Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman keeps his hand in his mother’s hand. I promise Ma. I will not show them off in front of everyone. Anjana smiles. She hugs her son.

At one side, there is Anjana who is giving all the good lessons to her son. On the other hand, there is a Vishyaswarupa Mata like Kaikasi, who is giving all the negative knowledge to her son. Her son turned into the most dangerous Asura on earth – Dashanan!

Kaikasi lives in an Ashram. She still calls herself as Lanka’s Rajmata – Mahabali, Mahagyani Ravan’s mother!

Mothers have to be very careful while bringing up their sons. They have to show them the right path. They should keep their kids away from their anger, expectations. Kaikasi was unable to do so.

Ravan’s father is a rishi. Kaikasi is upset with

him as he does Hari-Kirtan all the time. Your disciples follow you too. He says Tridevs are most pious for me so I pray to them. A father loves his son more than anything else. Kaikasi suggests him to come with her to Lanka then. Kumbhakaran is going to wake up after full 6 months. He will only come when Ravan returns Lanka to his elder brother Kuber. Time is changing. It is better if you make him understand this. She is sure her son Ravan will become the most feared Asura in the world. The world will bow down to him one day. He tries to make her understand. Tell Ravan that there is still time. It will be good if he chooses the path of dharma. Kaal isn’t away from him.

Hanuman talks to Sakha. Ma says one should take bath early in the morning as it keeps you happy and energised. I do that daily. I want to do something big now. I am trying to check my powers since tomorrow but Ma has stopped me to do so. How do I find out about my powers then? Sakha dips its end in a bowl of water and sprinkles some on Hanuman. Hanuman thinks of showing his powers to Sakha. He looks around and finds no one there in the room. We can use our powers here for now. He thinks of all the boons that he has received. He thinks of using Brahma Dev’s boon. He turns himself into a lion. Anjana’s mother is bringing milk for Hanuman. Hanuman sits atop his bed in his new avatar.

Some people are chained to a tree in a cave. Maharani Mandodri frees them. They bow down before her but she tells them to do so only before Gods or their parents. You are free now. They leave from the back gate as per her orders. Ravan comes there just then. He is angry with her for leaving them. I had to sacrifice them. She says I am only doing my pati-dharma. A wife has to stop her husband from doing something wrong. He wants to create fear in people to win them. I want to win the world eventually. She reasons that one can win over the weak / poor people by love too. He reminds her of the cheating that even Gods did during Samudra-Manthan. There is nothing like love in today’s time. Fear works brilliantly. A wife has to support her husband. She cannot back down from that but she has to keep him away from the path of injustice too. You can give me death sentence for doing so if you want to! He walks away irked.

Ravan couldn’t understand Mandodri’s importance because of his arrogance. She is his luck while he thinks of her to be his bad luck. His sins weren’t full because of her good conduct. A wife is a seh-dharmini too. Her tap’s affect her husband too. Mandodri’s goodness was helping Ravan.

Hanuman returns to his original form. He enjoys changing his form thoroughly. He remembers that he forgot to roar like the lion. I will have to do it atleast once. He is back in the form of a lion. His grandmother screams in shock to see a lion in the room. Hanuman returns to his original form and calms her down. Kesari and everyone come rushing there. They too had heard the roar of the lion. Hanuman looks down. Anjana asks her mother if there was a lion here. Anjana’s mother denies. Hanuman looks confused. There was a lion. His grandmother covers it. I got scared of the mannequin. Anjana is in thoughts. She notices Hanuman’s face. Something really happened that had scared mother.

Precap: Anjana has pinned two nails at the wall. One white neckpiece each is to be hung for every good that he does while one red one each will be counted for anything wrong that he does. The Asuras get together to wake up Kumbhakaran

Update Credit to: Pooja

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