Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Beside the Ocean
With the shankh naad, rama and hanuman conjoint announce the war open. the lord and the tridev watch in rapt attention. raavan announces the war open, by opening the

main gates. meghnad takes his place as the leader of that day’s war. meghnad firstly sends in a mgical demon, just to intimidate them, and it has the desired effect.

hanuman and rama along with other leaders get enraged. finally, hanuman steps in and kills him off. the monkey army uproars loudly. hanuman chants lord rama’s name,

and everybody chants alongwith. Raavan gets disturbed. rama says that meghnad’s trap of demonish apprehension didnt work and that now their determination shall


broken. he thanks hanuman, who turns to lord rama, and his army, and reminds them the great power of lord rama, as its their shield, and this is what they shall fight

with, and create fear in their enemy. they are highly motivated. they again chant lord rama’s name. they progress ahead as attack begins, and the demons and monkeys

fight, while the leaders of the various teams watch. Raavan and his commander watch from the balcony, of their palace, tensedly, awaiting the outcome. hanuman uses his

power to get rid of the most vicious of demons, with the help of gada and his tail, sakha. the monkeys are full of vigour and enthusiasm at their side growing

stronger. meghnad gets enraged, and throws in more powerful demons, to thwart the monkey army. watching this, sugriva tells rama that they are fighting much bravely,

and he too wishes to jump into war and kill the demons. rama says that his army is doing the best job. laxman says that meghnad is magical trap holder, and he shall

definitely use such tricks, seeing his side getting deafeted. as expected, meghnad beckons his demons, holding the magical powers, and they start appearing one by one,

and the monkeys start getting scared. Raavan and meghnad guffaw eyeing this demon. then one by one, everyone is beckoned, and the monkey army’s determination starts

getting thwarted one by one, as one has the powers of lightning, the other had muscle power, which they use to their advantage. the monkeys helplessly bearthe attack.

then he beckons other demons, who has devilish eyes, that can ruin people, by throwing weapons, one who has the speed of wind, one with magical arrows. he guffaws,

while rama, and other leaders watch as the war starts unfolding in meghnad’s favour, as his demons start overpowering the monkeys, who are apalled and distraught.

hanuman thinks that it seems meghnad is using all his magical demons together, and decides to save his army anyhow. hanuman uses his powers to begin thwarting the

demons, to level the playing field. the demons start targeting hanuman too. vibhishan tells rama, that these are monsters, that are very powerful, and if hanumn, isnt

suggested a tactic soon, it shall be difficult to stop him. angad decides to rush to his aid, but jaamvant asks him not to, as if meghnad sent such demons for the

amry, he has more severe ones saved for rama and laxman, and is merely waiting for their security sheidl to fall weak, and hence asks him to stay put by rama’s orders.

Vibhishan tells them that meghnad has even more difficult demons, which he shall use at the right time, and asks angad to stay here, while he himself goes to help

hanuman. when vibhishan gets ahead, the commander and meghnad discuss as to how the traitor has come out, and this is the time they were waiting for. the commander

wishes to go and kill vibhishan, and asks meghnad to stay put, to give directions to the army. he surges ahead, while nal finds him progressing towards vibhishan, and

stops him in the way. the commander, Nikumbh is more than eager to kill him too. nal fights him off while he tries one magical weapon after the other. he says that he

shall see how long he can thwart off his attacks. finally the gada flows away from nal’s hand. hanuman too keeps battling it out with one demon. meghand then beckons the major demons, and asks them to reach near rama and laxman and finish them off, while the other demons are handling the army hereof. he reminds agranta, his major warrior to what he has to do, and says that after the explosion, everything shall be over, and that as raavan wishes to have the war ended in a day, so shall it be. they comply to his wishes. the lords and tridev are tensed as they watch the war unfold. Laxman tensedly tells rama that the demons are overpowering and they should rush to their aid. but rama asks him to be patient. Raavan meanwhile comments that it seems that their demons shall stop the war on day one itself and guffaws. hanuman meanwhile has trouble overpowering the one with deadly arrows, and then he appears in his grand avatar, and faces all the arrows on himself. then then twirls his gada and lets go of the demons’s arrows, and then directs the already hit ones back at him, causing his end. vibhishan is happy as he falls down. raavan and meghnad are tensed, while rama and laxman watch appreciatively. naarad comments that hanuman reversed the situation and soon the demons shall die. The screen freezes on hanuman’s face.


Precap: As hanuman is faced with another demon, vibhishan identifies him as yagyakoop, who has the strange power to create supersonic sounds, that stop the heart beat and kills people. the army is apalled as they face his wrath. meghnad guffaws that while yagyakoop finishes off hanuman and angad, agranta shall perform the duty assigned to them properly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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