Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Hanuman successfully manages to deceive meghnad and raavan and makes his way successfully out of Lanka. the lords are overjoyed, as hanuman begins his journey back to rama, with renewed vigour. he eyes his team waiting for him, and chants lord rama’s name loudly, and it resonates in the universe. they wonder whose voice is it. jaamvant says that its hanuman, who is returning back successfully. they are overjoyed and ecstatic, as they start screaming for him. Hanuman returns back to his team, who are ecstatic and overjoyed. he tells them that he saw sita. they rejoice for him. jaamavant commends him on his unimaginable feat. they ask him to explain everything. he says that what he did was for rama, and explains every detail about his

journey and revenge. they ask what if they can go and get sita themselves. but jaamvant explains that they shouldnt be swayed and says that he isnt doubting their valour, but reminds that sita shall be free only when she has rama to do it for her, and they should rush back to rama for this message. hanuman says that they shall let rama decide for himself. they therefore decide to proceed back to Kinshkindha.

Scene 2:
Location: Lanka
Raavan places vibhishan in the courtroom, and blames him for what happened, as he was planning to kill him, but he got him out of it. but just then, he is stopped by aditi, who asks him not to blame it on anyone else, other than himself. raavan asks whats his fault. she recounts everything, and says that its entirely his fault. he gets enraged,, but she asks him to rectify in time, before rama comes back with him yet again. raavan says thar he isnt such a coward. she says that she means him well, or else, the sita that he has abducted, would be the reason of his death. she reminds him the curse, and says that sita is the carrier of his death. mandodari hears tensedly. he remembers how once while roaming in his Pushpak Vimaan, he saw sita meditating, in a ball of fire and ice, semi capped, and is amazed and lruingly eyes her beauty. he confronts her, and asks her not to waste her youth, on meditation, and instead allow him to come near her, to burn in the fire of love. he lures that all her wishes shall be fulfilled. he asks her to come along herself, or else he shall and knows how to use force to get what he wants. he enters the ball finally, while she continues meditating. when nothing happens, he guffaws loudly and says that he doesnt urge much, and asks her to let go, and come with him. when she doesnt comply, he starts playing with her hair, and pulls her by it. her meditation is broken. he says that it seems sanity got into her, and asks her to come and hug him. as he tries to progress. she stops him with her hand. he is shocked. she slaps him, and reprimands him for this daring, and if she wishes, she can curse and finish him, but she wouldnt want to waste it like this, but she shall seek revenge, and in rebirth, she shall be the cause of his death. she remembers lord’s name, and then burns herself afire. he remembers it, and asks aditi to listen now. he asks how can he agree that its Vedvati, the same lady. he guffaws and says that if its so, its better as he shall have her in this birth. they are aghast at his ignorance. she says that then she wouldnt stay here anymore, as if he cant agree to his mother, she doesnt deserve to stay here then. raavan stands tensedly. she turns around to leave. they beg him to stop her, but he defiantly says that the mother who doesnt have the trust on her son’s powers, doesnt have any right to stay as it is. he asks her to go if she wishes, but he should know, that when he comes to take her, after his victory, then she would be proud of him. she stops for an instant, and asks if he isnt ashamed of his work, and how can he be so callous. she finally leaves. all eye tensedly.

While the entire lanka is in ruins, raavan roams around in disguise, and hears discontent and disappointment in him as a king, from all the demons. they notice him and rush after him to nab him. he runs off from there, so as not to be seen. he manages to successfully duck, but is highly tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Kishkindha
Hanuman arrives finally with his team, and rama eyes him happily. hanuman is overwhelmed to see his master.

Precap: Hanuman explains about the apalled situation of sita, and hearing which rama is unable to control his own tears. he also narrates how sita has sent a message for him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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