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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The mayavi lady shows them the recent happenings of Swarg. Rishi Durvasa talks to Devi Shachi about some past incident. He wants to take Kalpa-Vriksh on earth. Shuold I wait for Devraj to return from his meditation? I need it for the betterment of the world. Devi Shachi replies that he can take anything from here, including Kalp-Vriksh too. I am only worried for one thing. Kalp-Vriksh fulfils everyone’s every demand. Asuras too want it for the very same reason. I wonder who will protect it from Asuras. Rishi Durvasa gets angry. You doubt on me? I can protect the entire world! He pours water on his hand using his kalash (to curse her) when she apologizes to him. I only feared someone gaining too many powers by getting Kalp-Vriksh. You can take it but you need someone to protect it when

you will get busy in meditation. He nods. Who can that person be?

Vali takes Hanuman’s name. We have to make Rishi Durvasa aware of Hanuman’s powers. Do something because of which that Markat has to show off his powers before that Rishi Durvasa. Ravan compliments his thought process to be like Asuras. Vali tells him to send someone to update him on the same. Ravan takes Ganrupa’s name.

A Rishi is seen praying when the weather changes suddenly. He is lifted in a storm.

Ravan summons Ganrupa. Ganrupa greets Ravan. Ravan introduces him to Vali. He is very mayavi. He will do our work. He can pull anyone in him only when the person is in an open area. Vali reasons that they will need someone else too to make it happen. Ravan takes Atibal’s name. Atibal greets them both. Vali laughs. No one can stop that Markat from getting cursed by Rishi Durvasa.

Everyone cheers for Hanuman who says it isn’t a good thing for me to win over Vali BHaiya. I only fulfilled father’s promise and saved Sugriv Bhaiya. A man says truth and dharma won today because of you. You have saved Van Rajya and made dharma win. Kesari pats at Hanuman’s head lovingly. You are right. Hanuman has proved that the one who follows the path of dharma wins. Anjana says I am proud of my son. He dint lose his patience in any of the situation. He did fight with Vali but he dint forget that Vali is like his brother. His friends compliment Hanuman as well. You have done so many great tasks in such a young age. You are greater than all of us. Hanuman denies. No one is bigger or small in friendship. They request him to teach them how to fight as well. We will also tackle people. Hanuman agrees. We start from today.

Vali slaps Atibal to tell him that he shouldn’t make any mistake. Remember this slap. If anything goes wrong then. Atibal assures him he wont make any mistake even by mistake. I will do what you have told me. Vali smiles. Atibal turns himself into a leaf and flies in air.

Hanuman is teaching his friends how to fight. One of the friends (Gandmadan) steps on the leaf (Atibal). Atibal shifts his location. I get stuck in problems as soon as I reach Sumeru. Hanuman’s friends are tired. Gandmadan goes aside to rest down for a while. Hanuman practises with his other friends. Atibal thinks which of these friends I should take out. He thinks to take Gandmadan. Gandmadan thinks Hanuman never gets tired. I got tired and hungry a well. Atibal hears him. He turns himself into a mango. It keeps flipping whenever Gandmadan tries to reach for it. Hanuman observes it. He notices black clouds in air. How did they come here suddenly? Gandmadan is near the balcony. Hanuman tells him not to follow it. Ganrupa takes Gandmadan in his grip as soon as Gandmadan is near the balcony. Atibal is happy thinking his work is done.

Vali is near Rishi Durvasa’s ashram. He asks his disciples if they know someone who can protect Kalp-Vriksh from Asuras. Vali notices Hanuman chasing Ganrupa in air. He thumps his feet on the ground because of which everyone shakes. Rishi Durvasa looks up and sees Hanuman. Ganrupa tells Hanuman to stop following him. Hanuman warns him to leave his friend or he will die today. One of the disciples recognizes Hanuman.

Ganrupa tells Hanuman many other people are caught up inside him. If you try to catch me in your fist then they will all die. Hanuman thinks of an idea. He ruffles his finger in Ganrupa freeing a lot many people. They all fly in space. Hanuman leaves Ganrupa right away and goes to catch everyone safely. Gandmadan shouts Hanuman. Rishi Durvasa is watching everything. Hanuman extends Sakha to save his friend first and then the Rishi’s. He brings everyone down safely.

Ganrupa falls down on earth in human form. He looks pointedly at all the people and angrily towards Hanuman. Hanuman comes down just then. Ganrupa says you dint do right by freeing all these people. I will kill you and all these people here. He attacks on Gandmadan and all the other people. Vali observes Rishi Durvasa. Hanuman says you wont be able to harm anyone till I am alive. He steps in between because of which the energy collides with him. Ganrupa angrily shouts vanar kid! He attacks on Hanuman but it does not have any effect on him. The energy is reverted to Ganrupa who is hurt badly by it. I did what I was supposed to do. What will I get by fighting with this vanar? He turns himself into dark cloud and flies away. Gandmadan cheers for Hanuman. Hanuman greets the Rishi’s and then leaves with Gandmadan.

A disciple is sure of Hanuman’s capability now. Another disciple says I have heard about him. Rishi Durvasa still has his doubts. I will have to check him. He tells his disciples to get ready to leave for Sumeru. Vali smirks. my plan is successful. No one will be able to save Markat now.

Precap: Kesari gets to know about Rishi Durvasa’s arrival. He requests Rishi Durvasa not to ask for his son from him. Rishi Durvasa gets angry. You know that my curse can end everything here!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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