks hanuman to get ayurvedic medicine from there. he complies. the screen freezes on hanuman’s face as he soars ahead.


Precap: Raavan tells meghnad and vidyutjihva and says that hanuman has gone in search of ayurvedic medicine, but he wont be able to do a single job like that, as he shall face his demon, KAALNEMI, who has magical powers of hallucinations, who shall serve poison to hanuman, to kill him off.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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