Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
raavan asks him to get lost, while the monk says that he was merely curious, as he is a devout Shiva follower. as he begins to go, raavan thinks that he seems powerful and he can hold the atmaling, till the time he does his sandhya arti. he then calls him back, and presents his proposal. he says that he shall give him a golden oppurtunity to hold it, while the monk brightens up at the idea. he is overwhelmed, but says that he seems heavy. raavan asks if he needs a prize. but the monk denies, and readil accepts. raavan reminds that he cant keep it on the ground, and asks him to think it over. he agrees saying that it seems heavy. the monk says that he shall wait and call only for 3 times, and if he doesnt return by then, then he shall place

it on the ground. raavan thinks that he wont take that long for such an ordinary ritual. hanuman comments that ganesha’s wit was successful. she says that ganesha’s motive was to defeat raavan, and if he gets adamant on anything, then noone can stop it. she tells that raavan started his puja, while ganesha held the atmaling. Raavan starts his sandhya arti, with the river water, immersed partially in it. but he finds pebbles and dirt in his hand, that taints his puja. he is frustrated thinking where it came from. the lords are amused at Raavan’s plight. Meanwhile, the monk starts commenting that he cant hold it any longer, and he shall have to place it, on the ground, unless he comes soon. Raavan is aghast and screams at him not to do so, wondering whether its a trap by the lords and gets frustrated. the monk continues screaming, asking him to come for the final time. raavan says that he is coming, but he shouldnt place it on the ground. but he isnt able to take anymore step, as he seems stuck in the river. but the monk places it on the ground, showing his helplessness in being able to continue. raavan desperately tries to prevent. but watches in vain. she says that ganesha got a new name, Vighnkarta, and the place became a worship place for devotees of lord shiva. Hanuman hears this and is overwhelmed, as he starts chanting JAI SHREE GANESHA…!!!he asks what happened then, that she landed here. she says that raavan was frustrated and arrived at kailash once again, and complains to shiva, for the devotion that he has for him, and if he a true devotee, then shiva shall have to bless him, in a manner thats equally powerful as the Atmaling. Parvati says that he had given him already, and after knoiwing everything, he couldnt fulfill the promise, and now wants another chance. raavan says that his devotee is genuine and he deserves to get the Atmaling. parvati and shiva eye each other. She says that instead of shiva, she gives him the boon, that she shall always prevent him and his lanka, as Chamunda devi, but the day his sins overpower his good, that day she shall revert back. she them tells hanuman that since then she is protecting lanka, and till she is there, without the permission of raavan, no one can enter lanka, not even him. hanuman is boggled. he asks what to do, as lord Rama has himself given him this task, and he can do anything for him, surmounting all difficulties, and how can he return back, without finishing the work. she says that it cant be till she is here, but he can, when she leaves, which is rightaway. the lights flare up yet again. Mandodari shows this to Raavan, who is boggled yet again. she reminds him of the condition in raavan’s boon. hanuman agrees saying that a person on the path of destruction, doesnt realise when his sins start overweighing. she says that by insulting sita and kidnapping her, he committed the most heinous of crimes, that washed off all his good deeds. hanuman too agrees saying that disgracing a woman, be she related to a man any which way, is the most disgraceful of crimes. Chamunda tells hanuman that she was here only so that he cant do anything unruly to sita and now that he is here, she is assured that she can leave. she blesses hanuman to be successful. he bows in humble gratitude. she leaves for Kailash.

Meanwhile, Raavan asks her to shut up, and not distract him, from her foolish words. he leaves hastily. she is tensed. she then finds the fire dousing off, and the walls beginning to crumble, which would only mean that the devi has left, and some trouble has come inside lanka. she prays to the goddess fervently, but in vain.

Finally, hanuman thinks that if he enters lanka like this, then anyone would spot him, and he has therefore to search for sita, secretively, and he gets in the size of a minion to be able to enter stealthily. as the gate opens, he finally enters Lanka, and finds giant sized demons soaked in the inebriation of power and alcohol. in his miniature size, he breezes past them, while they feel someone’s presence. he tries to get to a height to find out about sita. he climbs atop a cliff, thinking that he presumed everyone would be asleep, but this is the city of night dwellers, and hence he cant meet sita in such a crowd. he decides to use his wit, and thinks that due to lord rama’s blessings, no one would be able to spot him. he chants lord rama’s name. he flies past, and people get alert. hanuman steers straight towards the Royal palace, while Lord Rama gets tensed in his meditation. he finds a good view point to see the city. the screen freezes on his face.


Precap: Hanuman eyes the royal palace, and finds the demons fighting over food and other stuff like cats and dogs. Raavan hollers at them and ask if they have gone mad. they all bow down to him. hanuman eyes raavan tensedly, while he is enraged.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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