Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman hears the footsteps of the Daitya’s as they try to inch closer to him. He attacks them on the right time. This leaves them surprised. We were invisible yet he beat us! The other Asura runs away. Only Jalasur stands there. I will have to kill him using another method. Jalasur’s attempt goes in vain. This vanar kid is strong and clever too. It is beyond the capability of Jalasurs to kill him. Hanuman is worried. It is about time for sunset. If I stay entangled with them then how will I get away from here? I will have to get away from here. He reduces his size. The Daitya’s look around but cannot see him. Is he Mayavi too?

Hanuman flies away. He notices red light emanating from one island. It should be Prawaldweep. He gets down. He notices a red flower shining brightly.

This must be the poisonous Karni flower. He realises that he is in the same place. He is puzzled at the maya. Is someone stopping me from reaching that flower? Another Asur appears there (Brahmrakshas). I am the guardian of Prawaldweep. No one can take anything from here without my wish. Hanuman thinks that he will waste time if he gets into a fight with him. It will be better to request him. He does so. Brahmrakshas agrees but keeps a condition before him. You will have to satiate my hunger first. Hanuman says it is a sin to kill any innocent animal. If I become your prey then who will take the flower? Brahmrakshas promises him that he himself will take the flower to Sumeru if he becomes his prey. Hanuman says I can do anything to save my father and the lives of other citizens. Brahmrakshas gives him a promise. Hanuman asks him to open his mouth then. I will satiate your hunger. Brahmrakshas opens his mouth while Hanuman reduces his size. Hanuman flies inside.

It is the vicious circle of life. Hanuman had to experience the same what he had done in the past with Surya Dev.

Hanuman looks inside Brahmrakshas’s body. I became your food and fulfilled your wish but I have to take that flower to Sumeru before sunset. The fire element in Hanuman lights up. Brahmrakshas cannot hold him inside him any longer. He has to open his mouth to free Hanuman so he can be at peace. He bows down to Hanuman. Forgive me. It turns out to be a sage. You came in my life as a God. I got free from rakshas yoni because of you. I was under a curse. This is why I used to eat everyone. You freed me by entering inside me. Please give me a place in your feet. Hanuman stops him. I am a kid. Mother says that elders bless youngsters. It is a sin if elders touch the feet of youngsters. You should just bless him. The rishi gladly blesses him. Hanuman helps him get up. Please help me. I need to save my father and everyone else’s life. I need the poisonous Karni flower from here. I need to take it back before sunset. Only little time is left. Rishi does some maya and a small plant appears there. Hanuman starts feeling dizzy as he advances towards the plant. Rishi asks him if there is a problem. Hanuman shares that the poison is still inside him. I cannot delay though. Rishi asks him to wait for a second. He rubs one flower and feeds the juice to Hanuman. Now you will be free of this problem. Hanuman thanks him. Rishi blesses him. Hanuman looks at the sun. It is about time!

Panchfann’s mother blames herself for the condition of everyone. I gave birth to my son. We are your culprits. Panchfann shares that he requested Guru Shukracharya but he refused to help us. I should be given death sentence. Everything finished because of me including Maharaj. Anjana stops him. Nothing will happen to anyone. Sunset is still due. Nothing can happen till my son is there. He will surely come. ANjana loudly calls out for Hanuman in the sky as the sun is setting. Panchfann tells her that Hanuman wont return. No one has returned from Prawaldweep ever. Purnima will turn into Amavasya today in Sumeru. One guy notices something in the sky. It appears very much like a comet. Everyone looks up. Hanuman enters inside his room through the window. He is holding Karni flowers in his hand. Everyone is relieved. Anjana says everything will be fine now as Hanuman is here. Hanuman gives her the flowers. Panchfann tells him that everything is finished but Hanuman says there is still time. He keeps one flower with him and gives the rest of the flowers to Panchfann and Raj Vaid ji to cure others. He sits beside his father. He treats his father just like the rishi had treated him. Meanwhile, Vaid ji and Panchfann are busy curing Hanuman’s friends and his Nani. Everyone gets up as soon as the extract of the flower goes inside them. Hanuman and Anjana still wait for Kesari to wakeup. He opens his eyes finally. Anjana and Hanuman get happy. Everyone cheers for their Yuvraj. Anjana, Kesari and Hanuman share a group hug.

Precap: Kesari remarks that today’s day will be etched in the history in gold letters. Anjana is worried to realise that it is Purnima today. Kesari calls Hanuman the pride of Sumeru. Anjana is standing in her balcony at night when her appearance changes. She looks at her clothes in surprise. She is dressed in her apsara attire.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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